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Due May 07 - Thread for w/c 04/12/06

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twelvedaysofchristmas Mon 04-Dec-06 07:49:10


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twelvedaysofchristmas Mon 04-Dec-06 09:22:09

Scootermum, I'm working on your name, but am thinking perhaps something to do with Santa being on a scooter this year...

<<mind ticks over slowly as it's Monday>>

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Juicythe2ndnotsowiseman Mon 04-Dec-06 09:57:51

Hi Girls,

Gosh you've all been very busy on here over the weekend - it took me nearly an hour to catch up this am!

What is it with the headaches. I've had one since Saturday and have given in to paracetamol nearly every time it kicks in again. Even my handovers never lasted this long!!

Am loving the festive smilies

Juicythe2ndnotsowiseman Mon 04-Dec-06 10:01:55

How about:

12DOC - work you magic

twelvedaysofchristmas Mon 04-Dec-06 10:24:55

Glad it's not just me. Was beginning to think I had a brain tumor. I wake up nearly every day with a headache. I wonder if we're dehydrated? I'm sure I read somewhere that you need more hydration in pregnancy.

I know I deliberately try not to drink too much at bedtime as I hate getting up for the loo. Perhaps it's a trade off between toilet breaks and headaches. Oooh, that rhymes.

I like ScooterTheSleighMum. MrsScooterClaus is another I thought of. WhenSantaFellOffHisScooter...


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lilKel Mon 04-Dec-06 10:28:07

Morning ladies - I'm having complete creative block and can't come up with good xmas name...was contemplating lilKelElf but just not filled with joy about it. Any ideas as you all are so nuts?

Someone asked if my MS was bad. I'm so happy to say it's not been too bad since 12 weeks (I'm now 14+1). But for all you thinking I'm lucky, I suffered big time with DS1 when I literally wanted to heave every day, every hour, for 8 out of the 9 months!!! The one month was ok just felt queasy. This time round I'm not working tho and I think that has lots to do with it...bloody urban myth that people will give you a seat on tube, train, or bus. HA!! [fangry]

Not that bringing up 9mo old is easy but at least I can eat as much as I want w/out colleagues stealing sneaky glances at me like "what, you went to Pret AGAIN and you're having aNOTHER piece of apple cake? It's only 9am...."

Sending off my letter to work tomorrow actually telling them 'sorry not coming back actually SAHM is fulfilling work'.

Rant over, let the xmas fun begin

lilKel Mon 04-Dec-06 10:29:48

BTW also like Scootersleighmum. And yes, drinking (water) (lol) seems to be the one sure way to keep headaches away. So tired of water though

Juicythe2ndnotsowiseman Mon 04-Dec-06 10:51:49


Sorry, not as good as 12DOC at this

twelvedaysofchristmas Mon 04-Dec-06 10:57:05

lilKel, I know what you mean about the colleagues. I have it here. Thankfully the guy who sits beside me is off for a couple of days. Of course I'm on a fruit buzz today when really I should be making the most of it and stuffing myself with chocolate.

How about SantaslilElfer OR Santaslilkelf or similar? (As in Santaslittlehelper - The Simpsons)

Or lilKristmasElf or umm... <<thinking>>

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twelvedaysofchristmas Mon 04-Dec-06 11:05:58

Oh meant to say, I was VERY smug on Saturday. All my friends told me my bump was lovely and neat. This may have been due to the fact I have been telling them I was HUUAAUUGGEE and they were pleasantly surprised.... But I'm going to assume it's because I have a lovely neat bump.

Dublin airport was complete chaos yesterday. There were 140km/h winds and loads of planes were grounded. It's the first time I felt lucky to be flying Ryanair. They were so desperate to get people off the ground (and presumably not have to pay compensation for cancelled flights) that my flight actually only left 20 mins late. I've never been to an airport before, when you can barely get in the doors of the terminal for stranded travellers. Had to literally climb over trollies to get to the check in desk. And since we're always cutting it finer than a slice of parmaham, we were the very last to check in before the standby passengers and therefore didn't even have to queue.

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Juicythe2ndnotsowiseman Mon 04-Dec-06 11:48:32

I just look like I ate all the pies - wish I had a nice neat bump!!

Glad you had a good time in Dublin 12DOC.

twelvedaysofchristmas Mon 04-Dec-06 11:52:41

I bet you just think you do JL. I felt like that until my friends said it. They're all pretty straight and would have a laugh with me if I said, "Ugh, I just look fat," and they agreed.

OOOOHHHHHH forgot to say. DH can feel the baby moving! He put his hand on my belly whilst I was lying flat, just above the pubic bone; pressing firmly but not hard. We could both feel a pulse, but apart from the pulse, there was another movement you could feel. Very, very light bumps - irregular- so you knew it was separate from the pulse. He was so chuffed. As was I, becuase I thought it would be AT LEAST another month before he could feel anything.


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Juicythe2ndnotsowiseman Mon 04-Dec-06 12:09:08

How many weeks are you 12DOC. I'm only 15 tomorrow, so think it's still too early for me. I haven't even felt anything yet.

Very excited about that first kick.

I bet your DH was made up. My DH is so proud and protective already, I can't wait until he can feel something.

twelvedaysofchristmas Mon 04-Dec-06 12:12:25

I'm 16 weeks, but I didn't feel anything til after 20 weeks on my first, mainly becuase I didn't know what to expect. DH was only checking becuase I'd already said I felt some flutterings. It's actually easier to feel it on the outside than inside, I find. I expect it's because you have more nerve endings in your hand or because the nerves in your belly are on the outside, rather than inside, IYSWIM.

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CreenaberrySauce Mon 04-Dec-06 13:03:32

Good afternoon, all!

Hello and welcome to LilKel! You'll like it here; we're a chatty bunch!

I've been feeling really festive since the weekend. DH still refuses to let us have a tree yet (he thinks it's still too early) but I've told him that we'll be getting one and decorating it this weekend no matter what! To make up for the lack of tree, I popped out this morning to pick up a few festive items. I've managed to get wrapping paper, tags etc, a berry wreath for the front door, some more lights (outdoor 'icicle ones) and some family Christmas cards (ones with Dad and Son and Daughter etc on them). M&S are doing 3 for 2 on all of their Christmas stuff, so I felt slightly virtuous at having saved a few quid. Sadly, I then went and bought a few maternity tops from H&M. They were very reasonably priced, though!

12DOC - how lovely that you can feel movement now! I really wish I could - sometimes I think I can feel vague flutterings in my tummy but I'm not convinced that it's all baby. It might just be another bout of MS coming on!

twelvedaysofchristmas Mon 04-Dec-06 13:15:45

Creenaberry - the top of your uterus is currently somewhere between your navel and the top of your pubic bone. If you feel the flutterings in that area, then it's most likely the baby. If it's up higher, then it's a gastric flutter.

If you feel them when you're lying down then have a good feel around with your hand. A flutter of gas will feel like a gurgle under your hand, but the baby will be erratic movement.

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twelvedaysofchristmas Mon 04-Dec-06 13:19:09

Actually, does anyone know how often H&M get new maternity stock in? I'd quite like some new bits. The last time I was was in October. Wonder if there'll be new items.

What did you buy Creena?

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LetitShnowLetitShnowLetitShnow Mon 04-Dec-06 13:30:07

Afternoon pregnant people! Welcome lilKel!

JL don't worry, it's still early to be feeling definite movements, especially with your first. I can feel the odd sort of wiggle- feels like the baby's bumping into the walls accidentally. And like a first-time paranoid mother I thought something was wrong at first, now I'm getting used to it. I didn't feel anything till 16wks and it's not at all what I expected.

I've been um-ing and ah-ing about starting a pregnancy journal (I could just copy and paste from here!) so that I can remember all of this through the nappy haze. I also want some pictures of me but I'm so camera-shy it's ridiculous. I love taking pictures, quite a keen amateur photographer but can't face being the other side of the lens. I know my Mum regrets not having her picture taken more when pregnant and I'm determined to be brave about it (DH thinks that a camcorder is going to be factored somewhere into the actual birth- er, guess again!).

Latest indignity in the ShowOfHands household is the inability to wear my own underwear- it's cutting into the bump! Oh the shame, I'm wearing DH's boxers! Honestly, I started to get a blister from my knicker elastic. So, nausea, dizziness, fatigue, nose bleeds and lethargy out of the way, I finally feel attractive and somewhat normal and I'm reduced to borrowing my hubbie's underwear. Pah! Must invest in some maternity knee-to-chin type underwear.

DH seems to have recovered well from the electrocution by fairy lights yesterday. I relented and fetched the tree from the garden where I had unceremoniously chucked it earlier in the day - accompanied by much swearing and banning of Christmas - DH bought more lights and we've finally decorated the tree. I give it three days before our stealth cats have stripped it of trimmings and eaten at least five glass baubles.

Anyway, hope everybody's well and feeling festive.

See you all later...

twelvedaysofchristmas Mon 04-Dec-06 13:36:46

Oh dear. You poor thing. I meant to post about your tree drama. I would have reacted in EXACTLY the same way, if it makes you feel any better.

In fact, I took our tree down last year the week before Christmas as I was soooo annoyed that it had dried up in the central heating, despite me watering it contstantly. It got thrown, ok, lowered out of the 2nd floor window. There was NO WAY I was dragging the sodding thing through the house.

LVB&T - Where are you? Also, I thought your ball was this weekend, was I wrong?

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MKGnearlyimmaculateconception Mon 04-Dec-06 13:41:00

OH SOH just go commando (no underwear). . Maternity underwear is crap. Luckily I never had to change underwear with ds hopefully will be the same again. Low rise thongs are the best.

wewishyouamerrychristmouse Mon 04-Dec-06 13:47:24

Charleymouse twirls in boasting her new Christmassy name.

Good morning oops afternoon everyone. I am still waiting for the answer re the confectionary quiz ladies. I assured mum you would know the answers, she was kicking herself re the Matchmakers clue he he.

Hope you are all keeping well and those bumps aren't causing anymore MS. Mine thankfully has gone away (fingers crossed).

Hoping to trim up at the weekend. I am usually getting Christmassy after bonfire night but have tried to be restrained and wait until after DDs birthday last week.

lildrummerKel Mon 04-Dec-06 13:54:02

hello all - in my christmas guise !! Thanks for the suggestions earlier - this one just struck me and thought I would go with it.

Soooo glad I'm not the only one looking with disdain at my belly as it bulges unceremoniously around my knickers, decidedly muffin-top-like. Not neat and tidy at all!! Last time (yes I was pg with DS only a year ago I was having trouble convincing people I was 5mo pg at xmastime. Now it's not even 4 and I'm popping out all over the place!!! GAHHHHH)

Also curious what you found in TopShop. In need of new garb.

LetitShnowLetitShnowLetitShnow Mon 04-Dec-06 13:55:51

12DOC- glad to hear I'm not the only one who would react that way. DH just gives me his well-practiced 'oh she's hormonal' look. I'm not hormonal, it's bad enough that you can't decorate a bloody tree in the first place without putting all the red things together like the ruddy thing's bleeding, but now you've electrocuted yourself and burnt your bleedin' hand. Ok, tad hormonal maybe...

MKG, think I might go commando in the end, but England's cold and I need to wear some underwear!

Charley, fab name!

Quick question- anybody know about itching in pregnancy? The itchy bump I can understand- I have really dry skin- but my neck itches! It goes away if I use E45 but what's causing it?

LetitShnowLetitShnowLetitShnow Mon 04-Dec-06 13:57:01

lildrummerKel's great!

twelvedaysofchristmas Mon 04-Dec-06 14:08:13

M&S do these "shorts" style lacy pants in various colours. They're the "no vpl" ones. 3 for £10. They don't ride up your bum either, if anyone is suffering from piles...

Very comfy as they have no elastic round the waist or legs. The lace is kind of stretchy instead. Plus, they're quite sexy.

Still thinking about the "avoid the flu" clue WWYAMChristmouse... I'm rubbish at cryptic stuff.

I've been getting itchy palms and feet. Plus your skin is most likely much drier. (See earlier comment on hydration.) I expect that has something to do with itchy skin.

We are DEFINITELY the most chatty ante-natal club... The others seem to have a few hundred posts a month, not like us with a few hundred a WEEK! <<smug>>

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