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With our swamp fanjos and supermarket jobbies it's all going on in our knickers. It's a wonder our men agree to deliver the prostaglandin injections but then we are the 24th Just Shagging Grads!

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Pisghetti Wed 18-Mar-15 15:23:55

Welcome, welcome, welcome to the 24th grads thread... celebrating the success of Just Shagging in getting us viroids upduffed!

For those that don't know, a 'viroid' is from the original JSing thread 1, where someone was trying to type ladies (in reference to all the JSing ladies), but their phone decided to call us all viroids instead!

The name stuck and we've been the JSing viroids ever since.

The thread we have graduated from is herein its 41st outing. WARNING: they're all a bit kerazy not to mention randy!

There is also a Just Mumming thread in postnatal clubs herefor once your babies come along, or to keep up with the graduated graduates!

There is also a private facebook group (so it doesn't give the game away in your news feed!)... if you want to join to see photos of new babies etc, just ask in-thread!

The stats sheet is here

So, roll call below please, viroids!

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Pisghetti Wed 18-Mar-15 15:29:36

Name: Pisghetti
Age: 35
DC: 14yr old DS and an overcooked DD who may well be trying to hit 14 before she's born!

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TheBooMonster Wed 18-Mar-15 15:54:19

Name: Boo
Age: 25
DC: 2 year old DD, 3 chickens.
Gestation: 36+4

DulcetMoans Wed 18-Mar-15 16:26:17

Afternoon all!

Name: Dulcet
Age: 29
DC: none but cooking a cantaloupe/baseball glove at 24 weeks.

ChatEnOeuf Wed 18-Mar-15 17:05:39

Name: Chat
Age: 33
DC: One DD, 3.5 with attitude to boot
Cooking: A child's lunchbox, or a spring onion, 26/40 I know which one I'd rather push out!

gaggiagirl Wed 18-Mar-15 17:09:06

Name: Gaggia
Age: 32
DC: Nearly 4yo cross ginger DD
Cooking: A lime 11 weeks tomorrow

RPopz Wed 18-Mar-15 17:17:16

DS 11+4 smile

Indigoblue2 Wed 18-Mar-15 17:24:09

Name: Indigo
Age: 29
DCs: none but incubating a mango (DD!)

Fleurchamp Wed 18-Mar-15 17:36:26

Name: Fleur
Age: 34
DC: none, currently baking a spaghetti squash (nope, me neither!) 22 weeks

teejayem Wed 18-Mar-15 18:05:28

Name- Tee
Age - 31
DCs - x3 delinquent cats; x 1 family of field mice and x1 28 week wriggling boy flavoured aubergine.
Foof swamp level 4/10 today.

I am starving but Mr tee is on vair vair important video call downstairs and I can't sneak past him without being noticed. I should have brought more crisps upstairs sad send help!

Pisghetti Wed 18-Mar-15 18:28:25

Commando crawl across the floor to the kitchen?

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batfish Wed 18-Mar-15 18:33:11

Name: batfish
Age: 33
DC: Currently 10+5 with our first and not at all terrified about it all

Lemondrizzletwunt Wed 18-Mar-15 18:33:20

Name: Lemon
Age: 27
DCs: none, currently 5+6 upduffed with the first-edition miniLemon.
Swamp foof: an easy 7/10

I am all cramp too and I keep feeling like AF is arriving? My nipples are basically permanently erect and I can't help worrying something is wrong, because I have had javelin fanjo twice today, too. Gah.

batfish Wed 18-Mar-15 18:42:23

I've had THE itchiest nipples today. Was actual torture at work because apparently it's not the done thing to scratch at your nips in the office. But of course now I'm home they're absolutely fine!

batfish Wed 18-Mar-15 18:47:45

lemon try not to worry - I spent the first 2 weeks after BFP running to the loo at every available opportunity expecting bleeding. And I had 2 whole days of horrible twingey pains and was convinced it was all going wrong - but then when I finally convinced myself that pains were a good thing I then panicked when they stopped grin And then I fretted over lack of symptoms. Basically spent from 3+5 to 9+1 worrying every single second and not even wanting to talk to mr bat about baby. And then I had scan and all was lovely. And as far as I know still is. And it is so much better now I've stopped worrying - so hope you can believe too that things will be OK!

teejayem Wed 18-Mar-15 18:49:38

I've been rolled a tin of twiglets.... stand down, repeat, stand down.

Pokey fanjo and cramps are normal Lemon imagine mini lemon using a pickaxe to make him/herself comfortable. They bury in quite deep..
Cotton Wool pads soaked in nice cold moisturiser/aloe jollop bat and then stuffed in boob hammock. I did this a lot when I had fiery biscuit tits.

I've nailed bedroom nesting. Phase II is sorting out all my shoes. This is an inevitable trip to the big swedish yellow signed furniture shop that fills me with horror, so maybe next week. I should get rid of some really, considering I am living in uggs/slippers/toms at the moment as can't bend or lift leg to put on socks. also remembered I have a massive box of heels under my desk at work which I need them to courier to me!

gaggiagirl Wed 18-Mar-15 18:56:40

Permanently erect nipples here too!
Its the neighbours 30th anniversary reunion show 10pm channel 5 tonight if anyone fancies a trip down memory lane. I'm going to watch it. I cant wait.

couldhavebeenme Wed 18-Mar-15 19:33:47

Hi all. 34+3 2nd time around, tired and terribly uncomfortable and counting down to mat leave! Crashed out on sofa, DH has fortunately gone out as he's been charging round like a lunatic tonight and it hasn't been very relaxing.

gaggiagirl Wed 18-Mar-15 19:44:21

You have a nice relax could how long til maternity leave?

Purpleball Wed 18-Mar-15 19:50:07

Age: 40
DC: currently incubating a plum (almost kiwi) at 12+6

couldhavebeenme Wed 18-Mar-15 19:55:19

I finish work a week tomorrow!!! grin

mountaingirl01 Wed 18-Mar-15 20:02:44

Name: Mountain
Age: 27
DCs: 1x Beautiful but vicious bengal.. currently incubating DC1 at 13+6

gaggiagirl Wed 18-Mar-15 20:20:01

I kinda think that the October FB thread erm has a large proportion of erm......<thinks really hard> scaremongering nutcases erm.... Strong minded women, who I may possibly not gel with at this stage.
Might just stick to the thread where the hysteria is at a much lower level. No one uses swear words on there anyway. As lil said on the undergrads those threads are a bit 'american'.

Lemondrizzletwunt Wed 18-Mar-15 20:29:13

Poor Ga, I totally sympathise with needing sweary companions cuntflaps

Thanks all for the words of reassurance! I suppose given that no 'professional' has seen my BFP yet and that I have peed on my last stick last week and can't test again I'm finding it hard to just trust that I am preg.

Tee if you throw away shoes I will personally pay to have them couriered to me!!!!! (If you are a size 4-5)

Lemondrizzletwunt Wed 18-Mar-15 20:40:37

Ok, buying us all one of these

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