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"hey Mummy! Ready or not, here I come! ;-)" - July 2014 thread

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ZingWhale Mon 23-Jun-14 17:36:51

Some of us has weeks to go, some just days and of course another massive Congratulations to all who have already given birth! thanks

pack your pads, tiaras, nappies & Vaseline -HERE WE GO!!!


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Sparky321 Mon 23-Jun-14 17:58:04

Thank you all for your congratulations I had a little girl she was exactly 4 weeks early and a massive surprise to us more so as she was undiagnoised breech,but almost a week on we are slowly getting to know each other.
Re what to wear she is in short sleeved vests during the day with a loose blanket if in her Moses basket or without blanket if having cuddles. At night I put on a baby grow and 1 loose blanket which she mostly kicks off.

Sparky321 Mon 23-Jun-14 18:02:46

Thanks for the invite for the Facebook page MrsB i have clicked on the link and I'm waiting to be added.

Incapinka Mon 23-Jun-14 18:24:17

Hellloooooo everyone!! Shiny new thread! Great title zing.

I have managed 5 hours without crying. I think that's a record!! Now waiting to see what time DH gets back from work and whether he disappears to yoga...

AuntieMaggie Mon 23-Jun-14 18:37:36

ismarah I think we'll both need to watch for PND/D then... though I have already raised the feeling isolated thing with friends and they have suggested some stuff I can do with them.

mixi I've only got my nephews experience to go by but he loved being swaddled at night and used to turn his head to the side and go to sleep when you put him in the cot.

incapinka sending you a hug

zing I still haven't managed to get flat sheets - should I bother going out of my way to get them before baby arrives or just when I can?

Still need to get my nursing bra and emmas diary packs (thanks ickle keep forgetting I have the vouchers!)

mixi82 Mon 23-Jun-14 18:39:28

new thread, yay!!!

Congrats again sparky and thanks for info on what to wear for baby in this ridiculous heat!

I have 4 more sleeps......well sort of sleeps, then hospital inbound smile really excited actually, more so than nerves kicking in but that'll probably change come closer the time

on my sleepless nights, I've managed to knit/crochet these....

Plateofcrumbs Mon 23-Jun-14 18:46:17

Incapinka - if that DH of yours disappears off to yoga instead of feeding you Ben & Jerry's on the sofa then I'm having words.

Just did a little bit of maths on baby's potential weight at 40 weeks if it keeps the same ratio above average - still less than 10lb so that's not absurdly huge is it? Is it?! confused Just read that birth weight is positively correlated with adult height and IQ so may be tall and intelligent like mum wink Anyway sonographer did say it's not an exact science so hopefully he has overestimated a bit.

AuntieMaggie Mon 23-Jun-14 19:06:04

plate my mw said that the weight measurement on scans isn't accurate and its very rare for you to have a baby that's more than your body can cope with... I'm holding onto that...

mixi you are very clever!

icklekid Mon 23-Jun-14 19:14:42

mixi they are lovely!

incapinka if he goes do you get to eat ice cream guilt/comment free...?

auntie I will now be holding on to that one!

Just woke up on sofa having had a good nap however now feel very sick sad not very impressed. least Wimbledon is a good distraction!

Becky2208 Mon 23-Jun-14 19:24:45

Mixi those look amazing!

Thanks for all the advice ladies, I called my boss this afternoon and told her my concerns, and she straight away said she'd prefer me to postpone the exam until next year, so I'm now done with work, I'm on annual leave until my due date! Feels very strange not to have any revision to do, but I'm much less stressed now!

Saw the registrar today, she was a bit worried that I'm measuring small - 34cm at 36 weeks, but she spoke to the consultant who wasn't worried at all, as I had a scan 2 weeks ago and bean was measuring fine, so I've been discharged to midwife led care. I'm a little bit worried, but I suppose I just need to trust the consultant. Has anyone else got any experience of this?

ismarah Mon 23-Jun-14 19:31:25

Mixi those look cool!

Becky if it's +/- 3cm it's acceptable as deviation. It also depends on weird things like how well they measure you, whether you are particularly full or if you've been lying on your back for a while. I had a MW measure me as small, then the next day the consultant said I was right on the mark. Bump size is also not necessarily an indicator of baby's size.

Auntie I wonder if worrying about it is more or less likely to make it happen in my case but we shall have to wait and see, I guess.

Zing thanks for new thread and the reminder about vaseline, which I keep forgetting!

ZingWhale Mon 23-Jun-14 20:16:28

DS2 had his tonsillectomy last week, but he started bleeding earlier this evening.
blood literally pouring out of his mouth.
DH took him to A&E. they panicked about blood loss till it stopped, gave him IV antibiotics, sent him to St George's in ambulance where ENT specialist is waiting.
basically one side got infected and blew up.
op tonight to seal it off is the most likely solution. don't know more.

poor boy. I'm sure he'll be ok, but it's bloody scary and I'm worried.
(I threw up after seeing all that blood and feeling ill so s friend came over to help)
will update if I can.

it never ends, does it.....

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Incapinka Mon 23-Jun-14 20:26:38

Oh Zing. Hope he makes a speedy recovery and glad someone is with you. Blood is always frightening to see especially when it's on a child and someone you love. Do keep us posted.

Thanks for all the hugs and sympathy. He got back from work and... ...didn't go to yoga. First time in months. I do feel for him as he really wants to do this but there just aren't enough hours in the day to keep everyone happy. Especially as it is such an endurance event. He has next week off work although is away again on Wednesday night on a networking jolly at the races.

Just as well he didn't go to yoga. I have no ben and Jerry's in the house. Will have to sort that out tomorrow!

And thanks again to all you lovely ladies who understand just how difficult the last month of pregnancy is. thankswinebrew

BlueC2 Mon 23-Jun-14 20:37:46

zing thank you for the shiny new thread! but so sorry to hear about your DS! Sending v speedy recovery thoughts etc in your direction!! So glad your fiend has been able to come over to support you.

mixi those are stunning! and I now feel as though I've been slacking in the early hours when awake!!

inca think your DH may well be in for a good talking to from most of this thread v soon if he doesn't start giving you a little more attention and his IM training a little leas!!

becky when they measured me on Sunday in triage they wrote down 34, then on Tuesday the trainee came up with 34 and the MW then checked and said she thought it was 35... I technically should be 36 but no one batted an eyelid either way.

Speaking of bump size I was at a toddler group with DS this morning and a lady there is due 2 days before me but her bump looks 50% bigger than mine at a conservative guess! It's just so different how we all carry our bumps and whether they literally are like a football stuck on the front or whether they sit into our pelvis/between our hips more.

We got literally the smallest amount of rain earlier, it has cleared the humidity outside a bit but inside the house is still soooo stuffy. Wearing as little as I can but still just so hot! Come on baby!

BlueC2 Mon 23-Jun-14 20:39:15

inca x post glad he's stayed at home! Hang in there and yes, worth stocking up on the Ben and Jerry's smile

Incapinka Mon 23-Jun-14 21:05:58

Ben and Jerry's is on the shopping list. And thanks for letting me moan!!

Becky - hooray for maternity leave! Good decision. I had been measuring fine until last week when I had gone from being 34 at 34 weeks to 33 at 37 weeks. Think it is due to baby dropping down but had a growth scan and all fine so try not to worry.

MrsA2 Mon 23-Jun-14 21:11:04

Auntie I bought some flat pram sheets off ebay yesterday (new, buy it now), they were something like £5.50 for two. Quality could be awful but feedback on the whole was good so thought worth a try for that price. Will let you know what they are like.

Nice work Mixi!

FoxtrotOscarBackToEconomy Mon 23-Jun-14 21:21:30

Zing hope your DS2 is ok and will get better quickly.

Bump size - I've been measuring 34cm at 38 weeks and MW didn't bat an eyelid, just observed that it was bigger than the week before.

ItsAlwaysBetterOnHoliday Mon 23-Jun-14 21:34:33

Thanks for the thread zing - hope DS2 is feeling much better soon.

And thanks to all of you for the support on here - it's good we all have somewhere to let off steam. ismarah - definitely up for a bit of chat over the coming months about how one manages to balance first time motherhood with running a freelance business.

becky I've also measured around 2cm small twice now, but the first time the midwife referred me for a growth scan and everything was fine - baby actually measured slightly above average and growing at the same rate he has all along. At my last appointment the MW was less worried because the growth scan was fine and she also thought the baby might have dropped a bit. As everyone helpfully told me on here, bump measurements don't tell you much!

It rained earlier but it feels even more humid now, how's that possible?!

ItsAlwaysBetterOnHoliday Mon 23-Jun-14 21:36:01

Oh and I meant to say - those look amazing mixi!

Plateofcrumbs Mon 23-Jun-14 21:39:00

becky yay for your boss and having been measuring 2cm under yet growth scans showing giant baby, I would say don't worry!

zing hope your DS is OK

mixi envy skills!

Becky2208 Mon 23-Jun-14 21:57:12

Thanks for the reassurance all - I'm sure if the consultant had been in any way concerned she would have insisted on another scan - I just need to try to relax now, enjoy maternity leave and look forward to meeting bean!

Zing hope your ds is ok.

AuntieMaggie Mon 23-Jun-14 22:13:43

zing hope your ds is ok

ZingWhale Mon 23-Jun-14 22:55:11

Thanks for good wishes, quick update:

he is at St George's, he'll stay in tonight, tomorrow all day and possibly tomorrow night.
DH is staying with him (has laptop so can work a bit.)
they were very conerned as DS2 lost around two pints of blood in just over an hour - but no transfusion was needed.
no op either yet, just observation.
he is on antibiotics IV and is not in pain - I spoke to him briefly and he sounded fine. phew.

DH said that DS2 was very brave through the whole thing (blood, needles, drip, panic) and in fact he rode in ambulance just with paramedics as it made more sense that DH drove behind them.

such a relief that he is in good hands, I feel a bit better now. time for hot choc and carrot cake.
hopefully he'll have a good sleep and infection will go away soon and no more bleeding.
what a day...

About Ben & Jerry's - try Peanut ButterCup flavour! it is delicious!

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GrouchyKiwi Mon 23-Jun-14 23:07:26

Wow, mixi, those look fabulous! I am knitting a blanket for our baby. I cannot sew up neatly for the life of me, so I am extra impressed at how neat and beautiful your work is.

Becky I had fortnightly scans with my DD because they thought I was measuring small during one of my hospital stays (I think at about 28 weeks). At 36 weeks they decided all was fine and I got to be a normal pregnant woman for the last month. DD was 7lb2oz when born. I'm tall and apparently have a long torso so looked smaller than my dates suggested I should be. As others have said, it's not an exact science so don't worry about it. smile

Zing Hope your DS recovers quickly. And you! That must have been a massive fright.

Re Ben & Jerry's: Clever Cookies is delicious. I must order some more tomorrow - whether for my online shop or from DH on his way home if the deal ends tomorrow.

Actually got out of the house tonight, and without DH! Spent a lovely couple of hours chatting with friends from church. Feeling quite relaxed tonight; hope it carries over into sleep.

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