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The November 2015 bus is back on the road, chugging through beautiful scan pic landscapes, picking up plenty of Dairyleas, muffins and whathaveyous on it's way!

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Focusfocus Tue 14-Apr-15 04:12:35

Did the last November bus crash without a new thread? Worry not, here we are again! Toot toot!

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mrswishywashy Tue 14-Apr-15 06:02:47

Just place marking.

GuybrushThreepwoodMP Tue 14-Apr-15 06:20:05

<does a quick wee in the corner to mark place>

stace1986 Tue 14-Apr-15 07:03:52

Place marking! smile thanks for creating focus

mrscatmad31 Tue 14-Apr-15 07:11:20

Still waiting for my scan date, will be 11 weeks tomorrow, when do I chase it?

GuybrushThreepwoodMP Tue 14-Apr-15 07:18:06

I would chase now mrscat!

Lauramum23 Tue 14-Apr-15 07:19:44

Hi!! I would get chasing now mrs cat. I'm feeling pretty starving this morning.

Buttermilly Tue 14-Apr-15 07:26:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

10twinkle10 Tue 14-Apr-15 08:01:40

Just read through the last thread which took ages! Lovely to see all the can pics.
I joined a couple of weeks ago but never really got round to posting much, will try to do better!
I'm 9+1 today- had a sort of booking in appointment but have to have another as I'm not using that hospital. So very impatiently waiting for a letter, no idea when my scan will be. With my dd I had booking in/scan at the same time really hoping that happens again smile

Unthoughtknown Tue 14-Apr-15 08:07:25

Place marking! In the other thread there was talk about November being a busy month of babies what with valentines and 50 shades of grey. I asked the midwife and she said September and March (summer holiday babies) I am mortified to admit I think this little bean was conceived after 50 shades in the cinema and late ovulation. I swear that is a mere coincidence.

Unthoughtknown Tue 14-Apr-15 08:08:24

Oh 9 + 5 today. Time is practically standing still

ninjabeer Tue 14-Apr-15 08:15:21

Morning all 8+6 today and booking in at 9.30.

Starving hungry today but have been on the scales and have put on 7lbs since Bfp - oh lordy! confused

Mamama31 Tue 14-Apr-15 08:17:52

Hello ladies. Conception for us was 5th March, I know this because I was away, then DH was on night shift so we only dtd 1 night over the fertile week! And I ruled March out as a month off TTC. How ironic?!

Mamama31 Tue 14-Apr-15 08:19:14

My aim today is to try and eat healthily all day, if I'm going to eat alot, I need to change what I'm more mcdonalds/subways for lunch sad

cryingbabymess Tue 14-Apr-15 08:20:37

Just marking my spot smile

Focusfocus Tue 14-Apr-15 08:21:26

I ovulated on valentines day and we did to and see fifty shades of gray that evening.

What shall I say. The kid might never hear the end of it!

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Focusfocus Tue 14-Apr-15 08:23:57

I'm done with first trimester next week. So I've decided to make myself a grand plan for trimesters 2 and 3. Eating plan that emphasise calcium, vitamin d, omegas and all the other stuff. Fitness plan to include 30 minutes daily of something or the other, and most importantly a work plan to get stuff in the pipeline before I go on leave (I need to publish stuff, so getting articles in the pipeline is important). And them watch the entire plan go to hell.

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Lauramum23 Tue 14-Apr-15 08:24:08

Is anyone else taking vitimin d? I never took it with my youngest just folic acid, I bought some this time but they make me wretch! They aren't massive but they are big enough . Don't fancy pregnancy multi as they look like horse tablets. I've only managed 1 of the tablets.
So what I'm saying is r any of you just taking folic acid like it was previously recommended?

10twinkle10 Tue 14-Apr-15 08:35:08

All I'm eating is bread! Every meal seems to involve a type of bread.

Anyone else finding that food tastes weird? I haven't eaten one thing I've really enjoyed for weeks. Only eating to stop myself throwing up! Vile

annatha Tue 14-Apr-15 09:00:04

lauramum Boots do combined vitamin D and folic acid and they're just tiny tablets.

Crumbelina Tue 14-Apr-15 09:03:00

Morning all, lovely sunny day! I'm feeling nauseous and knackered. What a great start! wink

I saw the actual follicle that I concieved with (was being monitored on a fertility drug at the time) so I can definitely place conception around the 31 Jan/1 Feb. Before Valentine's and 50 shades. smile

Annbag Tue 14-Apr-15 09:21:28

Just found the new thread, morning all.
Laura I mainly just take folic acid with the odd pregnacare at random as I can't really stomach them every day. I imagine I'll end up on iron soon anyway as was anaemic last time and wouldn't be surprised if that happens again.

GuybrushThreepwoodMP Tue 14-Apr-15 09:41:41

Vitamin D is really important because it is very difficult to get enough purely from sunlight. You need it so you and baby can absorb calcium as lack of vitamin d in pregnancy and childhood led to a sharp increase in ricketts and bone weakness.

There are foods which have some in but I would definitely recommend taking a supplement if you can! Of course, advice changes all the time and our species survived, but I reckon it's worth doing.

Second trimester plan sounds good, think I'll do the same. Lots of fruit and veg, continue cycling, go back to healthy diet and don't massively overeat like I did last pregnancy

TwoBeesInTheHive Tue 14-Apr-15 09:49:35

marking place and 8+2 today! hard to believe I've known I was pregnant for nearly 5 weeks! still feels like an eternity til the 12 week scan! theres a chance I might get a sneaky peak at baby on thursday when I have an appointment about my ovarian cyst but I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much just incase they don't do a scan.

ehealy Tue 14-Apr-15 10:01:21

Marking my place. 9+2 with my private scan this evening. I have been taking the normal pregnacare but starting pregnacare plus today which is 3 pills. I took the conception pregnacare pill for a year and I am healthy but I don't really have much dairy so I was concerned about growing bones and decent brains ;-) Im finding Im eating more vegetables and fruit and not much meat.

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