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August 2015 Part 4

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Dani240 Sat 20-Jun-15 09:22:20

New thread for all of us August ladies!

Stats here:

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Lilydreams Sat 20-Jun-15 09:23:16


Equimum- I think I'd have punched both those people in the face! How rude! I think we should be given vouchers for 10 punches at our booking appointment along with all the other info we get- we can punch 10 people for such rudeness and give the voucher to the police etc as proof we are allowed and won't be prosecuted! Hahahaha!

mzzzf Sat 20-Jun-15 09:51:42

Ah-ha found you!

Lily that's crappola about the house, grrrrr!!

My job this weekend is to prep the hospital/baby bags - I really HAVE to do it!! Also my DH is taking me out to lunch as a bit of couple time pre-baby, shame I can't have a nice glass of vino. I'll bloody make up for it soon though!! grin

Lilydreams Sat 20-Jun-15 10:01:45

Mzzf- yeh might be an idea to get them packed as you are closer than most of us! I suppose it depends on what your like but I quite enjoyed shopping for all the bits- especially when I picked up a cooling face/body mist spray and DH asked what it was for- took great pleasure in telling him it was for him to spray me on demand! Haha!!! Think he thought he'd be playing on his phone etc!!

clairexxx Sat 20-Jun-15 12:00:25

Lilydreams my husband asked me the same thing over the spray mist! He said he plans on taking his kindle but I honestly can not see him getting the chance to read!! I think he was only half joking. The midwife told me to take magazines, books, iPod and drinks and sweets to snack on but no matter how hard I try I just can not see me reading the latest issue of Country Living magazine whilst in labour.

I've had my hospital bag packed for a while now. It's a huge one because of the amount of things I've been told to take, an old blanket to wrap the baby in once she is born, a clean blanket once she is cleaned up, toiletries and towels for us both, lots of nappies (I've been told to allow 20 a day), etc. I've had to buy disposable feeding bottles too as I can't breast feed due to a medical condition. I was quite overwhelmed at first with the amount I needed to pack!

Found out this morning that my neighbours have got together and want to buy things for the baby! That set me off crying. I'm so hormonal these days. Yesterday my husband ran me a bath and lit some candles for me and when I got out he had done all the housework, cleaned out the rabbit cage and guinea pigs cage and in the bedroom he had bought me some magazines, wool (I love knitting and crochet) and the first series of Poldark! I couldn't help but cry!! Apparently I'm a bit temperamental at the moment and I've been taking things to heart and over reacting to everything!

Dozygirl Sat 20-Jun-15 17:11:24

Oh I just made a new thread because I didn't know someone had made a new one haha. Just ignore that one!!

Augustwedding Sat 20-Jun-15 17:20:41

Nearly finished nursery! Strange to think in five weeks it might be in use!

Lilydreams Sat 20-Jun-15 18:11:36

Claire- they're funny aren't they- told him earlier I was taking my plastic cup with a screw lid and built in straw for him to feed me drinks too his response was 'you've still got hands in labour they don't contract do they' he was joking though- good job I know him I know he'll be fantastic on the day even though he jokes now! I don't think I'll be reading either as don't plan to go to hospital till last min if I can but gonna take a book maybe just incase of being kept in- won't be happy with that so the more i have to take my mind off things the better! Your neighbours sound lovely and bless DH for doing that- it's the little things that mean the most isn't it!

August- that's so exciting I'm quite jealous as we can't even think about decorating nursery till we move! Will have everything bought and ready though!

Got my changing bag before- catch kidskin one- navy blue with coloured polka dots so matches pram near enough and isn't too girly that DH won't use it! Well pleased with it! DH got a new playstation game today as he's been lovely lately and deserves the escapism, I've just had a nap but he's stil just playing so thinkin might go 'play' with my baby purchases- when I say play I mean pack bags- how sad is that that I will actually enjoy it!!! grin

Frolicacid Sun 21-Jun-15 12:10:57

Happy Sunday everyone!

It took me a while to cotton on to the new thread. I thought everyone had gone really quiet!

equimum, how did you not slap tell the lady at the park to fuck off? I still can't get over people's rudeness around bump size.

What lovely news from your db and sil to be lily! Loads of exciting times ahead for your family.

I hope you've got that hospital bag done mzzf!
How many bags are everyone taking? I feel a bit unprepared after reading claire 's list! I'm generally an over packet so feel a bit worried about taking too much.


mzzzf Sun 21-Jun-15 13:21:30

Right folks I've done the baby bag and about 90% of my bag! Just need to bung a towel, phone charger and some snacks/drinks in there and we're good to go!!! The nice thing about living so close to the hospital is that if needed DH can always nip back.

ARRRGGGHHHH I'm 35 weeks today!!!

Frolicacid Sun 21-Jun-15 17:56:52

I seem to have cut a bit of my last post off!! Was just saying that we were off out for a Father's Day lunch with my parents.
We had a lovely meal, but I've bed doing a beached whale impression on the sofa ever since. Is anyone else feeling really uncomfortable after eating? I think my eyes are much bigger than the space left in my belly by now. I keep eating normal sized portions and then wishing I hadn't.

I hope everyone is having a hood Sunday?

Well done for getting the bag sorted mzzf. 35 weeks- waaaaaahh!!!! Almost there!

Frolicacid Sun 21-Jun-15 17:58:41

A hood Sunday? You see I know you're all secret gangsters, enjoying your Sunday's in the hood grin

Lilydreams Sun 21-Jun-15 19:58:09

Frolic- glad you found us!! I'm taking a sports bag type hold-all with my stuff in and then using changing bag to take babies stuff, also going to have a third bag in the car in case of lengthy stay! That said haven't tried to fit all my stuff in said hold-all yet and seem so have quite a lot! Will keep you posted!

Mzzzf- glad you've got yours packed 35 weeks eeeeekk exciting!!

Frolic- know what you mean about feeling stuffed after eating- I can't eat hardly anything anymore and I keep forgetting and cooking nice meals then sitting down to eat having about 5 mouthfuls and being disappointed at having to leave it!!

Went to yoga today- teacher put a special session on to bring partners to and it was fantastic! Showed us different positions to labour in mainly using birthing ball and showed partners things they can do- massage, support, monitor breathing reminding us to relax if we get tense and breath too quick. DH was REALLY not up for it but took quite a lot from it and actually said he was glad we went, said it made a lot of sense and he was glad to have some direction for when d day arrives! I feel so much more ready to take on the challenge now, I like knowing I have structured things I can do and keep changing what I'm doing! Of course I know it could all go out the window but I've got to give it a go right!

Equimum Sun 21-Jun-15 20:19:13

Lily, it's great that your DH found the class useful. I also love your idea about the 10 slap passes grin.

Well done to those of you who have already packed hospital bags. I sort of have everything thrown in the Moses basket at the moment. Last time I totally forgot to pack bras and DH couldn't find them, so I need to be more organised this time. (I also miscalculated the number if mega-thick maternity pads I was going to need. I asked DH to but some more and he asked his mother to get them. That resulted in DH, FIL and I all going bright red while MIL joyfully explained that she couldn't find any, but had bought four different varieties of sanitary towels for me to try angry. I hope to have more than enough this time round.

sianihedgehog Sun 21-Jun-15 20:23:19

Lily that's amazing for your SIL, your brother wins all the romance prizes! Really frustrating about your house though.

I've realised I have no idea how I'm going to pack a hospital bag - I don't have enough spare maternity clothes to pack some up, and I know I'm not going to be able to get into regular clothes. :/ I kind of wish I was stopping work sooner, so I could pack my work clothes!

Valuation for my house is meant to happen tomorrow, everyone cross your fingers for it!

Lilydreams Sun 21-Jun-15 20:49:12

Mustn't have explained properly- is DH's sister who got engaged and announced baby not my brother! Still waiting on him! Haha

Equimum- that sounds embarrassing- I've bought 3 packs of 10 so far- enough? Too many?

Fingers crossed Siani!!!

mzzzf Sun 21-Jun-15 21:42:53

Shiiiit! I only bought one pack - I'm being optimistic aren't I?! grin

I've also only got one pack of breast pads, should I have millions to start with?

Fanby Sun 21-Jun-15 21:54:23

Oooh new thread!! :D Cannot believe they said that equimum!! Great idea on the punches lily, i'd back you on Dragon's Den smile - sorry to hear about the house set back sad but glad you got the Cath bag you were after, and a fab yoga class too!

Frolic - i'm no where near packing the bags but I reckon just a holdall for me and DH and the changing bag for baby – plus my Boppy pillow – apparently pillows are in short supply at Kings!!
I'm getting full really quickly now (and hungry pretty much 20mins after eating!), not massively uncomfortable after eating but I am from trying not to slouch as much – move baby move!!

Siani - everything is crossed for you!!!

I've bought two packs of Boots thick maternity pads, and a box of lighter ones – plus 60 disposable lanisoh (think that's the make – something like that) breast pads – if it helps anyone the breast pads were way cheaper in Mothercare I noticed after I bought them in Boots...

The wedding this weekend was BEAUTIFUL! Only touched by one random in the toilets who decided to inform me I was pregnant after touching my belly (no shit sherlock!), she then said – I bet you've only got a couple of weeks left, err no, couple of months actually.
Knackered today though, looking forward to bed, fingers crossed a sleep free from toilet breaks and leg cramps!! xx

pinkie87 Mon 22-Jun-15 08:31:25

Ooh thread number 4! Hi everyone!

equimum can't believe somebody said that to you! Still don't understand how people speak to you when you're pregnant, like they have a free pass to insult you!

mzzzf can't believe you're 35 weeks, that's crazy exciting!!

fanby glad you had a lovely time at the wedding and got away with minimal bump touching! The cleaner at work asked me if I only had 2-3 weeks lefts when I was about 24 weeks!!!

siani I don't really have many maternity clothes either, eep! I will just make DH a list of things to bung in the bag at the last minute I think.

lily that yoga class sounds like a great idea, I wish mine would do that!

I had a relatively chilled weekend. Yoga on saturday morning, although I did nearly faint after the deep breathing at the beginning and had to just sit out for a bit. No idea what that was about. All fine now just a bit embarrassing.

Then sunday went to the birthing centre for my booking appointment. They needed to take my blood again, which proved a massive struggle. I have small veins so they had to have several attempts in both hands (ow) and then in the end used a needle and syringe on a vein on the back of my wrist. Also I had leucocytes in my urine (joy) so need to have a sample sent off to check for UTI, even though I'm not symptomatic!

happygojo Mon 22-Jun-15 08:37:46

Found you! Really need to start nesting. Hoping after last weeks depression, I am hoping I can be a little more positive this week and try and get the house sorted.

DP applied for a couple of jobs last week and will be applying for a few more this week. I have been helping him out with his CV and covering letter as he can be far too modest and simplistic. Anyway I said to my friend how I hate CVs and covering letters and she was disgusted that he wasn't applying for jobs on his own. I see it as a team effort though, I can't go out and get a job right now, helping him makes me feel useful. i do need to get out of this apathetic funk though!

Frolicacid Mon 22-Jun-15 09:22:59

Your Yoga class sounds lovely lily. Great that DH enjoyed it as well.

Your maternity pad story made me giggle equimum! DH was rely worried a few weeks ago about having to sort that stuff out in an emergency. So we've been to boots and should have enough to last a good few days. I've never worn pads in my life and I'm a bit scared of how big they are. I've put 2 packets in my suitcase (carry on size) and it's half full!! I've only ever dealt with tiny lilettes until now!

Crossing everything for your valuation today siani!

I think it's perfectly reasonable for you to help DH with applications happy. Like you said, it's about being a team. As long as he's not leaving everything to you, then helping each other is a big part of marriage.

I hope everyone has a good Monday.
I spoke too soon about still managing to sleep mostly well. Last night was awful. I spent the whole night struggling to get comfy. I kept waking up with leg cramps, uncomfortable bump or to wee. My mind was racing and I just couldn't switch off. My first appt is late this morning, so I'm still at home in my pj's trying to find some motivation. It's going to be a long day!

Fanby Mon 22-Jun-15 11:01:51

Ouch! Hope you're not covered in bruises from all the needles Pinkie, I let the student midwife have a go with my arm last week and she couldn't get it poor thing, really blooming hurt but I figured it's for the greater good to train people smile

I think that's totally normal to help your DH Happy, as Frolic says, marriage is a team effort. It makes total sense to proof read and help out!

Sorry to hear you didn't get a good night's sleep Frolic, I only had to get up one, RESULT! Hopefully your day will fly by!


panpipe Mon 22-Jun-15 22:07:44

Hi ladies,

Reeeeeally late to the party but can I join you please? 33+2 (I had to look that up) with DC3. EDD is 8/8/15, a few days after DD1's third birthday- given that both DDs were a few days early there's a good chance they'll share a birthday!

I've been struggling with SPD again this time but have seen cranial osteopath which seems to have sorted it for now. Now we only need to worry that we're living in a building site as having an extension built atm - the look on the builder's face when I told him we're having a home birth was classic!

Fanby Mon 22-Jun-15 22:41:27

Welcome panpipe!! Never too late to join us especially as your EDD is my birthday wink!

Sorry to hear you've been suffering from SPD, good to know you're on the mend!

Have you had a home birth with your previous pregnancies??

Just had my third NCT class-on pain relief and when things don't go to plan-all very interesting and some of the group certainly had some strong opinions! Came home and devoured some Ben and Jerrys, very much needed!! smile

panpipe Mon 22-Jun-15 23:01:14

Thanks Fanby grin

Yup I had both girls at home too - probably lucky it was planned for DD2 as first contraction to delivery only took 1.5 hours!

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