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Anyone due Jan 2005 ??

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smellymelly Wed 28-Apr-04 12:43:27

It's me... I can't believe I get to start this!

I'm due 2nd Jan 2005... Actually AF is not due for 4 days(!!) but have done 3 tests and all positive. I am only 11 days pregnant.

It's a bit lonely here on my own, I hope there will be lots of you joining me soon, especially from 'ttc thread 6'.

artyjoe Wed 24-Nov-04 16:17:35

Should we start a new thread as some of us may only have dialup? Joe

artyjoe Wed 24-Nov-04 16:16:48

Hi Everyone, good to hear you are all doing well now, some of you haven't got long at all!

After an hour with the MW yesterday deciding on birth plan for home birth I've just come back from the hospital with the prospect of having to have a C section At 32 weeks my little girl is a not so little 6.51bs ALREADY!!! They are doing another scan on 22nd December, bit bloody close to christmas for my liking, to see if she is 5KG!! They are anticipating a C section at 38 weeks if so, so I may get a New Years eve baby after all. Sassy, we may be posting on the birth announcements together!

The doctor did say that if she's slightly under 5KG they'll try for a normal birth but the baby's shoulder will probably get stuck...he is still breathing fortunately as I thought I'll save my fury for 22nd when we know exactly what we are dealing with...but if he thinks he can get me into a natural labour with a 1 stone baby with the prospect of getting stuck, he can bloody well think again!!!

I so didn't want to be the big fat woman with the big fat baby but it looks like I'll have no choice, hopefully she'll be healthy and that's all that will matter.

We'll find out in a few days whether it's gestational diabetes as she's gone from 850 grams to 6.51bs in about 4 weeks...a wee bit extreme.

SM, i think i'll be like you in a few weeks only I'll be having just the one! Are you still able to drive?


fufmum Wed 24-Nov-04 12:38:00

Hi sassy, good to have you here!Is this your first baby?

Pollyanna i went back to hospital today and they stuck me back on CTG monitor. Everything was fine, my blood pressure had gone down to 100/60 and i had no headaches. There was still a trace of protein in urine but nothing to worry about.

I guess my son wanted to be centre of attention for a couple of days and not just with me!
Going home to parents for weekend on Friday and i can't wait i miss my mum and dad soooo much. Have a good weekend girls!

sassy Wed 24-Nov-04 07:30:13

Hi girls,
Haven't posted before (though must confess I have lurked a bit!) mostly cos I didn't know where I belonged! Baby is due on 1st Jan. Had a pretty grotty pg and nausea now kicking back in big-style (was hospitalised with hyperemesis in early stages) so am really hoping for an early birth, pref before the xmas week. Taking the raspberry leaf and keeping as active as my size and sickness will allow! Seeing the mw tomorrow and will make clear how grim I feel - though I'd prefer no induction, I'd defo prefer to be induced over hanging on into the New year!

pollyanna Tue 23-Nov-04 19:25:24

fufmum, I don't even think my shoes or boots with heels have even made it out of the cupboard this winter let alone onto my feet.

Fingers crossed for you tomorrow - i have to get my blood pressure down by friday - yesterday dd1 was at her friends house in the afternoon so I tried to relax by listening to Radio 3! (they seemed to have organ music on, so I don't think it did much good). Let us know how it goes...

fufmum Tue 23-Nov-04 17:43:49

Hi pollyanna, my night out was great thanks, except i had to leave early to get last tube home and left them all partying. My feet were killing me though so was glad to get into bed!

I feel ok now from this morning but just tired (nothing new there) Just be glad after tomorrow morning if i am given the all clear!My boy is still kicking around in there i just hope my BP stays downa dn i sleep ok...... sleep!? Yeah right!!

pollyanna Tue 23-Nov-04 15:29:00

oh sorry fufmum I didn't mean to ignore your post - I just didn't see it (I wish I could say it was pregnancy brain)! How are you feeling now? Have you finished work yet? hope tomorrow goes well - I think a morning in hospital is enough to raise anyone's blood pressure!

pollyanna Tue 23-Nov-04 15:23:12

Hi everyone. Bb I've started taking the raspberry leaf tea tablets now (nearly 35 weeks) - I think it's meant to be fine after about 32 weeks. I took them in 2 of my other pregnancies and neither babies were early (and both were quite good, short, labours, unlike my non-raspberry leaf tea third labour...).

How was your night out Fufmum?

BigBird Tue 23-Nov-04 14:46:37

Hi everyone,
SM - gosh 3 weeks ! you must be excited. You will def be the first with news.

I have bought my raspberry leaf capsules and arnica but haven't started the RL yet. I guess 37 or 38 weeks is better ?

I have gynae appt tomorrow so hopefully will find out if baby is still breech or not (it was a few weeks ago). Am getting plenty of movement which is great !

I'm tryng to get as much Christmas shopping done as I can so I dont have to face the crowds for too long. Have maybe 70% done so far. Anyone any plans for Christmas ? We are staying home with some visitors (family) but DH will be cooking !


fufmum Tue 23-Nov-04 14:28:20

How did it go today Joe?

SM i have nearly started a new thread a couple of times but it doesn't seem worth it atm, too quiet it will look a sorry state.

Well i had an eventful morning at hospital, i had swollen hands and feet, felt sick and headache but blood pressure was fine. They stuck me on a monitor for half an hour while they did my blood tests as they were worried it may be pre-eclampsia. My blood came back normal and i had some paracetamol. It was touch and go as to wether they ketp me in over night for observation but i decided i felt much better after a while and have to go back for monitoring again tomorrow morning.
Hope your day was better joe!

smellymelly Tue 23-Nov-04 14:06:45

You're right Fufmum, this is a quiet thread, I always read it, but I'm tired of moaning too, so I try only to post when I have something to say that isn't too depressing!

3 weeks to go for me just to depress you all!!

I've been nesting with a vengeance, (very hard when in this much pain from my nerve!) and eating fresh pineapple. Did the hoovering today, just trying to go into labour! I'm 34 weeks and 3 days, and I'm so ready for them to come out now....

artyjoe Tue 23-Nov-04 09:40:20

Hi Fufmum

Am off to see MW today, even though I'm seeing consultant tomorrow as my mum so gently said last night when I said I'd wait another day to see the consultant about the swelling etc that 'high blood pressure is a silent killer' now I'm off to see both in 24 hours!

It will be confirmed tomorrow but I have a feeling the baby is going to be too big to wait until 40 weeks anyway so I'd rather the raspberry leaf than be induced so I will probably start taking it from tomorrow.

Am going to talk about my birth plan today as have managed to get myself into a state panicking that I have to go into St Peters in Chertsey, when I really don't want to but don't think the MW's will come to my home. I'm really hoping there is a compromise out there as otherwise I'll end up discharging myself once I've had the baby but I'd rather not fall out of the system if I can help it.

Hopefully all will be fine today and I'll see Faith again tomorrow on the ultrasound, she's getting feisty now...just like her mother

Hope you are well - Joe

fufmum Mon 22-Nov-04 18:12:36

Hi Joe good to hear from you!

Yes my hands and feet are swelled too. I went out on sat night and tried my high heels on, NOT A CHANCE of my feet getting in them. My rings on my hands are getting a little tight too. I have bought raspberry leaf but i dont want to take it just yet as i don't want to be this early! I heard sometimes it can kick start you after a couple of weeks and i don't want DS 6 weeks early.
Moaning is part of this thread so moan away, i hate it when no-one posts for ages, feel all alone!
Anyway good luck with classes and don't worry about not breast feeding as when i told my MW i WAS going to she still knocked me by telling me, 'it's not as easy as falling off a log you know'! Typical i can never win!

artyjoe Mon 22-Nov-04 16:05:29

Hi Fufmum

I've been quieter than I could be as I just feel like I'm whinging all the time with this pregnancy and didn't want everyone to groan every time I post!!

Am back at the consultant on wednesday and also have another ultrasound to see if the baby is growing too big or not...i'm also going to start taking raspberry leaf this week to try and speed up labour!

Did buy the pramette and had it made up and is now in my bedroom waiting for a small warm body to lie in it, can't wait

Am at antenatal classes on Thursday so am waiting for the backlash once I announce I'm not breastfeeding .

Anyone else suffering from swelling hands and ankles, I can't hold a pen where my hands are so sore...told you i didn't stop whingeing

fufmum Mon 22-Nov-04 12:56:35

Well another week down, i have ante-natal and bloodtests tomorrow morning. Not worried as i still feel well. I am also alot happier this week, god i was so miserable last week, bursting into tears alot!

I have 4 weeks left at work and i am getting alot bigger know so finding going up and downstairs all day rather tiring. I am getting quite alot of kicks or headbutts under my ribcage too, not that nice but still good to feel little one moving around!

I hope everyone is ok, we really don't have that many posters on the Jan thread, the other threads have well over taken us. Well should be easy to keep up with you all when Jan comes around! I can't wait!!!

artyjoe Fri 19-Nov-04 09:59:06

Hi everyone, I got my pushchair yesterday! After being convinced I had the right one 'M&P Venezia' I decided to road test it one final time around the shop, decided to go down one aisle and then changed my mind, and thank God I did because I couldn't get the pram to turn back on itself! Immediately had a panic attack and changed my mind and bought the Pramette...really hacked off though as it was £50 more expensive than the original choice...this pram has cost me more than my first car!!!

Although still finding it hard having pain every day I am actually now enjoying the pregnancy as I can see Faith every morning and evening moving inside my tummy, absolutely actually looking forward to the birth now!

Hope you are all well and wrapped up like weebles! x

smellymelly Thu 18-Nov-04 17:50:02

Ooooh - I love pushchair shopping! Don't know what to do with myself now we have everything...

May be a good idea to write my birthing plan now!

BatLady Thu 18-Nov-04 13:35:22

Hello all and welcome back to Big bird and Pollyanna

Thanks very much for all the messages about commuting, I've calmed down a lot on it now as can work at home for 2 days a week, so psychologically I feel better as by Weds of each week I've done two days travelling and only have one left. I don't really have the option to leave job early without actually resigning, I just tell myself I have to make myself feel less stressed out. Only 3 weeks of work left anyway.

Make sure you tell us when your babies are out in the World SM!

HOSPITAL bags? Already?? Have just started to think about this too but not bought anything. Had ante-natal last night which was great, second session so everyone more relaxed with each other and fun watching the other bumps get bigger. 2 hours all about pain relief, so am surprised I managed to going to look on Amazon for relaxation tapes now, for dad not me, ha ha...

Can't wait until Saturday, we're going buggy shopping! Obviously got my priorities spot-on - who needs a hospital bag as long as there's a nice shiney 3-wheeler to do post-natal retail therapy with...

Have a good weekend everyone xx Batlady

pollyanna Wed 17-Nov-04 13:40:59

fufmum, I didn't think of going to Dorothy Perkins, I went to Hennes, but it was manic and we had a laugh at the baby doll maternity dresses in Topshop (in my dreams..), but I came away empty handed. I want some jeans though as some of my earlier purchases are too small now (oops).

4 weeks Sm - can't believe it!! I wish I had some inkling of my date - I was 2 weeks late last time and really want to avoid that this time.

Bigbird, I haven't got anything for my bag yet either - I just can't bring myself to buy the paper pants just yet! but I suppose i'd better get a move on.

BigBird Tue 16-Nov-04 17:03:35

Hi everyone,
great news that you got a date SM.
Can't believe some of you have everything ready for your hospital bag already !! I haven't started. I didn't bother with antenatal classes 2nd time around either !
Time is going fast now that we ar eon the countdown !

Good luck to all.

smellymelly Tue 16-Nov-04 16:19:44

How awful Pollyanna.

I've 4 weeks to go today - yippee!!!

fufmum Tue 16-Nov-04 09:21:57

Awww pollyanna so sorry to hear your news that's terrible! And for your DD to say she thinks of it all the time, evil people. They really don't care what they do to people's lives do they!

I saw LOADS of pregnant women in Bluewater yesterday, must be because of the maternity clothing places! I was wearing all black with a white shirt collar on my top and was by myself if you saw me!

I managed to get an outfit and got some great jeans from maternity section in dorothy perkins! My feet were killing me in the end though so trundled off back to the car with no lunch, i just wanted to go home.

I am really looking forward to this night out on saturday as it's the only one i've had since being pregnant. I am not with a partner and mates tend to not ask you out for a night out on the town when they find out your pregnant. I will be like i caged animal set free, i don't care about alcohol (well maybe a little[wink) i just can't wait to be with a group of adults out having a nice time! how sad is that?lol

Have a good week everyone!

pollyanna Mon 15-Nov-04 17:40:41

hi everyone, I haven't been on here for a while as we got burgled and the computer got taken. That added to my stress levels rather (dd1 aged 4 told me she thinks about the burglar every day) and from a completely non interventionist pregnancy I am permanently at the hospital. I now have high blood pressure (from queuing for hours at the hospital no doubt), possible diabetes and am anaemic. What fun!

fufmum I was at blue water yesterday too - i spent about 4 hours waddling around, trying to get all of my Christmas shopping. (if you saw me, I was the one exposing my bra permanently).

Smelly, glad you have got a due date - I have told my bump that she better arrive on the 18th December as that would be more convenient than 1st January, and have started to take raspberry tea to help things along.

artyjoe Fri 12-Nov-04 15:19:36


My nausea has stopped but was balling my eyes out in self pity last night! Baby turned in a strange way and then really hurt me all evening, my pelvis was brutally sore, couldn't walk properly, bile at back of throat, swollen ankles and dreadful restless the better of me by 9pm and the tears started to roll! Feel very guilty as it was complete self pity at a time when I've been given the most important gift in my life, doesn't stop me from feeling atrocious though and I have to remember am only human, but still, am okay today.

Congratulations on your induction date, you will have a magical christmas this year!

Hope everyone is okay - Joe

fufmum Fri 12-Nov-04 11:43:01

WOW SM that's great, OMG not long to go now!!
4lbs each? Brilliant, they will be good sizes by the time you have them then.
My sickness comes and goes, i was awake this morning at 5am, just wide awake and couldn't get back to sleep for about an hour with stomach ache. You all know how it is i'm sure, not being able to find a comfy spot. But i did eventually fall back and feel ok this morning.

I am a little stressed at the min but nothing major, just stuff, iykwim. Apart from that i am a happy bunny with a happy monkey kicking around inside!

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