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June 2007................

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HRHQueenOfQuotes Sat 23-Sep-06 15:30:06

Well despite all the goings on on my "oh sh*t" thread I know I'm not going to be terminating. So I figured I may as well start a club for June 2007! Don't suppose there's many (if any) others yet - I'm not even quite 4 weeks yet, and my EDD will be 5th June!!

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ShouldKnowByFriday Sat 23-Sep-06 19:11:29

Well, I tested pos yesterday on day 28 and am thrilled but apprehensive as have had two miscarriages. All being well I am due 2 June.

Congratulations, I haven't read your OH S* thread so don't know your story but pleased you have decided to go ahead.

HRHQueenOfQuotes Sat 23-Sep-06 19:18:12

ooo - there's two of us now!!!

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Waswondering Sat 23-Sep-06 19:30:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bubbaloo Sat 23-Sep-06 20:54:30

Wow...a June thread already!

Just wanted to say congratulations to you on here,and yes June is a fab tme to have a baby.Ds was a 2005 "Junie".

bubbly1973 Sat 23-Sep-06 21:09:08

just popping in to congratulate you and like the others have said june is a great time to have a baby, cant believe a year has gone past since i was posting on june2005 babies thread, wow

HRHQueenOfQuotes Sat 23-Sep-06 21:10:15

thanks - guess some of us 'early birds' like to test before AF is even due - and seeing as though our EDD are only the beginning of June shan't expect we'll see many more for a few days/

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spinamum Sat 23-Sep-06 21:53:06

Hi I'm popping in too from a differant thread. Congrats. I can't believe we're on June 07 already.(my EDD is 25th Dec 06-yep Xmas day!) Gosh must get my self organised!

Amyway have great pregnancies. I'm sure some others will be along soon. I've found my MN pals a great support though the nausea,pg madness and frantic shopping sprees!

Take care and enjoy your summer babes!!

charlyp Mon 25-Sep-06 09:11:00

coming up to week 6, just found out friday, due date 1st June!! still getting head round it, dh is in shock, i am between feeling really excited and totally bewildered. DH and I are both 34, this will be our first

tribpot Mon 25-Sep-06 09:17:24

Congratulations to all from a June 2005er!

Greengirlforever Mon 25-Sep-06 09:52:13

Congrats everyone from a June 2003er, due again in April! Makes mine feel quite far along. I wish I could say the next few weeks will fly by but they won't .... They will go on and on and on....

Off to find the "Oh Sh*t" thread!

NattyandThomas Mon 25-Sep-06 11:01:36

1st of june! been trying for 5 months since ds was born!
oh i have to change my name soon... nattyandthomasANDbump! lmao

aquablue Mon 25-Sep-06 12:56:14

just found out 2nite (2 hours ago!), due june 3! haven't told anybody yet!!!! waiting for hubby to come home to break the for a state of calm, maybe slight surrealism!

HRHQueenOfQuotes Mon 25-Sep-06 15:41:37

well here I am anyone else going to the loo weeing like a maniac.........I'm sure I wasn't this bad with DS's - especially not so early on!!! 3+6 weeks!

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charlyp Mon 25-Sep-06 17:52:59

have been needing to keep dashing to the loo, colleagues must think i had a big night last night, if only they knew

also have been cramping alot, feels just like pmt, but apparently is normal, this is my first time in the club so everything is knew

Nemo1977 Mon 25-Sep-06 17:55:33

blimey a due in june thread...makes jan seem so much closer..eek...congrates to you all

HRHQueenOfQuotes Mon 25-Sep-06 17:56:21

thank Nemo........wish I was due in January - would mean I skip these nerve racking early weeks.......

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aprilmeadow Mon 25-Sep-06 20:08:47

Wow it doesnt seem like 2 minutes ago i joined the due in May thread (now 8+4) and here we have a June one already. Congrats to you all xx

tribpot Mon 25-Sep-06 21:43:40

april, congrats to you!

PeppaPigsMum Mon 25-Sep-06 23:44:55

hi everyone! looks like i'm joining this thread too - got a positive test last night (our 15 year anniversary no less) and due beginning of June. will be the second one for us after 9 months of trying (seemed like AGES!). dp is very happy - both very excited already...

congratulations to all others in this thread .

NattyandThomas Tue 26-Sep-06 10:53:50

QofQ i know what you mean, i am so worried about these early weeks, more so than with ds.. and im weeing like theres going to be a toilet shortage!

charleymouse Tue 26-Sep-06 11:57:42

Can I join in, got a BFP on Saturday, waiting for the results to be confirmed by my GP this afternoon. I think this puts me 31/5/07 so borderline May/June 07 not really sure as only had 3 AF since November 04 as still BF. Been a bit hit and miss and they only came back in May.

This will be my second as I already have DD1 who is 22 months this week. I am hoping for my second home birth and have texted my previous midwife (who was brill) she is back off leave today so hopefully will speak to her sometime soon.

I am so excited, is it usual to be so excited with a second? I think I am also more nervious this time as I know what you can lose and it is so so precious.

I am lurking between May and June as not sure where to put myself yet, I think I might have to wait until the dating scan to know where I belong. Anyway if DD1 is anything to go by (10 days late) then even if due in May will probably end up being June baby.

How frustrating all my baby things are completly the wrong season. Oh well, will have to go and get all new things what a disappointment!

NattyandThomasandBump Tue 26-Sep-06 12:09:19

lol me too as tom was born in april and it was still to chilly for summer stuff. mind you the 0-3 will fit in say august to i should be ok! lol it will be a girl now just to be awkard!

Piffle Tue 26-Sep-06 15:38:14

No WAY A June 07 thread!!!!
Congrats to you all and wow QOQ I'm glad it all worked itself out for you and you can enjoy it now!
I'm from March 07 btw
Good luck to you all!!!!!!!!

HRHQueenOfQuotes Tue 26-Sep-06 15:43:30

hi everyone.

charlyp - are you sure you're due on the 1st of June if you're just coming up to 6 weeks?? I'm 4 weeks (exactly) today - and my EDD is 5th June.......and I'm 110% certain of my dates (ie I remember exactly when my last period was, and there's no doubting the date of conception .

Everyone else, is anyone else feeling really nervous. I keep going to the loo and thinking the worst everytime I wipe (sorry if TMI) and expecting to find blood. I've never had a miscarriage, and am terrified that after all DH and I have been through in the last few days since I found it I wouldn't be able to cope with it.!

Other than that feeling fine.

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