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Due May 07 - Thread for w/c 30/10/06

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twelveyeargap Mon 30-Oct-06 09:53:50


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twelveyeargap Mon 30-Oct-06 10:09:05

Morning, morning. Glad everyone seems quite chipper. Meant to do a big pre-move clear out of my house this weekend but really couldn't find the energy. (Nor have we found somewhere to move to yet!) Went to a birthday party in Soho on Saturday, which was lovely, although did manage to almost faint towards the end of the evening. Not sure if it was the two glasses of champagne (ooh er) or just standing for so long. Felt quite Victorian. Pregnant lady faints in mixed company sort of thing.

Ooh, which reminds me; someone was talking about Pride and Prejudice. Thought the KK film was awful. Bought my 11 year old DD the BBC version and she watches it all the time (I may "drop in" on the viewing sometimes...) and she is now reading the book as well.

Had to be in work at 7am this morning so I'm feeling a bit groggy. Had weird, weird nightmares last night about buring bodies, thought I think it's probably got to do with watching CSI before bed!

Happy Monday. x

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pebblemum Mon 30-Oct-06 10:19:11

I love CSI, problem is Ive seen them all. Ive even got the pc games, not that im addicted or anything!!

I had a strange dream on Saturday night, i dreamt dh went into labour i was still pg but so was dh, he went all through the pain but i woke up before he had actually given birth, shame it would have been funny to see how he managed that

moomimin Mon 30-Oct-06 10:31:22

morning all!

lol at your dreams pebblemum.

lg&t Our weather is usually about the same as yours really. Normally about 4/5 degrees warmer all year through. However we did get 2 days of snow last winter. We do get a slightly longer summer and shorter winter I think. Last 3 days have still been 22 degrees in the shade. Will probably change by November and we'll need the fire on. These big stone houses are great for keeping their cool in the summer but can be freezing in the winter and very difficult to heat. Will probably need the fire through til beginning of March so about 4 mths then it should start getting warmer again.

love the fire though, wood was dilivered on Sat for the winter, nice man on his tractor and for once this year I got away without helping move it into the woodstore. hehe.

Hope you all have a good day. Anyone heard from Jess?

twelveyeargap Mon 30-Oct-06 10:55:57

Ooh, fires. Love them. Always used to have a basket of turf sods back in Ireland. A local man cut them in the bog and sold them. I love the smell of it burning. <<Has nice thoughts about home>>

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Juicylucythe2nd Mon 30-Oct-06 10:57:35

Morning girls - had really wierd dreams last night. Couldn't sleep properly. Went to bed at 8:30 and just had the worst nights sleep.

Had those half sleep sort of dreams that just repeat and are strange and disturbing. Didn't help that if I turned over I got a face full of DH's breath (think brewary) which sent me tossing and turning.

Oh, sooo want to go home and lie on the sofa. Just so exhausted and I think ms is back after a couple of days at bay. Got that whole yukkie taste in my mouth.

OK rant over. On the plus side, think my bump is actually forming which is very exciting. Trousers are definately tight, but my tummy under them is definately firm (instead of it's usual jelly consistancy

twelveyeargap Mon 30-Oct-06 11:01:46

We all seem to have had weird dreams! Must be something in the air.

Bad taste in the mouth is horrid. Poor you JL.

CSI PC games Pebblemum? Sound fun. Am finally getting the DH round to it. He finds the "familiarity of the format" quite soothing now I think. Hehehe. No choice really, when I watch LV and Miami one after the other on Sky+!

Am a bit distressed at thought of not having sky tv for 2 months when we're in a temp flat. I'll miss the start of lost. Boo.

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largegingerpsychoandtonic Mon 30-Oct-06 11:17:23

Morning all hope eveyone is ok. Its nice to be back talking to everyone, ive missed it.

I feel ok at the moment but im not worried about it anymore as im over the magic 12 weeks, i cant wait to feel normal again! The last scan only showed my dates to be a week out so the will probably leave my due date where it is which makes me 13+3 today. It seems to be going quickly now, hooray!!

Creena Mon 30-Oct-06 11:25:20

Hello everyone! Have only just finished catching up on last week's thread - blimey, we're a chatty lot! I've not been about much as the children were on their half term break last week and my son had a friend to stay for a couple of days (resulting in an increase in my washing of muddy jeans and a decrease in the availability of the family computer!) It was also my birthday on Friday and one of my presents from my husband was two packets of Preggie Pops! They're fruit flavoured lollipops that are meant to ease morning sickness - they do seem to work, albeit only for about half an hour in my case! Got my scan coming up on Thursday (well, I've got an appointment at the hopsital to discuss my screening options but "a dating scan may be performed if one has not been done already" - I'm hoping that means I'll finally have a scan), so am feeling equally excited and anxious about it. Husband is away until tomorrow night, so be warned - I might well have a bit of a worry on this thread at some point!

pebblemum Mon 30-Oct-06 11:28:10

twelveyear- the games are great, you work for CSI and have to collect the clues,moving from scene to scene and then solve the crime. Ive got stuck on one though, at the moment Grissom has been kidnapped and will die if i dont find him but so far ive had no joy, oh well good job im not really a CSI or it would be the end for him Im tempted to buy the CSI kits from Argos for ds1 (just so i can play too!!!)but not sure if dh will let me, spoilsport. Luckily he likes CSI too plus he works lates so i can watch it whenever i like.

Juicy-i hate it when my dh breathes over me in bed, even when he hasnt been drinking. Its disgusting isnt it. Perhaps you shuld keep one of those breathe freshener sprays near your bed and next time he does it give him a squirt, he may not be amused but you will have fresher air to breathe!!

My tummy is starting to look like a pg bump now and not just fat. I put on my new maternity trousers and top on saturday but in them i looked massive so i went back to my normal clothes that seem to hide it a bit. I dont mind showing but looking that big at only 11wks is a bit embarassing. Still no word on scan, i meant to phone up on Friday but forgot about it so will do it in a bit. Im also supposed to see the midwife again in the next two weeks so i need to phone up for that too.

ShowOfBloodyAndSeveredHands Mon 30-Oct-06 11:34:52

Aah LG&T, great to have you back and to know that all is going well! I can't wait until Thurs when I hit the magic 12wk mark!

JL, I hate those nights, repetitive dreams but you always seem to be on the brink of consciousness so never feel like you've actually been to sleep. Actually, you just end up exhausted and restless. It's been happening more since I got pg. You have my sympathies!

My weird dream last night was as follows: DH bought a vending machine full of Capri Suns (eugh!) and put it in our child's newly decorated nursery. Said vending machine broke down and started spewing ice all over the floor at which point the police arrived and said we didn't have a licence for vending Capri Suns. Goodness knows what all that was about.

I bought some maternity stuff yesterday off ebay. £20 for eight tops, three skirts and five pairs of trousers, plus a cardigan and two jumpers. Not bad and about time too, as my trousers are fine when I'm standing up, but I sit down and get cut in half. Like JL though, it's all pretty solid which is nice for once, but I know how vast it's going to get...!

I'm actually starting to feel human again. I've had flu, but coming out of the other side of it and no ms and noticeably less fatigue. I can make it past 8.30pm without crashing on the sofa now. Woo hoo (I fear the days of staying up to 3am are long gone!).

Anyway, happy Monday all!

ShowOfBloodyAndSeveredHands Mon 30-Oct-06 11:37:26

Happy birthday for last Friday Creena!

PS never played CSI games but I do like to steal DH's Might and Magic games (dragons and knights and solving quests etc). It's my guilty secret... shh!

scootermum Mon 30-Oct-06 11:38:39

I just look a big fatty.Am in Croydon now.No one gave up their seat on any public transport despite me trying hard to look pg and not just tubby.
(Via sticking belly out and rubbing back-ha-they may just have thought I was a crazy woman with a bad posture i suppose!)

I think it may actually be keira heself that made me dislke the p and p film so much.I dont know why but she really rubs me up the wrong way.
Of course im not slightly jealous of her or anything.Not me..
However I do like the scenery as it was filmed near my parents house and it makes me quite homesick.Also my Dad made the sandwiches for the cast on the shoot!(He is retired but has a part time job at Chatsworth to keep him occupied).He didnt meet any of them though.But did meet Prince William once when he was doing 'work experience'. (the prince not my Dad).Golly I do drivvle on..Sorry..

ShowOfBloodyAndSeveredHands Mon 30-Oct-06 11:47:29

Oh scootermum, the setting was the thing that redeemed the film. It was lovely. Keira Knightley makes my teeth itch in anger. It's when she says things like 'I live on burgers and chips and just have a natural six pack' that I want to reach into the television and do her a mischief. There's something very annoying about her mouth as well, the way it moves and that giggly voice of hers. Anyway, I could rant about her forever. I don't know who cast her in P&P but they weren't really thinking with any practical part of their anatomy now were they?

Juicylucythe2nd Mon 30-Oct-06 11:53:44

I call her pout on a stick. She ruined one of my favourite stories. Will now have to go out and buy the BBC version to redeem it!!

Have told myself I will wait until my 12wk scan (on the 14th) before I'm allowed to buy any maternity clothes, but the way my tummy is going I may not be able to wait

moomimin Mon 30-Oct-06 12:24:39

You ladies are really lucky. I'd love to look pg. With my last two pg I didn't show until I was 7 mths. I'm not joking!!!! My babies just seem to sit in my back. I'm not massive either! (anymore) I was 26 weeks pregnant with dd and skiing (very gently, may I add) in size 12 ski trousers. In some ways it's nice that I can still wear my normal clothes for so long but on the other hand it would be nice to be able to show off a growing bump from much earlier on.
Don't think I'll be looking at maternity wear just yet! Actually hoping I will get away with out any. By the time I need it, it will be March and it should be warm enough by then to live in shorts and t-shirts.

God this 12 weeks is the slowest of them all so far! Still only 11 weeks today. 1 more whole week until my scan! It's soooooooo boring and I'm soooooooo impatient. Is anyone else stuggling with general houwework too. I just can't get into it at all at the moment. I'm normally quite houseproud and actually enjoy making my pad clean and tidy, but I just couldn't care less at the moment. I just don't have the energy and if I did i don't think I have the desire.

moomimin Mon 30-Oct-06 12:27:31

sorry just re read that post and it was a bit miserable wasn't it!!!!

see happy now hummmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!

twelveyeargap Mon 30-Oct-06 12:32:30

You're funny. Nice in one way not to be the size of a house, but I completely understand how you'd want people to see your "progress".

And completely understand about not having any inclination to do ANYTHING round the house. I'm bad enough normally, but now... Plus childmind/ sort of cleaner is off this week and last so the place is a complete tip. Eww.

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pebblemum Mon 30-Oct-06 13:03:54

lol at not wanting to do anything. Im feeling the same at the moment. I keep thinking i must hoover but then something distracts me and i forget all about it. Plus ive had people in all morning inspecting the kitchen so i suppose i can use that as an excuse. Luckily the house isnt too bad and as long as i run the hoover round the front room and hall then i should be able to get away with being lazy. Dh has just phoned to remind me that ds1 has a birthday party tonight (oops) and as we had both forgotten one of us needs to go to the shop to buy a card, luckily we have a spare present. The thought of leaving my nice warm house though is horrible. Im hoping he will pick one up on the way home. Im not normally this lazy but i just dont seem to have any get up and go in me today. The weather isnt helping either, it looks so grey and miserable out there. I need to win the lottery so i can emigrate somewhere warm during the british winter, im more of a summer kind of girl

Juicylucythe2nd Mon 30-Oct-06 13:08:27

With you there Pebblemum - I hate how grey the UK gets in the Winter. Give me the southern Hemisphere any day. Crisp clear blue skies with sharp biting winds in the winter. But Sun all year round...

Euromillions has an 88Mill rolover this Friday....

Juicylucythe2nd Mon 30-Oct-06 13:08:57

And as for housework...err isn't that what DH's are for?

largegingerpsychoandtonic Mon 30-Oct-06 13:09:54

Im just starting to get my housework back in order having pretty much abandoned it for the last 8 weeks! I just could not be bothered and all the cleaner stuff made the ms worse. Just in time really as Dh might get home for a couple of nights next week, he hasnt been home since sept 3rd! Thats alot of dust to collect

Have decorated the house for halloween tom, the kids are still sticking stuff everywhere. Its a bit like xmas decs, great to put up but horrid to take down. Still they are happy. DS #4 who is 20mths is due to have his pneumo booster this afternoon anyone else had to do this jab yet?

moomimin Mon 30-Oct-06 13:12:04

oh is it not very nice there today. I've just hung the washing out in trackybottoms and a strapy t'shirt. Checked the thermometer on the way back to house and it is reading 23 degrees in the shade! Nice, think I might go and have my lunch in the garden, I could do with some rays to lift my spirits!

I totally sympathise with you about not wanting to go out. I could quite easily become a hermit at the moment. Although the weeks would probably go a bit quicker if I got off my arse and made an effort to do things I suppose.

twelveyeargap Mon 30-Oct-06 14:34:58

Oh dear... The disturbed night and early start is killing me today. I have the post lunch slump and I think it's going to last til home time now.

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MKG Mon 30-Oct-06 14:36:22

Good morning!! At least it's morning here. The sun is shining and it's relatively warm. I'm feeling rested as ds has slept through two nights in a row. He's teething and his gums are so swollen lately, since we took away his pacifier he's been waking up at 5:30 instead of 8am . But not these past few nights!. I was finally able to exercise yesterday because I had the energy. And . . .I cooked. I haven't had any energy and since dh is almost never home to eat I haven't been cooking as much as I used to. Last night I made pea soup (mmmm), cornbread, rosemary roasted potatoes, and . .. pumpkin cheesecake. We usually have soup on Sunday I don't know why, it's just our thing.

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