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West London August Bumps?

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FirstTimeSprog Wed 18-Feb-15 17:04:15

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies.......

Any of you out there due in August and wanting to speak to any other August bumps? I'm pregnant with my first little one and feeling extremely excited (if not very nervous.) Finally got through my miserable past six weeks of morning sickness and itching to start enjoying this now!


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scarednoob Thu 19-Feb-15 12:18:45

i'm a west london late sep/early oct bump if that counts?? still v early, still v nervous about it all going wrong!


MumToBe2015R Sun 22-Mar-15 10:11:49

I'm North west London due early August. Am also finally over the horrid morning sickness. Just recently had my 20wk scan, was told everything was fine. Saw my buba smile although started to feel very nervous now as time is getting nearer.

RoseOolong Wed 25-Mar-15 23:16:27

West London here and due 27/7 so could well be an august baby! Have a dd, 3. Excited but exhausted as dd waking in night still. Had a home birth in bath last time and hope to do same here.

bookworm14 Tue 07-Apr-15 19:11:07

Hello! North west London here - due mid-August with my first baby, a girl. Getting excited now - it feels properly real now the 20 week scan is out of the way!

augustbump2015 Thu 30-Apr-15 13:21:41

Hi FirstTimeSprog! Love your username - my mother always calls babies "sprogs"!

I'm new to posting on Mumsnet - but thought first baby was the right time to start asking questions, rather than just reading through the threads. My first baby is due early August - definitely agree that it feels much more real after the 20 week scan and now he is wriggling LOTS which is great!

Starting to really read about different birth possibilities - will be giving birth in a hospital but trying to understand the different options etc. Baby is still transverse - although I think it is normal at this stage - and otherwise all going well.

Is anyone doing an antenatal class? And if so, which one can I ask?

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