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Exercise and pregnancy

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peachy2410 Sun 29-Mar-15 10:53:28

Hi all

Over the past few years I've been an exercise bunny, training once or twice a day. In fact I was training for my first full ironman when I found out about my little bump. Up until that point I thought I was ill so was still training but feeling dreadful and thinking of it a mental training as there's always times you don't feel like it but keep going! Once I found out I stopped doing anything mainly due to 24/7 sickness and exhaustion. I really want to get back into it probably not to the same degree but doing something. I've gone from training and eating healthy to eating crap and doing nothing. Want a sense of normality but have very achy hips and even though I don't feel sick as much I'm still pretty knackered! I'm 14 weeks now. Has anyone had a similar experience? Thanks in advance xx

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Natzjessjake14 Mon 30-Mar-15 02:05:37

When I was pregnant both times I ran 10ks. Used to go for a light jog once or twice a week and took it slowly. Never done me any harm, I also used to go swimming for exercise this is really good for you when your pregnant. Just don't over do It light exercise can be good during pregnancy. And drink plenty of water before during and after exercise

Turquoiseblue Mon 30-Mar-15 04:10:58

There are some pretty good guidelines on exercise from the royal college of obstetricians and should find it- or baby centre is often a good one.
It s worth phoning your maternity care provider too and having a chat with the Physio there or getting a referral (about intensity levels and also your joints)
No reason you can't keep up exercise but need to modify intensity (so baby gets plenty of blood supply and also to protect your joints).
Congrats! By the way.

peachy2410 Tue 31-Mar-15 19:55:27

Thanks for the tips smile I just feel so knackered and guilty for not being able to do what I've been doing. Thank u for the congrats too x

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Runandbecome Tue 31-Mar-15 20:15:45

The advice I was given by GP and midwives with my first pregnancy was if you're already an active person (I am) then best to stay as active as you can within reason. I cycled still (albeit increasingly slowly and not on a road bike anymore) and all but one of the midwives were fine with that, you obv have to be careful though. I also swam and did water aerobics classes. I didn't run much after about 16 weeks as it felt uncomfortable on my pelvis (and that was still the case when I was breastfeeding - due to the relaxin hormone I believe). Don't let your heart rate go over 140 I think. Take it all at your own pace and don't push it if you're not feeling great. Congratulations too - hope you feel better soon!

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