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April and March 2015 miscarriage survivors. nearly there! and already there for some

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TinyTear Tue 17-Mar-15 12:30:09

Thread 4

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TinyTear Tue 17-Mar-15 12:34:06

Agree smiling...

I am overweight, very... But this pregnancy despite GD and fitness disappearing quickly and so on I have only put on 1kg in 36+3 weeks

While I know of much slimmer fitter women who have put on 20kgs...

Also, at my diabetes antenatal clinic I see women of all sizes... Not just us so-called fatties.

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TinyTear Tue 17-Mar-15 12:35:43

Anyway, today had a posh haircut and my nails done as a final pamper session before newbie... Had a voucher to use work gave me when I did 10 years on the job, so it was a good use.

Now just had a KFC which I hadn't in aaaaaages and about to go home to rest and watch crap TV... Good old maternity leave

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smilingthroughgrittedteeth Tue 17-Mar-15 12:50:35

KFC sounds good tiny I can't stop eating today.

I got up at 10, so far I've eaten a yogurt, 2 slices of toast with chocolate spread, 2 weetabix and a bowl of popcorn blush

I haven't been that hungry since getting pregnant and have struggled to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner so this is a big change. I'm now off to make some soup for lunch.

EbwyIsUpTheDuff Tue 17-Mar-15 14:18:01

probable baby eviction - 2nd of April.

LIG1979 Tue 17-Mar-15 14:56:11

Hello all,

I am unfortunately one of those slim, athletic types who suffer from GD, PCOS and a lot of other things that are considered 'obese illnesses'. It is very frustrating as I can keep it all at bay by eating healthily and doing lots of exercise but it is still as if my body is a lot heavier than it is. It is all linked to the PCOS but my dad has the same (but obviously it is not called PCOS in men) and despite being a very healthy 61 year old from an weight, diet and exercise point of view, his cholesterol etc. all reflect a poor diet etc. On the other hand I work with a guy who does no exercise, eats crap all day and night and drinks a bottle of wine a night and a couple on weekend nights. He just had the new check that they do for people 40-70 and got told all his liver function, cholesterol etc. etc. was in the lower end of normal so he was healthy despite the weight and lifestyle issues. I think genetics play a big impact!

I think the weight gain is higher for lower bmi women because they need to gain the fat stores. So I have always gained a lot during the 1st trimester but with dd it was all gone by 3 months pp and then I had trouble keeping my weight up and had to large quantities of cake. I think my body needs to get to above 30% body fat (versus under 20% normally) and then it seems like my weight gain becomes more similar to what they reccomend. This time I am slightly worried as I do not have the fat stores with all the illness and diet changes with the GD. However, at my growth scan ds is growing well and put on 0.8 kg since his last scan so obviously the lack of weight gain on my part is not impacting him. Also, I imagine that the healthy eating is doing us both good although the last few days, I have been quite naughty and had lots of cake and ice cream because my levels have been quite low.

Tiny sounds like a lovely day off. Will you test your blood sugar after the KFC? I am craving haribos now more because I can't eat them at the moment!

Anyway better get off to the GD clinic and to loiter at the hospital for hours and as Tiny said it seems to be quite a mix of sizes and not just 'fatties'.

TinyTear Tue 17-Mar-15 15:14:16

i did, but over 1h as I had to go home... and it was 7.4! wooohoo!

Mmmm Zinger burger...

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TinyTear Tue 17-Mar-15 15:15:12

Ebwy, 2nd April! good date! just misses April Fool's and it's only 2 days after my eviction date

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LIG1979 Tue 17-Mar-15 15:42:44

Well done tiny. That sounds pretty good for a KFC!

ebwys - glad you have a date to work to. my one incentive for a c section is being able to plan although I don't think I could deal with the recovery. aI have so much to do I could do before my due date and our extension is still ongoing that I would like him to stay put for another few weeks ideally.

EbwyIsUpTheDuff Tue 17-Mar-15 15:51:40

they were fully bookerd on 1st of April, which was the date I wanted

EbwyIsUpTheDuff Tue 17-Mar-15 15:52:30

"bookerd"??? booked!

I find out Friday for sure

TinyTear Tue 17-Mar-15 15:58:47

LIG it was closer to 2 hours afterwards. but still, it was better than i expected... when a bowl of rice krispies multigrain for brekfast gives me 8.7...

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smilingthroughgrittedteeth Tue 17-Mar-15 17:19:24

At this rate you will all have your babies before me, Beanie doesn't seem to be in a rush to come out.

chiliplant Tue 17-Mar-15 17:33:31

Hi all, I don't comment much as I can never keep up! I can't believe how fast time is going by now.
I think I got my weeks wrong. Saw midwife on Monday. She said 36 and I said I thought it was 35. So she wrote 35.. Now I'm thinking she might b right! I'm due April 11th which I believe us the same as you tiny tear. Can I ask how many weeks days that is? I remember at the beginning when I knew exactly to the hour! X

EbwyIsUpTheDuff Tue 17-Mar-15 17:39:40

chiliplant this will tell you

TinyTear Tue 17-Mar-15 17:44:59

Chilli, April 11th makes us 36+3

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chiliplant Tue 17-Mar-15 17:55:07

Thanks tiny tear! I remembered we were due same date! How can I forget my weeks!!x

TinyTear Tue 17-Mar-15 17:59:40

In the start each day counted... After the risk weeks passed I guess I also got more blase about it... I used to have the weeks on my work calendar

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LittleBairn Tue 17-Mar-15 18:12:16

I've had KFC today too but only because I had to go to hospital and was there for hours. I had to be put on a trace again, baby has gone quiet once again. It was fine but I have to wait ages for my notes when the Dr asked about movements since the trace she was concerned that baby had gone quiet again and that this has become a pattern of behaviour.
So I'm booked in tommorow morning to have a scan to make sure everything is ok.
I'm not too worried I know they are being cautious and in grateful to them.
I am sooo exhausted I'm not used to so much activity in one day. I'm not sure I will manage to stay awak till 7pm!

LittleBairn Tue 17-Mar-15 18:12:45


LIG1979 Tue 17-Mar-15 18:31:36

little - hope you get some rest and you don't worry too much about tomorrow. Good they are taking you seriously.

Tiny - maybe KFC is the way forward although probably waiting 2 hours helped with the reading. With dd I craved KFC for the 1st 12 weeks and did go there all the time and I haven't been able to face one since.

Another joyful day at the diabetes clinic. All going well and no concerns and didn't want to see me for a while until they measure my bump and it is too small by 3cm. So now I have more appointments to check ds is growing enough. The fact that I had a growth scan yesterday that showed ds tracking his percentiles since the last scan don't seem to matter. The only good thing is that my appointments coincide with a new friend who is due at the same time as me and it is a good opportunity to get to know her better. Next appointment we are going to do coffee before hand. Not sure we can do cake before a diabetic clinic but it is tempting wink


TinyTear Tue 17-Mar-15 20:21:54

I gave up on midwives ages ago... Had endocrinologist and obstetrician every two weeks and growth scans and bloods so nothing they could do for me...

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TeaandHobnobs Tue 17-Mar-15 20:34:47

Hi team smile
Tiny I have put on a whopping 17kg this pregnancy! Last time I never weighed myself past my booking in, so I didn't know (plus DS was early). I wouldn't have weighed this time either, but I had a medical for life insurance last week (what a bloody stupid time to do it, I am a moron). I will be interested to know how much of that remains post-birth!

And on that subject... Due date was last Friday, and I have had 2 days of quieter movement, plus itching that has been going on for a couple of weeks, so at my MW appointment today (where I was denied a sweep as a result!), I got sent off to the day assessment unit. Unfortunately I have obstetric cholestasis sad Given that I'm already past term, they just want to get her out now, so induction will be starting tonight. I can't deny I'm a little disappointed, but I am very excited to meet DD grin Just hoping I can cope with the pain!!!

Will update when DD arrives

Shetland Tue 17-Mar-15 20:54:29

ohh - good luck Tea Keep up posted if you can smile

I am also on the smaller side but have put on a stone and a half so far, so reckon it'll be closer to 2 by my due date. My overweight friend didn't put on so much as a lb in her last pregnancy. I can't figure that out as surely the baby and all the gunbbins that goes with it adds a certain amount?! But it certainly seems to vary hugely from person to person.

I have walked round the zoo today and for the first time I feel utterly wrecked. I have been absolutley fine until my chest infection a week or so ago but i think things are starting to catch up with me now. I've just cracked open my third big bottle of gaviscon too!

Also, the baby seems to have a foot (i think) pushing out in the same place a lot of the time - to the point that its actually really sore there now. I keep poking her to get her to move it, but it keeps coming back. Anyone else had this? Its really quite painful!


LIG1979 Tue 17-Mar-15 21:24:15

Good luck tea - hope it all goes well and your baby arrives safely and quickly. Keep us posted!

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