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Lansdell Suite or Guys and Thomas's - any experiences here?

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gardeninggirl Tue 28-Nov-06 16:33:37

Hi girls
My GP has said I need to let them know ASAP where I want to book. Apparently they normally send people to Lewisham Hosp or St Thomas's. Lewisham is too far away from me - so it looks like St Thomas's.
St Thomas's website advertises the Lansdell Suite as an option if you are willing to pay.
Has anyone any experience of either St Thomas's or the Lansdell place?
Thank you - Think I am nervous cos its my first and I feel very clueless!

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kitegirl Tue 28-Nov-06 16:43:48

I had DS2 at the Lansdell in August, my obstetrician was Mr Mascarenhas. The birth is actually in the hospital's birth centre so no different from the NHS option, but if you book in the private wing you have consultant-led care and a team of staff at your beck and call. I think all in all it cost around £7,500, for the consultant's fees, hospital cost, anesthetist's fees and paediatrician's fee. I was really well looked after and will be going back for baby number 3!

hotlipsmummy Wed 29-Nov-06 12:34:14

I agree with Kitegirl - I had DS at the Lansdell with Mr Mascarenhas in May 05 and same really really re care etc.
Was quite a long delivery as DS wasn't really ready to come out (my waters broke but no contractions). I think if I was on the NHS I would have ended up with an emergency c-section as the easier option for the doctors but Mr Mascarenhas got him out the "right" way.
Am now preg with no 2 (20 +1) on NHS at St Thomas (so haven't had to pay for scans). DH wants to go back to Mr Mascarenhas for the labour etc. Not yet decided as its quite a lot of money and am hoping 2nd delivery will be much easier...

gardeninggirl Thu 30-Nov-06 19:03:59

Thank you so much for your replies!
It sounds like you guys had really good experiences there.
Kitegirl was the cost for all antenatal care as well?
I was wondering if i could do something like you are thinking about hotlipsmummy and do the NHS antenatal care at St thomas's (cos I'm in the area) and maybe delivery at the Lansdell which would hopefully enable me to afford it. We are going to have to start tightening our belts to save some money I think!

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hotlipsmummy Thu 30-Nov-06 21:05:52

With DS we transfered from another hospital after the 20 week scan as we were in the process of moving across London and I didn't want 2 lots of GPs/midwives/hospitals etc. Mr Mascarenhas had space for us on his list (I called around the 15 week stage I think) and suggested we transfer after the scan to avoid paying for it. Thereafter all my appointments were with him rather than the local midwife team so yes, the cost does include antenatal care.
1 downside was that as we didn't see our local midwife antenatally they were SHOCKING post natally. Didn't come to see us and DH had to ring repeatedly to get a visit. I don't know whether as a middle class woman with her mum staying and a supportive DH they didn't think I was high priority or what. Irrelevant really as it doesn't matter who you are your stitches can still get infected and you can still have problems bfing. Anyway rant over.
Good lick with what you chose to do.

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