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*Multiples* Twins, Trips and more! (gulp) Jan/Feb/March 2015

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TheScenicRoute Sat 12-Jul-14 15:43:31

Hi Ladies,

I hope this thread isn't a duplicate, I couldn't find another multiples thread for the beginning of 2015.

Are there any of you out there? I've just had my early scan today (6+5) and been told that my two IVF blastocysts have become two implanted embryos with heartbeats! Wowzers! Delighted beyond words.

Just hoping to make friends with some others in the same boat out there. I'm due on 2/3/15 technically, but I suspect we won't go full term. Fingers crossed for a healthy pregnancy for the three of us.


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tonightsthekindofnight Sat 12-Jul-14 18:44:38

Hi scenic!!

Thanks for starting this thread. I'm ten weeks with twins, found out 2 weeks ago at an early scan and am still very shocked!! I'm due the beginning of February but have been told it will be January.

How are you feeling? I am very very sick! Hopefully it will pass soon.

TheScenicRoute Sat 12-Jul-14 22:17:11


I'm not as sick as I had expected! It's a double edged sword, on one hand I'm very lucky to be able to some good nutritious stuff down me, on the other I know that the stronger the M/S the less likely you are to miscarry.

I have a background nausea that eases when I eat, yet I have a strange symptom that no body else seems to identify with me on. When I eat I end up with terrible gut ache, like I've been repeatedly kicked in the abdomen and utterly bruised! If that counts as morning sickness- then I've got it bad! Im not even 7 weeks yet and I had to buy maternity fat pants today because anything tight on my belly is So uncomfortable, lol. I'm also utterly knackered to! (I've got a bed in the back of my car so I can have a nap in my lunch hour at work!)

I presume twins was not expected for you? I always knew it was a possibility and we are utterly delighted. This was the last IVF I could bear to put myself through and fully expected it not to be successful yet again, so to achieve a pregnancy at all is a miracle, to be in a position where this one pregnancy might offer me a complete family of 4 (2kids) is a gift!

Been doing a bit of research on the birth, only 40% of twins in the UK are delivered via a vaginal birth and epidural is highly recommended I case there are problems later in the labour. This is a little disappointing to me, I'd hoped for a natural birth, but then that was never going to be a guarantee anyway.... And such a small price to pay in the grand scheme of things.

Congratulations TNTKON, I wonder who will be along to join us soon? I'm firmly crossing my fingers for us both.

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tonightsthekindofnight Sun 13-Jul-14 12:57:45

Yeah it was a total surprise for us, no twins in the family. Nearly fell off the bed when the lady doing the scam told us!! We are fortunate to have two beautiful, healthy and happy children already. Although this feels extremely special there is a slight feeling of how will I cope!! My youngest is only 14 months!

Congratulations to you, I'm so pleased your ivf worked and you are here in this position. It is wonderful. As for the sickness, mine has got worse and worse from 6 weeks onwards so plenty of time for you yet!! I know what you mean though that although it's awful it is some comfort that hopefully things are developing ok.

At 10 1/2 weeks I'm struggling to fit in my jeans but don't have a bump yet. Just feel really thick round the waist and yeah very uncomfortable. Can't wait to get past the first trimester!!

Have you started thinking practical things like cots and pushchairs and stuff? I know it's early but I can't help but want to plan!!

Looking forward too, to seeing who else joins us.

Take care x

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