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Anyone due Jan 2005 ??

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smellymelly Wed 28-Apr-04 12:43:27

It's me... I can't believe I get to start this!

I'm due 2nd Jan 2005... Actually AF is not due for 4 days(!!) but have done 3 tests and all positive. I am only 11 days pregnant.

It's a bit lonely here on my own, I hope there will be lots of you joining me soon, especially from 'ttc thread 6'.

pollyanna Sun 02-May-04 23:36:51

I just went to babyworld. due date is 1st January!!! (baby no 4, not planned aaagh!!!)

lilymum Mon 03-May-04 00:44:58

pollyanna, just found out I'm due 28 December also with my 4th baby, and also, not planned... how old are your others?

pollyanna Mon 03-May-04 01:12:41

too young! ds will be 6 on the 2nd Jan, dd1 will be 4, and, gulp, dd2 won't even be 2!! (she is 14 months now). How about you Lilymum?

smellymelly Mon 03-May-04 11:39:09

Hi Pollyanna - You are due the day before me!!

I'm glad I'm not the only one who worries about everything, it is unfair that we get what we want then spend the next 40 weeks panicking about everything... I also have been worried about dp, he drives alot and I have horrible thoughts, I do not want to go through another pregnancy on my own!!

On the bright side though - This will be my no.3!!!!!

Oh and I tried my wedding dress on yesterday, 1st fitting, and it fits great, which means it probably wont fit in 3 months!!! Aghhhh! Not a good time to diet, (never dieted ever), but I will have to eat very healthily. I feel so bloated at the moment, I look 4 months gone already...

Tex111 Mon 03-May-04 12:08:36

I'm feeling quite bloated too. Don't remember that from the first time. I'm definitely getting more sicky every day. The computer screen makes me feel a bit ill, which is the same as last time.

Hi Pollyanna, welcome!

Jimjams, how is your back doing? Hope you're managing to get around.

Smelly, how old are your other kids? I've been thinking about how we prepare DS for the invasion. I just ordered some books from Amazon for him about being a big brother, etc. How did you handle that stuff?

smellymelly Mon 03-May-04 12:17:58

Tex111 - Ds was nearly 3 when dd came along (now 4.5, and 19mths respectively). And I was really concerned about jealousy etc, (I'd seen my sisters boys grow up kicking the shit out of each other!!)

So I involved him in everything, like the scans, and shopping for baby clothes etc. And when I was being sick, bless him he looked after me, but I never blamed being sick, or not being able to carry him anymore on the baby, I just said it was because of my tummy, or back etc, so he didn't ever resent the baby for missing out on stuff. In fact I have been incredibly lucky, they get on brilliantly, and DS makes me so proud how he looks after dd!

Ugh - I feel really sick, but I'm happy as it is positive!!!!!!

Tex111 Mon 03-May-04 16:41:20

That's a really good point smelly about not blaming the baby from the very beginning. I'll definitely remember that one. DS will be 2.5 when this baby is born (is there an abbreviation for an unborn baby??) so the age gap will be similiar to your kids. I hope DS takes to this baby as well as your DS has done.

Glad to hear you're feeling sick!!

Tex111 Mon 03-May-04 17:52:32

Have you guys seen this ? A bit of fun!

Tex111 Mon 03-May-04 17:55:40

This is what Madame Zaritska says for me:

***The day you deliver, outside will be sunny. Your baby will arrive in wee hours of the morning .

After a labor lasting approximately 18 hours, your child, a girl, will be born. Your baby will weigh about 10 pounds, 14 ounces, and will be 21 inches long. This child will have hazel eyes and dark hair.***

All very possible! DH has dark hair and hazel eyes and DS was 8lbs 10.5oz and 23in long, so not a small baby. Oooooooo, spooky.

Jimjams Mon 03-May-04 17:57:15

21 hour labour? No thanks Madame Zariksta- section it is!

Mum2Ela Mon 03-May-04 18:01:49

Just wanted to come on here and congratulate you all!

New Year babies are the best . . I should know . .Jan 1st 1980 I was born!

BigBird Mon 03-May-04 19:37:22

ha ha ! 17 hour labour - great that's a lot better than the last one which was 24 hours ! A girl again ! And only one ounce off the weight my dd was, 8lb 12oz.

lilymum Mon 03-May-04 22:47:20

Pollyanna, dd1 will be 5 and a half, dd2 will be 3 and a half, dd3 will be nearly 20 months - sounds familiar??

lilymum Mon 03-May-04 22:54:16

Oh yes, and Madame Z has this to say:

After a labor lasting approximately 9 hours, your child, a boy, will be born. Your baby will weigh about 7 pounds, 5 ounces, and will be 21 inches long. This child will have light brown eyes and a little patch of brown hair.

So maybe dh will get his son after all

Tex111 Tue 04-May-04 12:34:15

Hi guys, DS jumped on my tummy this morning. I wasn't expecting it and he really knocked the wind out of me. I feel fine now but do you think I should be worried about the Tadpole?

Glad you're having fun with Madame Z!

smellymelly Tue 04-May-04 13:14:02

Madame Z says - ' it will be foggy, and I will deliver in the eve. Labour = 7hrs ( better than 24hrs me thinks!!!), A girl, 7lbs 10 ounces, 17.5" long. Dark brown eyes, and bald!!!' Wow.

We will have to see - I know it will be bald!! Coz my first 2 had loads of dark hair (with ex-p) but I'm unsure about the brown eyes bit - mine are blue (ds -green/grey, and dd-blue) and dp's are green or hazel, depending on his mood!!

The chinese conception chart says it will be a girl too!!

Ta for giving me something to do, Tex111.

I have a scan booked for tues at 9.15am. ( could have private one tomorrow but will cost £180=, so will wait)

And feel very sick still.... Does anyone else have any symptoms yet???

smellymelly Tue 04-May-04 13:22:30

tex111 - don't worry, tadpole will be very resiliant (spelling?), but you may want to keep ds from jumping on you too often!

pollyanna Tue 04-May-04 22:56:39

Sounds very familiar Lilymum!

Madame Z says I'm having a boy, so does the japanese chart. I feel that I'm jinxing it by talking about it though (still v early days etc). Think I feel a bit sick, but that could be the worry!

Jezebel Tue 04-May-04 23:19:12

Hi, where is chinese chart? I am due December. Thanks for Madam Z thing. It is fun. Says I am having a green eyed boy after 2 hour labour! Makes me go funny to read that!

smellymelly Wed 05-May-04 00:20:12

Hi Jezebel - the chinese horoscope chart thingy is on the same site that Tex111 did the link for.

Just look down the left side and click on 'boy or girl' then choose the chinese chart. ( sorry I can't do links)

Tex111 Wed 05-May-04 11:43:51

I tried the Chinese chart and it says I'm having a boy but according to the chart DS should've been a girl. The funny thing is, with DS I was convinced I was having a girl and referred to him as 'she' up until we learned differently. This time I'm convinced I'm having another boy.... so who knows!

Does anyone have a nickname for their sprouts yet? DS was called Pickle through the whole pregnancy but I can't remember why. This one looks like he's going to be Tad for Tadpole.

BigBird Wed 05-May-04 12:31:08

Hi gals, no symptoms yet with me apart from a sensation in my an odd twinge or tugging. Sometimes I think I feel a bit sick but not sure really !
Went to see doc yesterday and have first appt with obst. booked for 14 weeks, so I wont get a scan till then. It seems ages away.
Hope everyone is feeling well and I hope we get a few more members from the TTC thread very soon.

Tex111 Wed 05-May-04 16:13:11

Got my first GP appt this afternoon. I'm really glad I'm going today as the pain on my left side hasn't gone away. Hopefully just me worrying too much.

smellymelly Wed 05-May-04 17:21:26

Good luck at the Doc's Tex111, hope all is well...

Jimjams Wed 05-May-04 18:08:38

good luck tex- still haven't made it to the doctors. I re-tested today and much stronger result ( I always do a later test for the baby box as if you do one on the day your period is due its faded by the time you come to put it in the box).

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