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Antenatal classes in Crouch End

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ejlk Tue 31-Oct-06 11:36:05

Hello, I'm new to the board - due in April - I wondered if anybody knew of any antenatal classes in Crouch End? I've spoken to my local NCT booking secretary and she says no local courses are planned for that time of year. I'm going to attend the ones put on by my local hospital but I'd love to meet other mums living nearby in a more informal environment.

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stressedlady Tue 31-Oct-06 22:57:16

have you joined the due in april 2007 thread yet? lots of friendly mums-to-be! find us here

EnormousChangesAtTheLastMinute Tue 31-Oct-06 23:04:35

my dd is a year old now but i couldn't get nct classes in n8 or islington or anywhere near for love nor money. and the nct woman was quite rude to me into the bargain. spoke to another friend who had had same problem a few months before me. i'm sorry if nothing has changed - you'd think crouch end would be wall to wall nct classes wouldn't you?
in the end i went to hosp classes and did yoga junction prep for birth classes and yoga for pregnancy. their baby yoga also fab - dd still loves it. yoga junction near finsbury park tube
if you flush, the active birth centre is nearby -they do various classes but too expensive for me!
You could also try ringing crouch end health visitors (at crouch end health centre) and asking them for classes as they organise postnatal groups (which are good and i have made friends there).good luck!

ejlk Wed 01-Nov-06 10:25:05

Thanks for your reply - it is weird that CE is so badly served by the NCT when it seems to be wall-to-wall mother and babies. I'll give all those things you mention a bash, thanks again.

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castlesintheair Thu 02-Nov-06 13:40:39

I did NCT in Highgate and didn't make any friends through it 'cos everyone was so scattered throughout north & east London! My health visitor called Trish Pollack organised a post-natal group and that is how I met all my lovely chums in Crouch End/Highgate. I think she's moved to Muswell Hill now but maybe you should have a word at your GPs and see if they do something like this? Honestly, it was a life-saver for me

elkiedee Sun 05-Nov-06 00:37:11

I tried to post a few minutes ago but it doesn't seem to have gone through. Not in Crouch End but a couple of miles east of you in south Tottenham, also due in April (24). That's bad news about the NCT classes, my mum has been nagging me and I filled in an online enquiry form but it took two weeks to get an email telling me to ring the number on the website. Well, I can't really ring round from work - not quite public yet.

Which hospital are you going to? I'm booked into the Whittington (geographically not closest, but way easier to get to from home - one direct bus - and from work near Kings Cross (5 mins from the tube) than the horrible North Mid (the bus there is one of two, is every half hour and makes the hospital seem even more in the middle of nowhere than it really is)


ejlk Tue 07-Nov-06 15:33:55

Hi Luci, yes I'm booked in at the Whittington too. I've been really impressed by the level of care I've been given so far. It may be a bit run-down but I think the staff are excellent, how are you finding it? I'll be back there for my 20 wk scan on Nov 27th.

Castlesintheair - thank you for the tip, I'll mention it to my midwife.

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gruffaloed Thu 16-Nov-06 09:39:31

I know! I couldn't get onto NCT classes either. I've seen a new service advertised that covers Crouch End, Muswell Hill, Highgate and East Finchley called Plusbaby (I think the website is who offer antenatal classes. You could try them? Hope this helps...

LittleMonkeysMum Thu 23-Nov-06 15:39:17

Hi, I couldn't get on to normal NCT classes in CE either, but managed to find one in Tottenham, run by Cathy Harltey which were fine, perhaps ask NCT about her. I met some really nice people through these, although they are smaller groups that normal NCT classes.
It is weird re lack of NCT classes in CE, you can;t move for buggies round here!
I had DD in Whit and found it to be good. Definitely book an amenity room when you get to the hospital though, that made all the difference to me, and at £90 a night, it's expensive, but definitely worth it!
Also if you join the NCT you'll get put on the email list and get invites to loads of new mums teas etc which are nice.
good luck

suzywong Thu 23-Nov-06 15:40:52

Just be warned...the post natal care in the Whittington is legendary. Make sure you get someone to bring you all your meals and get the hell out as soon as you can.

suzywong Thu 23-Nov-06 15:42:43

reading this backwards - castles, Trish is absolutely WONDERFUL! I made many good friends from those classes. Glad to hear she's still going strong.

LittleMonkeysMum Thu 23-Nov-06 15:59:22

Actually yes, I didn;t eat a thing from the Whit when I was in there as the food stank, OH went out for M&S sandwiches, and I got largely ignored, but that suited me as all was fine, don;t know how I would have felt if had been any probs. Also the community midwives are lovely whilst most (bar one) of the ones I met on a sunday night shift were stroppy cows who refused to give me a water birth.

oneoff Thu 23-Nov-06 16:02:13

I have the answer! Check this out

oneoff Thu 23-Nov-06 16:09:25

Sorry gruffaloed, just saw you already posted re: plus baby!

MarsLady Thu 23-Nov-06 16:13:51

The site doesn't mention costs. Do they charge or are they a free service?

oneoff Thu 23-Nov-06 16:23:16

They charge but I've no idea re: costs.

greenday Thu 23-Nov-06 16:43:07

Hello! I live in Muswell Hill. (it's so nice to see familair MN names and to know that you are living in the same areas!)
Attended NCT in Highgate (by a lovely French lady called Muriel). But everyone who signed up were rather scattered in locations and in the end, we lost contact. But after giving birth, my local MH clinic organised post-natal groups and 2.5 yrs later, I have a wonderful group of mum-friends who not only have been a great support, but have all become genuine friends who go out for girlie-dinners and Sat shopping trips. All our DH/DPs get along so well too. I personally feel that the post-natal groups were more useful thatn NCT as we were all living in the same area. Do speak to your midwife and find out from your local health clinic about post-natal group activities. Also, there are lots of playgroups around CE that you'll be able to join and get to know people from your area. Gd luck!

castlesintheair Thu 23-Nov-06 17:12:31

Suzy - yes, Trish certainly made up the horrors of the Whittington. Makes me laugh looking back - I stayed in for 3 nights & didn't eat a thing. Some of the m/wives were spectacularly grumpy too!

Greenday, Muriel was my NCT teacher too.

This is brining back memories from 5 years ago ...

MarsLady Thu 23-Nov-06 17:37:58

The trick is to order the halal or kosher meal! Yum!

suzywong Thu 23-Nov-06 22:58:22

Hello Mars

Oooo castles - I was in there with ds1 April 2001, and then trailing around Waterlow Park thereafter with the pushchair ad infinitum. Could our paths have crossed?

Oh god the thought of those vinegar-tits midwives is making me shudder from 12000 miles away

MrsJohnCusack Thu 23-Nov-06 23:03:07

ooh nothing helpful to add here (but very good luck with the baby)

it's just - the thread title is really making me giggle. Sorry! (and puerile I know)

twelveyeargap Fri 24-Nov-06 07:22:30

Hi ejlk. Did you find anything? I contacted NCT in Haringey as I'm moving to Muswell Hill in January and was told the classes were already overbooked for my due date. I am due in May. (Do these people book when they're TTC or something???)

Was told to try NCT Barnet and NCT Islington (where I am currently based). Have you had any joy?

Galmum Fri 24-Nov-06 08:35:27

Someone may have meintioned this already - I go to pregnancy yoga classes in Crouch End above the Haelan Centre - there are classes on Tues & Fri eve. I'm not that local, but a lot of the Mums in the class are.

Go to the website and then the clinic section - there is a link to the pregnancy yoga class section.

PS Check regulary with the NCT as they sometimes run extra classes or they may run coffee meet ups for afterwards.

MarsLady Fri 24-Nov-06 09:00:51

None of these site mention cost and I know several people that are looking for classes. Sigh..........

Galmum Fri 24-Nov-06 09:32:27

If you follow the links through to Birthwise yoga from the Haelen website - it gives you a class and course cost.

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