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Feb 2016 early early days...

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sparklesandfizz Fri 22-May-15 10:39:32

So BFP this am. Edd 30/1/16 however this is dc4 and the othe 3 have all been at least 2 weeks late.
Starting this thread to preserve my sanity next January. If I join the jan lot I'll be left on my tod so...I'm 35 this will be dc4 if all goes well, cycle 2 of trying so feeling blessed.
Roll up roll up, come and join me clutching your BFP and wondering exactly what you've let yourself in for x

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Fucoffee Fri 22-May-15 14:55:08

I'll join you!
BFP yesterday. Edd 28/01/16, but this will be DC3 and I was a week late for each of my other two.
I'm also 35. We'd been debating having a third for a long time (already have two DSs age 5 and 3), and decided to start trying at the beginning of this year. I'd convinced myself that it wasn't going to happen, and just took a test yesterday to stop driving myself mad with wondering. I jumped the gun when taking the test - saw it was negative after 30 seconds, left it in the bathroom and went for a good cry on my bed (with thoughts of 'that's it, no more trying, I've had enough, it's not meant to be' etc etc). Went back into the bathroom to pull myself together, and there it was, a blue line.
Feeling very blessed, but frankly I'm also terrified about having a third!

Raffertys Fri 22-May-15 15:49:14

Hi all...and congrats.

I'm 29, BFP this morning. Already have one DS, 4 years. EDD 30/1, but the January threads are in full swing and like you guys, I was two weeks late with DS.

I had a MMC at nine weeks earlier in the year, so trying to mentally protect myself this time around. Not sure that will work out...

I'm bloody knackered this afternoon. How are you guys feeling?

sparklesandfizz Fri 22-May-15 16:07:36

fu I have dd 8 yrs ds 6 yrs and dd2 9 mths. We also had debated our third for ages before we took the plunge - best thing ever and here I am back for more!
Have always had really straight forward pregnancies luckily but feel for you raff , the early weeks are so pants anyway the mental torment of a previous mmc must be horrid.
Have a good feeling for all of us. We are edd twins already!
Completely symptom free but af only due today & sick as dogs with last 3 sad
Kids finished school for 2 weeks now so that should distract me x

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Lookingforadvice123 Fri 22-May-15 16:43:53

Congratulations sparkles! I remember you from one of the ttc threads, can't remember which one!

sparklesandfizz Fri 22-May-15 19:50:29

Thanks looking are you on the jan AN thread?
I know I'll be 2 weeks late so thought I'd be first on the feb thread. Hope you're keeping well!

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Raffertys Fri 22-May-15 21:19:06

Sparkles, I hadn't quite picked up that this is DC4 for you! OMG...amazing.

Fucoffee Fri 22-May-15 22:04:23

Hi Rafferty, congratulations smile

I don't have any symptoms yet, and I do keep forgetting that I'm pregnant. Feeling quite envious of DH who has gone out for a few beers!

Raffertys Fri 22-May-15 22:18:55

Thanks fucoffee...awesome username. Can I call you fuc?! grin

Dh also went to the pub tonight. envy However, when I was pregnant with the one I eventually miscarried, I was constantly missing booze and pining for it (I'm a moderate pisshead). So this time I've made a resolution not to moan and be bloody grateful I'm preggers.

Fucoffee Fri 22-May-15 23:25:14

grin Call me what you like!

With you on that one. To be honest I'm more envious that he gets to get out of the house rather than the beer...

NoMontagues Sat 23-May-15 00:22:35

Hi all. Can I join? BFP this afternoon. Still in shock as DS is only 9mo. Also have DD who is nearly 14.

DH and I were planning to start trying properly from next month on so BFP is great news just unexpected as I think we dtd a sum total of once this cycle but there you go blush

Thought I had PMT last few days then I was out with DSis this afternoon, she has DNephew who is 3mo. She said something about me looking after him and I thought "No I can't, I have DS and I'm pregnant" confused

After that random thought I thought I should go home and poas. Genuine shocker though when I saw BFP.

I'll also be due 30/01/16 but I hope you don't mind me joining as the Jan thread looks very busy!

NoMontagues Sat 23-May-15 00:24:22

Oh, should say I'm 38 for the next 10 days anyway

Raffertys Sat 23-May-15 05:49:24

no Hello and congrats! That's a lovely story.

sparklesandfizz Sat 23-May-15 07:51:13

Congrats no flowers my dd2 is currently 9 mths too!
Not sure exactly what I've let myself in for but a very wanted pregnancy!
Baby sparkles is teething and, in combination with the light mornings I am not getting much sleep. Just waiting for the chemical hit by a train tiredness to kick in......I'm so sleep deprived now maybe I won't notice this time? grin

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Raffertys Sat 23-May-15 07:58:21

sparkles Hope the teething eases soon. That must be hard...for you and the baby grin

How is everyone feeling? My boobs are SO. BLOODY. SORE. Which is painful but reassuring considering I didn't have it with the one I lost earlier in the year.

NoMontagues Sat 23-May-15 08:48:24

Thanks raffertys and sparkles smile

Yes DS has been teething recently too- he now has 8 teeth either fully through or just visible so he's been busy! Yeah I'm a tiny bit terrified I must admit! But very happy and very blessed.

Slept like a log all last week (should've known) but barely a wink last night, my mind was racing. Boobs are surprisingly ok, they killed me from very early on with DS but not so much with DD so who knows.

Did two more tests first thing this morning, another basic CB and a digital which said 2-3 weeks. GP appt on wed.

I'm in Ireland so won't have the same appts as you guys but I'm probably going to get an early scan and non-invasive testing at about 9 or 10 weeks. I had the Harmony test with DS and found it great but I may try the Panorama test this time, all being well. I believe it's a bit cheaper than the Harmony.

GoulashSoup Sat 23-May-15 08:48:28

Morning all, can I join you all too please. I got a very feint bfp on Tuesday but not a really convincing one till Thurs. I think I'm due 29/30th Jan too.

I'm 32 and have a 2.5 DS. So far I have sore boobs, and I am very hungry, but the real give away has been that taste in my mouth. Last time I threw my guts up so I'm so happy to be hungry.

NoMontagues Sat 23-May-15 10:24:56

Hi goulash congrats! flowers

Raffertys Sat 23-May-15 15:23:00

Hello goulash, congrats!

GoulashSoup Sat 23-May-15 16:06:59

Thanks No and Rafferteys! I can't stop grinning to myself. It is nice that we are all due the same time.

Hope it is sunny where you are and you are enjoying the long weekend.

teaandcake2016 Sat 23-May-15 18:46:02

Hi everyone smile

So glad to find this thread and looking forward to following it! Hope everyone is well. This will be my first So I'm a bit clueless atm about what to expect!

sparklesandfizz Sat 23-May-15 20:35:58

Hi there goulash & tea flowers congratulations.
I have confirmed with a cb digi this morning which always makes it more real for dh I find.

I'm not usually a worrier but have never been pregnant & breastfeeding before and am a bit concerned re hormone levels and keeping the new pregnancy safe.....nothing I can do but the same old adage, the 12 week scan can't come soon enough.

Sense of smell might be starting to ramp up, have to wait & see.

Hope you all feeling well.

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sparklesandfizz Sat 23-May-15 20:46:18

no baby sparkles very jealous of baby nos beautiful toothy grin. She only has one & a half! Lol

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NoMontagues Sat 23-May-15 21:20:32

sparkles DS only had two until about two weeks ago and then bam! Loads started coming in at once.

His new thing is biting books. He can even bite grown-up books- I'm so proud grin grin

NoMontagues Sat 23-May-15 21:23:15

Oh and hi tea ! Congrats! flowers

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