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new member - 2nd due Jan 07 in St Albans

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anorak Thu 05-Oct-06 14:21:10

And here's a thread with new mothers in St Albans.

I'm near St Albans myself, there are quite a few of us around, but my youngest child is nearly 6 and I'm not planning on having any more.

Welcome to mn.

LadyTophamHatt Thu 05-Oct-06 14:17:24

Hi Bby, there are loads of us due in Jan here

Not sure if anyone in in st albans but loads of us on here...

babybunyan Thu 05-Oct-06 14:09:17


I'm new to Mumsnet and looking to meet anyone due in Jan 07 (sounds far away but beginning to realise it isn't!). It's my second - have Joseph 13 months - and I'm missing not going through the journey with fellow nct friends.

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