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April 2007....bunnies lambs and babies!!!!

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geordiemacminx Wed 11-Oct-06 13:42:17

Here you are girlies!!

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duchesse Wed 11-Oct-06 13:49:54


sallycinnamon Wed 11-Oct-06 13:59:20

loving the title!

CornflakeKid Wed 11-Oct-06 14:01:57

aha found you! Can we have a new roll call??

me: 33
ds1: 5 1/2
ds2: 3 1/4
due: 15 April
birth plan: quick and painless
live: Bath/Wilts area
want: a girl - I need to do the pink thing!

geordiemacminx Wed 11-Oct-06 14:03:39

dp:1 dd 15, 1 ds 12,
living in bonny scotland

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Tili Wed 11-Oct-06 14:15:45

Thanks Duchesse will check it out.I know that a homebirth may be a better option for me.

due:26 april

sallycinnamon Wed 11-Oct-06 14:18:46

me; 33
DH; 35
DD 3
live in Birmingham
thinking of homebirth possibly maybe...

sallycinnamon Wed 11-Oct-06 14:19:12

ooops. due 17th April

WaspElly Wed 11-Oct-06 14:24:31

ds: 16 month
due: 30th April
live: South coast - v appropriate for a pair of yachties
dh isn't sure about another homebirth - I know I won't sleep in hospital although the urge to carry on without rest at home will be HUGE (I was bad enough last time without the toddler!)

emmymummy Wed 11-Oct-06 14:26:40

me: 36
dh: 36
dd: 4
due: 25th April
live: Guildford, Surrey
Seriously considering a homebirth

Am I the only one still having sex?

Smole Wed 11-Oct-06 14:34:31

Me: 38
DH: 45
Due: 13th April
Live: Kent

doghouse Wed 11-Oct-06 14:41:23

Me: 37
DH: 33 tomorrow!
Due: 3 April
Live: Cheshire

Greengirlforever Wed 11-Oct-06 14:44:03

Duchesse - I have had a home birth too, for DS2 in Exeter. What's this about the new birth centre opening next March at the RD&E? I am in East Devon and was going to try for my local midwife unit (don't fancy a home birth again - too exhausting afterwards, although DS2 was a little monster....). But I've been told I should be having consultant care due to my age etc etc so if there is a better option than the old unit at Heavitree I would at least check it out!

Greengirlforever Wed 11-Oct-06 14:47:46

Oh sorry - new roll call -

Me - 41
DH - 35 (nearly 36!)
DS1 - 13 (nearly 14!)
DS2 - 3

Live in Devon. Probably not going for a homebirth due to DS3 nearly being the end of us last time...

Due 12th April

Just got full CVS result back....
All normal...
And we're having....

A pink one!!!!

And after my DH, you lot are the first to know !

CornflakeKid Wed 11-Oct-06 14:53:11

aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh - brilliant news GGF!!!! Think I'm going to cry...

geordiemacminx Wed 11-Oct-06 14:57:26

awh GGF I'm so so pleased for you all.

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doghouse Wed 11-Oct-06 15:19:58

Congratulations GGF!

duchesse Wed 11-Oct-06 15:20:31

Am delighted on both counts, Green Girl. I am also in East Devon, although quite close to Exeter. Ask your midwife about the new Birthing centre- it will be all spanking new, and on the Wonford site. Its due date is March, and the midwives' leave has been cancelled for a couple of weeks during the move so that they can staff both places.

I am sorely tempted- although the children are a lot older than last time, and are very independent, the last postnatal period just about did for me- hence the large gap! (that and taking over 3 yrs to conceive...)

1becomes3 Wed 11-Oct-06 15:21:00

Hi room for a new one?

Me 25
Dh 43
Dd 14months
due 24 april (twins)
I know I should be on a multiples thread but none are due same time. Don't worry I can make you all feel better cause I'm the same size at 12weeks as I was at20weeks with dd!
Plus some FANTASTIC moring noon and night sickness!

1becomes3 Wed 11-Oct-06 15:24:06

Morning OOOPs!

sallycinnamon Wed 11-Oct-06 15:25:26

Wonderful, wonderful news GGF! Really chuffed for you.
Welcome 1becomes3, congratulations on your pair of beans.

claricebean Wed 11-Oct-06 15:34:19

Me 36
DH 37
DD1 6
DD2 4
DS 21 months
EDD 4th April
Live in Cordoba, Spain

Number of days DH has been in UK: 40
Number of days left till he's back: 10 (thank goodness emoticon)

Congrats on the CVS and your pink news GGF.
Hello 1becomes3

geordiemacminx Wed 11-Oct-06 15:37:56

Welcome 1becomes3... you are our first twinny I think?
You are due in april which means you are more than welcome on here!!!
Nice to have someone with a good age gap between them and dp..

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duchesse Wed 11-Oct-06 15:39:11

Me: 38
Husband: 38
Son: 13.3
Daughter 1: 11.7
Daughter 2: 9.3
Due 25/04/07 (but have been up to 13 days late on previous pregnancies)

Location: Devon

Feeling: worried- have had three heavy bleeds, 2 scans, and one 3am trip to A&E

Current food obsession: Tarka Daal and Sag Aloo, from a particular Exeter takeaway. All others pale imitations.

Sorry about not using shorthand- I hate all this DS, DD stuff. So American... If it's any consolaton, I'm one of these annoying people who texts in complete words and fully punctuated, although I leave typos every time I post here...

duchesse Wed 11-Oct-06 15:43:41

1becomes3- I think I prefer the sound of moring sickness-I take it that's the queasiness you get as somebody tries to inexpertly steer the boat into port?

I feel for you with the MS- mine's worse this time too.

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