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Medela breast pump question...

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Paully06 Sun 19-Oct-14 11:55:17

Hi all,

All going well i will be using the medela swing breast pump to express breast milk. I need to replace the parts, as I have bought it second hand. All the parts that come into contact with me, my milk and my baby I will replace.

On amazon, i can find the breast shield, but does the 2 way component connector come with the breast shield (the elbow like piece that connects the breast sheild to the bottle??). I can seem to find them online to buy, and it isnt clear as to whether they are in the box with the breastsheild. I will also be buying the pvc tubing, valves and bottles brand new, but they seem easy enough to find.

Many thanks

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glorious Mon 20-Oct-14 11:24:03

You might like to get this moved to breast and bottle feeding, where you'll get more answers.

But to answer your question, no I don't think the elbow bit does come with the shield. As the swing isn't a closed system it's not recommended for use by more than one person, and occasionally milk can get into the motor bit itself
Lots of people do use them second hand and replacing tubing etc is a good idea, and do also check what you can access of the motor bit carefully for any signs of mould.

Paully06 Tue 21-Oct-14 18:39:42

Thank you glorious, thats helpful smile

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