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Reactions to the name Merlin

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nijntje Wed 06-Sep-06 18:37:40

I would love to get some honest reactions to the name Merlin ...
I'm not British or living in the UK right now, but my boyfriend's British. We'd like to find a name that works well in English and Dutch. My boyfriend loves Merlin, but I 'm not sure how strange it sounds to British ears ...
Please let me know what you all think.

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southeastastra Wed 06-Sep-06 18:38:51

honestly no it's a bit silly.

zippitippitoes Wed 06-Sep-06 18:38:55

to me it sounds quite new Age!

hana Wed 06-Sep-06 18:39:09

Merlin - not a big fan. Am inclined to say Merlin the Magician....
there must be some other boys names that work equally well in Dutch/English?
someone will be along with more help!

Californifrau Wed 06-Sep-06 18:39:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

iota Wed 06-Sep-06 18:40:33

I had a cat called Merlin

Twiglett Wed 06-Sep-06 18:41:03

I would PMSL

FrannyandZooey Wed 06-Sep-06 18:41:29

I know a woman called Merlin and I think her name is so cool and suits her perfectly.

I am a rather unsure for a boy - it does seem a bit Gandalfy, doesn't it? However I do like unusual names, there are certainly worse ones you could pick.

Twiglett Wed 06-Sep-06 18:41:39

There was a Merlin character on Casualty once .. didn't he shag his own sister??

southeastastra Wed 06-Sep-06 18:41:50

it reminds me of this

Carmenere Wed 06-Sep-06 18:42:12

I knew a really sweet boy called Merlin, but it is a bit of a heavy handle to go through life with imo

SSSandy Wed 06-Sep-06 18:45:00

I'm not a big fan of fanciful names ,in particular for boys but I actually find Merlin ok. Everyone will immediately think of King Arthur of course. Not sure I like the initial "Mer" "er" sound too much though.

MrsApronstrings Wed 06-Sep-06 18:46:22

I also had a cat named merlin

beckybrastraps Wed 06-Sep-06 18:46:25

If I had a Merlin on my class list I would giggle. Sorry.

MrsApronstrings Wed 06-Sep-06 18:46:51

not meant to put you off - i do after all have a son named felix!!!

Twiglett Wed 06-Sep-06 18:47:39

at mrsapronstrings .. that's v. funny

Blandmum Wed 06-Sep-06 18:48:16

It would sound very silly to my ears. Like becky, having a merlin on the regester would test my ability to stiffle a giggle. They kids would just laugh.

YeahBut Wed 06-Sep-06 18:52:20

Hmmmmm, I think the piss-take possibilities for a name like Merlin are enormous.
Lots of more traditional names work well in Dutch and English (we're British but living in Den Haag atm). Ds was born in January and we've called him Alexander - lots of approval both in Holland and the UK. Also Tom, Robert, Oscar etc. Or are they a bit conservative for you?

donnie Wed 06-Sep-06 18:52:50

I like Merlin but it is quite eccentric and amusing IMO. However it is far better than a lot of the vile chavvy names which proliferate these days!! At least Merlin is resonant of Arthurian legends.

trinityrhino Wed 06-Sep-06 18:53:08

merlin just makes me think of wizards, sorry

zippitippitoes Wed 06-Sep-06 18:54:06

it seems to be a popular name for scientific companies so perhaps not completely silly

LiliLaTigresse Wed 06-Sep-06 18:55:40

I'd say no to Merlin
friends have a lovely dog called Merlin and someone thought the dog was in fact called Vermin
so definitely no.....

PinkTulips Wed 06-Sep-06 19:04:03


theres tonnes more that would work in both languages! merlin is definitely a bit odd... go for it if your really love it but if your unsure i wouldn't tbh.

theres loads of dutch names here theres tonnes that would work in holland and britain

(i was born in holland by the way, left when i was five though)

MrsApronstrings Wed 06-Sep-06 19:06:40

where will you mainly be living - a dutch name could be nicely different if you were going back to uk - unusual names picked for a genuine reason - like being half dutch are the best imho

aprilmeadow Wed 06-Sep-06 19:27:26

I think it is very sweet. There are far more 'silly' names out there!!

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