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Is anyone watching Tonight...?

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Daisypops Mon 23-Oct-06 20:25:49

I don't know why I watch these programmes. I've just started to get over my pregnancy paranoia.

Is it really this bad or are they scaremongering (sp?)

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TheBlonde Mon 23-Oct-06 20:26:46

Yes it is really that bad
Some places are better than others

momentrylapseofreason Mon 23-Oct-06 20:36:47

I watched it too - thought it was shocking. How can you find out how your local hospital rates? Is Dr Fosters good birth guide up to date or old stats?

TheBlonde Mon 23-Oct-06 20:40:51
this site has stats too

momentrylapseofreason Mon 23-Oct-06 20:43:23

thanks - will check that one out too.
It surprised me that there are trained midwives who cannot get jobs - I always thought that shortage was not enough people training.

Daisypops Mon 23-Oct-06 20:46:06

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Gobbledispook Mon 23-Oct-06 20:49:32

I cried. It was so sad.

I had 3 excellent births - I could not fault my hospital. I did have very straightforward ones though.

Greengirlforever Mon 23-Oct-06 21:07:38


I'm due in April. Had a homebirth last time and this time was going to go to the local midwife unit for a rest (ha ha!) but am so freaked out by this programme I'm thinking of having another home birth. You tend to get the full attention of at least one midwife then....

Seriously it is pretty shocking and the minister of health (or whoever he was) was utterly hopeless. For the first time in my life I'm actually contemplating voting Tory - my god did I really say that????

I felt desperately sorry for the parents in the programme - how on earth do you get your head around something like that? What is it with this country - one of the richest but with only Poland and Slovakia with a higher infant mortality rate?????


Deep breath.
I'm fine.

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