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Due in November - Part 6 - The Ring of Fire is approaching !

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FoghornLeghorn Wed 27-Sep-06 14:51:02

Here you go girls - somewhere new you for us to discuss our burning bits

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LeBe Wed 27-Sep-06 15:13:10

NJ - What are you doing to me im worried enough about the ring of fire now and you go and tell me thats the bit you look forward too!! Oh God im scared.

FHLH - did you have to start the thread with that title, now everytime i click on i will think of a lighter up my bum!!

FoghornLeghorn Wed 27-Sep-06 15:21:24

Coooeeee girls - over here !!!!

Sorry Lebe - It's NJ's fault

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NatalieJane Wed 27-Sep-06 15:27:40

Thanks for the new thread FHLH - just spotted it, good title, have you seen the Due in Jan latest thread title?!! LMAO

LOL Lebe, it is over with so quickly, you won't give two hoots about it once LO is in your arms!

Have just posted this on the last thread but here goes again! Have any of you given up smoking?

NatalieJane Wed 27-Sep-06 15:28:19

... Oh and why is it my fault? I didn't start the ring of fire thing!! LOL

Spidermama Wed 27-Sep-06 15:29:39

Great thread title.

LeBe Wed 27-Sep-06 16:10:41

NJ - Im sorry for blaming you hun i know its really Debz's fault for bringing it up but your an experienced one when it comes to labour and i wanted you to tell me it is fine and not painful and nice things like that (i dont mind being lied too)

The Jan thread is funny too, but if they are already wetting themselves imagine what they will be like when they get to our stage, there will be a shortage of Tena ladies!!!

Ive got a really annoying bad back, do you know what i mean like an annoying niggiling ache and some period type pains my mum is sure she will be a grandma by tom!!! (the ring of fire could be sooner than i think) im joking im sure its not labour tho although i am feeling under the weather - probably just a cold.

NatalieJane Wed 27-Sep-06 16:29:03

I've only had one, Mygirl is the lady you want for experience! (Now I will run and duck for cover so I don't scare any more of you!! )

Seriously, labour hurts, it isn't very dignified (most of the time at least!) it is scary, and is definatly a life changing experience (and that is with out the baby involved!) but women have been giving birth since forever, and most go on for another (and sometimes another and another and another!!)

It may not seem like it at the moment, but it really is such a small part of what pregnancy and bringing up a child involves, and you will never believe this but the pain and worry you go through about the labour will be 10 fold once the baby is here and you are worried about everything from what breast you fed him from last time to what school he is going to, to how he will feel when the little brat down the road takes a toy off him, or doesn't invite him to their party... honestly, labour is nothing compared to being a parent!! (And if that doesn't scare you I don't know what will!! LOL - why am I doing this again?))

LeBe Wed 27-Sep-06 16:36:20

Ah i feel bad for saying that now, i didnt mean it nastily NJ honest,really i do appreciate getting advice and hearing about others who have been through it. And im not really that naieve that i think it doesnt hurt but i am just trying to be positive that billions of women have done it and like you say , you would never have more than one if it was that bad. Plus atleast you get something good at the end of it, people brake the arms and go through pain and discomfort and get nothing at the end of it, its just sometimes (especially) as it is drawing nearer i get freaked out!

LeBe Wed 27-Sep-06 16:38:00

Oh and my mum now thinks its happen tonight as she just rang and said to catch dp before he left work and ask him to bring some tarpalling (sp?) home so i dont ruin the mattress when my waters go!! {smile} bless

NatalieJane Wed 27-Sep-06 16:49:08

LOL I wouldn't fancy sleeping on that!! Nip to the supermarket and get some 'Pampers Bed Mats'(in the nappy aisle) place a few under your sheet and you will be ready! I think someone said you can buy actual maternity ones from Boots or something, but I can't imagine them being very different, and the bed mats will be eaiser to get hold of.

I wouldn't worry too much about going into labour tonight though, I have had period type back ache since the weekend, and nothing has happened!

NatalieJane Wed 27-Sep-06 16:56:51

Oh meant to say as well, I know it is scary to think about the labour (even the second time round!) but you should try and think about it when you are feeling calmer, it won't help if you go into it with your eyes closed. You don't have to think about the pain as such, but you need to have an idea of what sort of labour you would like to have ideally, and if there is anything you really fancy doing (I am going to try to at least labour in water this time, if the hospital even has a pool! And I want to wait for the cord to stop pulsing before they cut it as long as baby is healthy obviously!) or if there is anything you really don't fancy doing (I would rather tear naturally than be cut if it needs to happen, and under no circumstances do I want pethadine!).

I have just realised it is absolutely blowing a gale and chucking it down with rain outside, it was nice and sunny when I went to get DS at 3, have had to put the lights on

LeBe Wed 27-Sep-06 17:04:44

NJ - I have got those pampers bed mats already (im not usually so organised) but i think she is thinking it will be like niagra falls. If i do go into labour tonight no one will be more surprised than me, im not worried at all honest my mum just makes me laugh. Ive just told her about the ring of fire, and she cant remember it, but then im her youngest and im 23 so it was a while ago but she has a new theroy, they slip something in your tea after you give birth to make you forget, kind of men in black style!

NatalieJane Wed 27-Sep-06 17:08:36

LMAO Mmmmm Will Smith....

LeBe Wed 27-Sep-06 17:11:43

Ohhh yeah - scrummy xx

NatalieJane Wed 27-Sep-06 17:19:40

I would be seriously pissed off though if I only ever got to meet him hours after giving birth so he could erase my memory!! LOL

Charleesunnysunsun Wed 27-Sep-06 17:20:43

Luckily i had an epidural so there was no ring of fire! hopefully it will be the same this time

Having a monster braxton Hicks whilst typing this and thats bad enough!

NatalieJane Wed 27-Sep-06 17:27:56

I had an epidural as well, but it didn't make anything numb until I tried to get off the bed after it was all over to walk back up to the maternity ward!

NatalieJane Wed 27-Sep-06 17:48:22

(Post for Mygirl from last thread!)

No, no problem, was just interested really!! My sister had a really hard time giving up in pregnancy and it was one of the main things she ever talked about all the way through, just wondered if anyone was the same on here!

calsworld Wed 27-Sep-06 18:12:13

Hi NJ, I was smoking before getting pregnant - my aim was to give up by my 30th birthday (March 21st). By then I had cut down to about 3 a day and these just at work - I had my last ciggie two days before I got my BFP and three days before my 30th. According to the mw (def. madwife) I'd only been pregnant 10 days when I got my positive, but then, I've never been convinced by their dates - is it possible to confirm that early??

Prior to this, I'd been trying to give up for just over 12 months; I'd read 'Alan Carr's easy way to give up smoking', which loads of ex-smokers swear by, and I kept telling myself to not give up giving up - sounds like a real cliche but it really worked for me. If I broke and had a ciggie, I didn't beat myself up about it or consider myself a failure, just started all over again.

I have to say that knowing that we were ttc and having ALL my friends gave up at the same time were probably the additional motivation I needed.

I'm really proud of myself and haven't had any cravings for months, though I do think the extensive morning sickness helped . But seriously, it was hard work getting here...

I think I've been really lucky with the amount of support i've had, from friends and DH - who gave up a year ago and has never put any pressure on me..just support and praise all the way.

I also think its a shame that those that are genuinely trying to give up are given such a hard time if they struggle during pregnancy - a little support goes a long way! And if anyone is trying to give up, best of luck! (And try the book!)

staceym11 Wed 27-Sep-06 18:16:26

hi everyone, well have long story but will cut short.

Spoke to mw and they told me to go get checked at the labour ward. so we went was monitored and examined, the conclude i am in pain as babys heartbeat accelerates but im not having contractions. and im not dilated so thats fine! much happier now! was only in there 4 hrs this time, not too bad!!

you lot chat so much, only been away from comp a few days and cant really catch up. but will say i slept better last night, maybe worrying didnt help the night before. dh also took today off to stay at home with me and dd, which was nice, esp as shes had lazy day and has slept so we've got on with doing all the odd bits that needed doing (cancelling random insurance policies mainly) mostly brought on by a letter from the bank saying we have a £39.00 charge as a DD was unable to go through due to lack of funds and its the bloody company who took the DD early, ie before dh got paid. phoned company who wont pay it as was taken same date last month and didnt complain (didnt notice as the money was there so didnt get allerted by letter) and bank say it a normal charge, they cant do anything, so we got £40 to pay and no money to pay it with! fun fun! oh well sod it, worst comes to worst we'll be in overdraft for next month, nothing we can do about that!

other than that fine now, thanks for well wishes.

wish i was having a scan now podglet, im so looking fwd to see my lo!!!

staceym11 Wed 27-Sep-06 18:19:20

oh and as for smoking i gave up when i found out i was pg with dd (nearly 3 years ago) then started again when we had problems ttc this one as was stressed, then stopped again when i got BFP this time. dh has also quit now (nearly 6 month) so shouldnt be tempted to start again now, hopefully not, its bloody horrible!! (sorry to any smokers out there but it smells so bad!!!)

didnt find it hard to give up as had a reason (little tiny baby in tummy!!) had tried doing it before found out was pg and didnt work as had no real reason!

calsworld Wed 27-Sep-06 18:27:11


I have to agree about the smell, now that I have a sense of smell again, I can't stand ciggie smoke and I don't think its just the morning sickness (yep, 31 weeks and still struggling!).

I'm hoping that LO will keep me distracted enough after pregnancy to help me avoid being tempted back...I'm sure DH and friends will do best to keep me on the straight and narrow though!


staceym11 Wed 27-Sep-06 18:30:56

oh calsworld, im glad im not the only one with morning sickness still (sorry if that sounds mean) not as bad admittedly but still there and not much fun!

2Happy Wed 27-Sep-06 18:33:02

Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha! I thought our thread title was good (due in Jan 07) but yours is class!! (Sorry for the random crash )

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