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Due February 2016 - first timers

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Sarah563 Mon 29-Jun-15 07:56:14

Hello. I thought I'd start this discussion as the other Feb 16 discussion has morphed into stories of people's previous child birth experiences, and I thought a place for first timers could be useful.

I'm 6+3, due on 19 Feb. my morning sickness started with a bang 2 days ago! Felt like I had a terrible hangover; strong headache; just needed sleep. Was worried about taking paracetamol so bought some travel sickness bands, which seem to be doing the trick (even if I look like a tennis star).

Anybody else discovered any good remedies??

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LNA87 Fri 10-Jul-15 13:21:44

Hi, congratulations!!! I'm first timer as well, due on 29 of Feb. Very exited, but at the same time slightly in denial)) I've got the opposite concerns: 6 weeks + and have not got any nausea or morning sickness at all, not that I want tosmile But still a bit worried if everything is ok. The only pregnancy symptom I got is that my breasts got bigger already (does it really happen so early on?) and they are extremely sensitive and painful to touch, it drives me insane. Also I am having those weird pains in my lower abdominal from time to time, sort of pulling sensation (very light period-like), therefore it another thing which worries me, especially as my first midwife appointment is only in couple of weeks. So can't wait to have all my question answered. In the meantime, does anybody experience something similar or have any suggestions?

KiwiJo84 Fri 10-Jul-15 22:10:33

I'm first time too! Due 13th Feb. I went to doc 2 weeks ago but haven't heard from a midwife or anything. Am 9 weeks tomorrow so want to get the ball rolling. How long after your doc appointment should I hear from a midwife?

LNA87 Fri 10-Jul-15 22:38:25

I went when I just suspected it and was 2-3 weeks along and received all the papers for scheduled appointments with midwife (end of July) and first sonogram (mid August) in about 10 days after seeing a doctor

Spanoo Sun 12-Jul-15 15:02:40

Hi and congrats everyone. I'm also a first timer. I'm 8+5 and had my booking appointment on Friday. kiwi I would call the antenatal service and make sure they have received your referral, just in case the GP hasn't done it. I was surprised at how efficient my service was actually, hey sent me a scan appointment too which is on 4th August. Hope you get it sorted.

Spanoo Sun 12-Jul-15 15:03:58

I'm pretty shocked at how grim my symptoms have been! I was ok until 6-7 weeks then bam - such exhaustion, and nausea all the time.

Littleoakhorn Mon 13-Jul-15 07:23:35

Spanoo it's not just first timers wanting to take refuge from the scary birth stories.

I'm 8+1 today, the nausea is horrendous already. However, I have my secret weapon of homemade ginger biscuits in my handbag and I'm hoping that they'll get me through the day. smile

Littleoakhorn Mon 13-Jul-15 07:24:54

Sorry, I meant Sarah not Spanoo!

Spanoo Mon 13-Jul-15 14:25:02

Does anyone else have any sudden dawning feelings of "my god I'm going to have a blimmin' child!"

Mine wasn't completely planned and I think the reality is just sinking in!

Yeah I don't think those traumatic birth stories helped littleoak !!

Brummiegirl15 Mon 13-Jul-15 14:53:32

Hello! I'm sort of a first timer in that this is my first child but this is my 4th pregnancy due to 3 previous mc's.

But like you I have found the Feb thread full of people discussing their previous births confused and I do feel a bit alienated

I'm 10+5 today, got my booking in appointment this Thursday and 12 wk scan next Monday.

This is the longest I've ever been pregnant so it's all very new to me now!!!!

Is nice to "meet" other first timers

Beloved85 Tue 14-Jul-15 19:37:24

Hi everyone... its good to be here! Still finding my way around.
I'm due on 9th Feb 2016. First baby. I'm mostly excited but the past two weeks have been difficult. Nausea, headaches and sleepiness at work are really giving me a hard time. I'm totally counting down to end of first trimester. I get to see my ob/gyn on Friday and have a scan taken. Totally looking forward to that!

nightandthelight Tue 14-Jul-15 19:43:06

Can I join? Currently 9+5 and feeling rotten with exhaustion. Excited though as booking in appt is tomorrow and dating scan on Thursday. My health board don't offer nt hence why it is at 10 weeks and not 12 smile

IrisBlue15 Tue 14-Jul-15 19:56:18

Excited for all of you with appointments already! Can't wait until the first scan, I'm 9+4 so a few more weeks to wait.
Also looking forward to the scan marking the end of the first trimester - would really love to stop feeling so tired and queasy.

PinkPlaid Tue 14-Jul-15 20:06:11

Hi all,

I'm another Feb first-timer - glad to have found this board!

Feeling absolutely rotten with morning (24/7) sickness for the last three weeks, and seriously starting to wonder what I've got myself into. Hubby's doing all the cooking, cleaning etc while I loaf about moaning about feeling ill constantly. Struggling with long working days, too. Feel terrible for not managing to rise above it all sad Have tried travel bands, ginger etc but to no avail.

I'm due on 23 Feb, and am an older mum-to-be at 39 years old. Have my first midwife appointment next Thurs, so looking forward to hopefully finding out more. Feeling a bit lost and daunted at the moment. Very glad to find others in the same boat!

Brummiegirl15 Tue 14-Jul-15 20:12:26

Hi Pink I'm older too! I'll be 39 when little one arrives

Beloved85 Tue 14-Jul-15 20:35:00

Pink. ... It is tough dealing with early days' drama and work. I thought I'd hold on till I made 12 weeks before I tell my boss and colleagues but it became too difficult. I eventually told my boss and the three guys in my department. Today I took an hour away from my desk to sleep! Some time last week I had terrible back pain and headaches and had to call in sick. Then I struggled with getting out of bed for about a week when I was about 8 weeks. Wish I could just stay coiled up in my house till these symptoms end. I'm so tired of getting the "what's wrong?" "You look so exhausted today" "are you sick?" Comments from my other colleagues and not knowing what to tell them.

BadgieBear Tue 14-Jul-15 20:41:49

Hello other first-timers!

iris we are due date buddies! I'm also 9+4 today. All day nausea/vomiting/general grossness ruling my life at the moment - never thought I'd be so closely acquainted with the inside of our toilet!

nightandthelight Tue 14-Jul-15 20:54:30

I regularly cry at the breakfast table as I don't know how I am going to find the energy to get through the day sad roll on second trimester!

IrisBlue15 Tue 14-Jul-15 21:10:04

Oooh due date twins Badgie!
Hopefully not having actual twins.
The idea of one baby is scary enough.

Is everyone else still keeping it secret-ish? I know some people have had to tell work. What about friends and family?

Spanoo Tue 14-Jul-15 22:12:46

Ahh I feel all your pain with all the first trimester symptoms. I'm also getting really fed up of having to eat every hour! Never thought I'd say that! Grooooooaaaaaaan!

PinkPlaid Tue 14-Jul-15 22:14:46

Crikey, it's hard isn't it? I didn't appreciate how sick I'd feel at all - I just don't remember any preggo friends grumbling about sickness. I feel like all I do is complain to my poor other half.

We've not told anyone yet as I'm concerned that, being an older mum, there's more risk involved... Desperate to tell work as I'm finding it draining and stressful trying to keep on top of the nausea confused

nightandthelight Wed 15-Jul-15 06:59:34

We told close friends and family after our early scan at 7 weeks and I told work yesterday as I had to request time off for appts today and tomorrow. Can't wait for Thursday and not having to hide it from anyone smile

I had no idea how hard the first trimester would be sad Feel as though I haven't had a life for weeks!

PinkPlaid Wed 15-Jul-15 08:55:13

Hey BrummieGirl, glad to 'meet' another older mum-to-be!

clarabellski Wed 15-Jul-15 09:23:45

Hi everyone, I'm another first timer and have no clue about pregnancy or babies! I'm 10 weeks today.

@ nightandthelight I know what you mean about having no life, but on the plus side I've saved lots of money and actually I'm enjoying living pretty quietly after a crazily busy start to 2015.

Is anyone else skeptical about this so-called 'glowing' stage of pregnancy that we're supposed to hit in the second trimester? I don't think I'll ever glow again!

madsaz76 Thu 23-Jul-15 19:17:54

Hi all

Elderly primip here too - will be 39 when I'm due on 11th Feb. Feel really excluded from main thread - only posted once and didn't even get acknowledged. Not really sure how much I want to post yet anyway but certainly don't want to read lots of frightening stuff!

I have been surprised by symptoms too. Lots of friends tell me how wonderful it is to be pregnant. It may be but not right now. Exhausted, nauseated, bloated. I know it will get better.

Think I will be much happier after my scan next week. All feels a bit unreal.

Don't get me wrong - happy and excited - just a bit nervy having waited so long to conceive smile

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