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December 2006 - the home straight!!

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Olihan Tue 03-Oct-06 21:59:16

Just had a chat with Lucy5 and we decided that the old thread was getting too long and taking forever to load so here's a new one for all of us.

Hope everyone's well, nothing to report from me, everything's going smoothly still so far.

Not long now until we get the first of the birth announcements!!

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magnolia1 Tue 03-Oct-06 22:00:40

Oh the home straight!!! I like that

Alls well here but tired and cranky with dh and the poor kids

lucy5 Tue 03-Oct-06 22:01:46

Thanks, you are a star!

marthamoo Tue 03-Oct-06 22:06:27

Can I crash? Lucy are you OK now? Did your funny pains subside?

lucy5 Tue 03-Oct-06 22:07:56

Thank you MM, i'm ok now. I think it must have been the way the baby was sitting. 9 more weeks and i'll be human again!

spinamum Tue 03-Oct-06 22:10:09


Home straight-yipee!

Cr,sorry about test. (Some really cool people pass the third time too!!) But I'm sure you'll get it in two.

I WAS beginning to eat well, but as I've just eaten half a bag of Kettle chips(and not the salt free ones either-those went on Thursday night) I won't be getting on any healthy eating soapboxes for a day or so!

lucy5 Tue 03-Oct-06 22:12:18

Yes, sorry about your test.

Ive been trying to be healthy and then yesterday was advised to drink coke by my doctor because I have low blood sugar!

Calmriver Tue 03-Oct-06 22:13:18

Sounds good to me, I like the home straight thing too.

Weirdbird-Great idea about the fruit, but I really am off it at the moment. I need to get my A into G(ass into gear)and start eating more fruit. Will go and get some tomorrow,
I am craving all the bad,fatty things at the moment. My biggest problem being peanut butter on toast, choc of all sorts etc.

Anyone up to eating well with me. Encouragement needed.

marthamoo Tue 03-Oct-06 22:19:06

No, you won't Lucy - you'll be sleep deprived and gibbering

lucy5 Tue 03-Oct-06 22:22:55

Oh yeah, i'd forgotten about that !

Redlorry75 Tue 03-Oct-06 22:33:20

CR - fingers crossed for next time

I have just eaten two bags of salted crisps and a large bar of Milka! And all dinner was, was a garlic bread baggette!

However there are oranges in my furit bowl to counteract my iron pils - and I defrosted a tub of my home-made vegetable soup so tomorrow I am up for 'lets try and be healthy day'.

spinamum Tue 03-Oct-06 22:49:15

does having a box full of organic veg rotting in your fridge and larder cupboard count as being healthy. I'm eating the fruit I get weekly though.(although I'm a week behind with the apples!)

OK.I'm in for attempting to eat well for the next 12 weeks!(i'll then live on Xmas cake for the rest of December(Brill for iron levels you know!)

Olihan Tue 03-Oct-06 22:53:13

Due date stats for the nosy/forgetful among us!!
bewilderbeast 1/12
SH27 2/12
Contentmum 3/12
Softymum 4/12 (earlier?)
Bubblylion 4/12
castlesintheair 5/12
beepbeep 6/12
Lucy5 8/12
choccybickie 8/12
Elibean 8/12
morningnewspaper now aka Baretoes 9/12
Redlorry75 9/12
dublindee 10/12
maroon35 11/12 (?)
Calmriver 12/12 (c/s earlier)
Rubystar77 12/12
Baconbaps 14/12
jabberwocky 15/12 (c/s earlier)
lubella 15/12
accessorizeq 16/12
Carameli 17/12
Devongirl 17/12
cupcakes 21/12
Magnolia1 22/12
Thalia 24/12
spinamum 25/12
catkins1000 25/12
lennied 26/12
Olihan 26/12
Loulou000 26/12
Weirdbird 26/12
Gloria42 26/12
pedilia 27/12
Indith 28/12

Really hope they're all right and I haven't missed anyone out - I'm beginning to go a bit cross eyed from scanning posts . DH is right, we women definitely 'chat' too much!!

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Redlorry75 Tue 03-Oct-06 22:58:41

Well done Oli - you got me right! How long did that take you?

BTW meant to say have successfully been signed off for two weeks

And am definatley bringing maternity leave forward to 36 weeks - oh the relief.

Olihan Tue 03-Oct-06 23:01:51

Too long, considering I was going to bed when I started this thread!!

Keep telling dh I have a 'self imposed limit' for mnetting which is 10:30pm. He is very , and rightly so. But he's usually asleep and none the wiser!!

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Calmriver Wed 04-Oct-06 08:44:51

Oli, mine was right too.

Have started with a bowl of muesli and going to have a pint of watered down fruit juice now, just because if it's not dilute I go on a sugar high and shake. Oh, I must remember my vitamin today!!! Will report later on how my day has gone.

Elibean Wed 04-Oct-06 09:16:01

Nice one, Oli! Mine was right too, btw.

Calm, sorry re test...and yes, I'll join you in healthy eating attempt. But I'm really off fruit (heartburn) so I'll go for the raw veggie approach - have discovered that if I put a plate of raw carrot/cucumber/peppers etc next to dd when she's watching a dvd, most of it vanishes. And I've only discovered one mouldy carrot stick in her pink butterfly bag so far, so hopefully she's swallowing the rest...if she can, I can?!

Feel a bit MIA atm, can't stop coughing, not sleeping much, and generally . Got furious with dh last night when he stomped off to sleep in spare room due to my coughing, itching and twitching. Mix of him being grumpy about it, and me being utterly pissed off with not being able to stomp off away from the cough/itch/twitch/breech little feet stomping on bladder myself

Roll on d-day, LOVE the home stretch line!

Elibean Wed 04-Oct-06 09:16:27

Um, home straight

Elibean Wed 04-Oct-06 09:17:53

Anybody know if Castles has survived the move?

lucy5 Wed 04-Oct-06 09:24:01

Hola chiccas, i can't believe it, I have woken up, after a good nights sleep {omg} feeling well and have nothing to complain about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is hope for us all

Olihan Wed 04-Oct-06 09:29:19

I was thinking about castles the other day too. I do not envy her at all. Can't imagine moving at the mo.

Clamriver, sorry about the test - good luck for the next one!!

Had Shreddies and weetabix for breakfast - doubt the healthy eating malarky will last past 11am though!! I am completely addicted to crisps at the moment, I ate a 6 pack of Smoky Bacon in a day last week. The thread about the 5 litres of oil is ringing in my head but I just want them now . It's weird because normally I don't really like crisps. Ah well, it's better for my teeth than the Fruitella I craved during the last 2 pgs. Poor dh used to be sent scouring all the corner shops in Bristol on a Sunday night to find them because hardly anyhwere sells them. I can see him wince everytime I say 'Do you know what I really fancy........' .

Redlorry, good news about the signing off - two weeks of Phil and Fern, eh? Because of course that's what you'll be doing, for the sake of your blood pressure!!

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Olihan Wed 04-Oct-06 09:31:12

Hooray Lucy!! Amazing what a good night's sleep does for you!! Hope it continues .

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DiamondsAreForever Wed 04-Oct-06 11:30:09

Hello- hope you don't mind me crashing in (again!) I did join ages ago then couldn't keep up with all the posts, what a busy thread!!
I am due 7th Dec but feel like I could go at any moment, this baby is going to be enormous!
I have a 14 month old dd who is fabulous, even with all the hard work- and work full time for the next six weeks. So needless to say I am exhausted! I currently have a rotten cold and a bladder infection so I have taken the day off to spend with Phil, Fern and maybe a bit of Living TV. Ah, the joy! Also, there's a chocolate orange in the kitchen calling for me... I wonder how long I can last...
Oh, and just in case there's some mega-observant ones out there, I was the one who had the CVS and all those horrible things- I am all in the clear and am expecting a little boy. Lovely. One of each and then I will get dh the snip for his birthday present.

jabberwocky Wed 04-Oct-06 11:54:55

RL, I'm glad you've got a chance to rest a bit and elevate your feet.

TMI alert - piles have been much worse and now lots of bleeding from them If I hadn't known that was where it was coming from I would have been scared to death yesterday. This has been my worst pg symptom to date. I finally had to explain to ds a couple of nights ago that mommy's booty hurt and so I couldn't get up and down very often.

cr, so sorry about the driving test. They must be incredibly hard over there. Probably a good thing in the long run as there seem to be way too many bad drivers in the US!

jabberwocky Wed 04-Oct-06 11:56:34

oops! Meant to add congrats on the CVS, diamonds. We did amnio, so I know how stressful all of that can be.

An all clear for us too,

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