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Any pregnant slimming world members?

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Bellabutterfly2014 Sat 18-Apr-15 18:49:30

Hello everyone;

I'm 9 weeks pregnant & a slimming world member. I'd lost 2 stone before getting pregnant after a miscarriage last October but ideally could do with loosing another 4 stone to get to where I want to be.

I'm realistic - I'm pregnant - it's not gonna happen but I'm the sort that only has to look at a cake and put 2lbs on and I'm terrified of piling on too much weight and I've already put 5lbs on in the last few weeks.

Any help/advice would be great xx

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Bearfrills Sun 19-Apr-15 13:34:22

You can do SW while pregnant, you need permission from your midwife and you get a book about it from your consultant (who won't tell anyone, it's confidential). The goal when pregnant is to control your gain rather than actively lose weight. You get an increase in how many healthy extras you can have and obviously the focus remains on fresh fruit and veg, lean proteins, limiting treats, etc.

The first step would be to speak to your midwife and ask if she'll sign the forms (mine wouldn't).

Also remember that some gain is normal at this stage, some of it will be water weight and bloat due to the hormones - I retained so much fluid at this stage that I couldn't button up my trousers blush

Bellabutterfly2014 Sun 19-Apr-15 18:36:42

Hi Bearfrills, thanks for the advice that is super helpful. My Sw is on a Thursday & I see my midwife the following Monday 27th April (for the first time) so I'll speak to her about it then.

I'm hoping she'll be supportive tho as I'm terrified I'll just get absolutely massive! Plus my BMI is over what it should be so hopefully she will think that it's a good idea for me to go. I wonder if you get to go for free while you're pregnant?!?!?!

It's good its confidential but how does that work during image therapy?

When you say "the forms" - do I get these from my midwife or the consultant? Our consultant is a "stand-in" one as the other lady left and isn't anywhere near as nice it's like its a massive effort for her to cover our group.

I didn't get on very well with extra Easy so I do red/green days still and so have 2 A's & 2 B's so I'm guessing I just stick with that? I always have milk as one A - I don't drink tea/coffee so just have a glass of milk before bed.

I'm pleased you made the comment about tight trousers - I thought that was me just porking out!!!!!! �� x

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