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Any June mums to be yet?

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ots Sun 28-Sep-14 12:21:53

I've seen the group for May or June, but are there any other definite Junes yet?
Been getting faint positive lines for a few days but today have got a definite line, giving me a due date of around 6th June smile

Trying to stay cautiously optimistic at the moment as we had an MMC in May at 8 weeks.

So, who else is out there? smile

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elkaay Sun 28-Sep-14 16:57:16

I'm here! also feeling a little lonely! Dr google gives me an EDD of 02/06/15. EEEp!

JennyOfOldstones Sun 28-Sep-14 17:02:49

Another one here! The internet says 4th June for me. Been trying for exactly a year and just started investigations. Not telling anyone in real life so excited to chat on here!

PretzelPrincess Sun 28-Sep-14 17:08:53

3rd June!!! smilesmilesmileAlso not telling anyone in real life yet.

ots Sun 28-Sep-14 17:20:57

Congratulations all smile . We've told our parents, but nobody else yet.
Are these first babies for you all? We have a 3 year old DS, and DH has a 12 year old DD.

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elkaay Sun 28-Sep-14 17:36:51

Second for me, not that I can remember anything!

elkaay Sun 28-Sep-14 17:38:18

And we've not told anyone in real life, but I might have let slip to a couple of ladies in my last due in group!

JennyOfOldstones Sun 28-Sep-14 18:52:09

First one for me!

cuphat Sun 28-Sep-14 20:02:33

My EDD is 4th June.

I have a 16 month DD.

elkaay Sun 28-Sep-14 20:02:50

So exciting!

elkaay Sun 28-Sep-14 20:04:02

I have. A two year old (going on thirteen I think!)

PretzelPrincess Sun 28-Sep-14 20:27:32

I have a 6 month old. Eek!

Kyz Sun 28-Sep-14 20:28:40

Hi all, the tinterwebs tells me 5th June smile My booking in appt isn't till 21st Oct so it'll be a while before I get any clarification! 5th June will do for me lol! Not my first ots I have a DS who is 2 in Nov smile

We should do some kind of stats list at some point maybe? smile

ots Sun 28-Sep-14 21:49:27

Exciting stuff.
I'd have loved a small age gap like that pretzel, but DH never wanted anymore DCs. Then I got pregnant with the baby we lost accidentally, and it made him realise he did want another smile . So after I was given the all clear we decided to start trying.

I haven't spoken to a GP/MW yet. Going to call tomorrow while DS is at nursery to see if I can get an appointment.

Good idea Kyz, do you know how to do it? I'm no good with spreadsheets etc!

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htf2 Sun 28-Sep-14 22:58:32

Yep, says due 4th June. First baby, is a bit of a surprise as in we hadn't expected things to happen so quickly. Pretty nervous, probably not telling anyone until I am convinced it is real...

crimebuster123 Mon 29-Sep-14 07:33:24

Hello ladies, I've popped over from the May/June thread as my EDD is 2nd June. This will be DC2 if all goes well.

PretzelPrincess Mon 29-Sep-14 16:05:36

I've just booked my first midwife app. Exciting!

JennyOfOldstones Mon 29-Sep-14 16:22:48

I am changing my GP as my current one was completely useless with our infertility investigations and there is no way I would trust them with my antenatal care! When is the booking in appt, 8 weeks or so?

Kyz Mon 29-Sep-14 20:49:00

evening ladies smile

ots how is this? I don't know if people can add their own or if I have to do it ? Never used google docs before! If it's no good or if anyone wants any other columns adding and it turns out I have to do it, just let me know smile Stats list

welcome newbies smile when is your first appt for pretzel?

Yep Jenny mine is 21st Oct, i should be 7.5 weeks then smile

PretzelPrincess Mon 29-Sep-14 21:23:07

My first app is on the 7th of October so will be almost 6 weeks by then.

Ots- DH and I have always wanted a small gap between kids but I wasn't expecting it to happen this soon! We only DTD once this month because we've both been ill and really busy. But I guess once is all it takes!
I'm a bit worried about people's reactions to the news hmm I don't think inlaws will be overly happy and I'm worried other people think it was an accident and feel bad for me. If that makes sense? I don't really care what other people think but just don't want there reaction to put a damper on my excitement.

MrsBeeBeeBee Mon 29-Sep-14 21:49:17

Also popped over from may/June thread as my edd is June 2nd.

We don't have booking in appointments until 9 weeks in my area.

So hello, I'm MrsBee. pregnant with no2. have a 2.5 year old DD already. Had a miscarriage at 8+5 in July so a bit nervous but trying to be positive and excited about this pregnancy.

MrsBeeBeeBee Mon 29-Sep-14 21:50:58

Kyz I can read doc but can't add.
I put my stats in last post, except age. I'm 30. (very nearly wrote 29)

ots Mon 29-Sep-14 22:09:26

I can't wait to get a date for my booking in, make it all a bit more real. Still getting quite faint lines so not properly believing it yet, even though I know a line is a line smile

Welcome newbies, so exciting.

DS is a May baby, so will be quite nice to have their birthdays close together.

kyz I can read your doc but not add to it. Happy for you to add if you're ok with that?

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Kyz Mon 29-Sep-14 22:57:51

I'm fine adding stats, not a problem smile I'll have to do it on my laptop I think, so I'll add people tomorrow if that's ok smile

PerpetualStudent Tue 30-Sep-14 07:50:29

Hi ladies, can I join?

Had an unexpected BFP last week, putting my due date at June 2nd.
Unexpected because we were taking a break from trying for number 1 (withdrawl method, sorry if TMI!) after an early miscarriage in July. So turns out all those teen advice pages about that being a totally rubbish contraceptive method were right!

So Im delighted, but very nervous! Not told anyone in real life yet, almost don't want to jinx it by writing here, but hell - today I am pregnant!

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