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Pop pop pop We're all about to POP! - July 2014 thread

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ismarah Tue 27-May-14 09:52:37

Hope you like the title - like inside us, there was no room on the other thread!

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fifi669 Tue 27-May-14 09:56:23

<finds sofa to slob out on>

ismarah Tue 27-May-14 10:09:54


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BlueC2 Tue 27-May-14 11:39:13

Hello shiny new thread <stretches out in all the space> small person inside me could do with some more space I think-almost constant prodding about by limbs now! Made walking around Tesco interesting this morning as I kept feeling the need to either stop suddenly as said limb movement hurting or it was making me walk funny as all around my hips smile DH saw the crazy bump movement last night and was quite shocked at the extent of it!

Well I managed a whole night in bed with no time on the sofa last night which is a first for several weeks and I think I've just picked up the last bits for my hospital bag this morning. Now I just need to find the energy to sort out the nursery whilst I'm free of DS for the day! One thing while I remember vaseline make sure you have some in your hospital bag-brilliant for chapped lips in lieu of lipsalve and a must for babies bottom after first poo to help subsequent meconium poos slide off and not stick like glue not that I actually have any personal experience of either as DH and MIL did all DS nappies for first 24hrs

Just been telling my Dsis of off for painting ceilings at 23 weeks pregnant! She said 'don't worry I'm using the long arm attachment thing' but I still worry about her back later! And anyway her DH should be doing it he doesn't seem to do an awful lot tbh

Right-off to find that energy!

liquidstatehasrisenagain Tue 27-May-14 12:14:45

ooh new thread! marvellous...

Saw the midwife this morning, not very helpful to be honest. Baby still breech and she seems to think it will stay that way. She refused to do my birth plan as it will change to one for a C section anyhow hmm. And the next appointment is a week later than it should be as there is not point seeing me the day after the baby turning. On the plus side the bum is not engaged which I see as a positive but she is all doom and gloom.

So am on my own. Acupuncture this evening and will book as many sessions as I need to get the baby turned. Am now on NHS direct doing my own birth plan so I may have a few questions later.

HomeIsWhereTheGinIs Tue 27-May-14 12:27:22

blue my dh was similarly astounded when he felt the baby going truly nuts a couple of days ago. He was really surprised at how strong the baby is. As am I if I'm honest. And slightly worried about him squirming this much out of the womb - what if he sort of jumps out of my arms?!

liquidstatehasrisenagain Tue 27-May-14 12:34:31

Anyone else having Alien-esque dreams?? grin

BlueC2 Tue 27-May-14 12:43:57

liquid sorry to hear MW pretty useless... how frustrating! My next appointment not til next Monday and I'm sure baby still transverse, not even sure they'll offer to try and turn it though and could mean my home birth plans are out the window and CS instead, v irritating!! But as friends who've had breech or transverse little ones keep saying, they can turn right up until the last minute, so try to hang in there though I'm not doing a v good job of that myself at the moment and my birth plan last time was really quite brief, something to the effect of, don't really want x drug, happy with gas and air, would like to use the pool if possible and don't want to lie on my back if I can't use the pool. As it turned out I did have to have the drug I didn't fancy, was able to get into the pool to labour but had to get out to push and managed on gas and air until the evil MW took it away during pushing as she thought I wasn't pushing well enough but did the last bit with no pain relief on my knees leant forward against the pillows/back of the bed.

homeis they are pretty tough and pretty strong, however from memory the most squirming DS did was if he didn't want his nappy changed, which is where the changing table was great as at least you're comfortably stood up and not crouched on the floor whilst holding their little legs as tight as possible/you dare whilst cleaning them up. By the time they really start t twist and move they are a bit more robust so not quite so scary.

Well, energy has utterly left me and I'm going to have to have a lie down which is so very frustrating as I have so much I want to get done, grrrrr

liquidstatehasrisenagain Tue 27-May-14 13:16:44

Thanks Blue feeling a bit lost today. Just wished this part would be easy since the whole pregnancy has been shit with vomiting and SPD. All I would like is a VB - if at all possible - as this will be my only baby. I am realistic that emergencies happen but in the meantime going to do my best to get that baby turned!

Can't believe am 35 weeks this week. Still havent spoken to HR at work. blush

ismarah Tue 27-May-14 13:32:35

Err, Liquid do you think HR might not have noticed a 35w bump? It might be time to have a word then...

Every time I try and show DH the really violent movements - or film them - the little bugger stops! But I don't have any stretch marks (that I've noticed at least) - instead I have bruises and burst capillaries from the really big kicks.

Can't remember who it was that suspects hers is a Ninja baby. Mine's more like a camera-shy Animal from the stealth, all awkward.

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mupperoon Tue 27-May-14 14:22:23

Hello everyone, this is my first MN post and very fitting that it's on a shiny new thread. I have been lurking on the old thread but since I now have the attention span of a stunned goldfish and am struggling to get through a day of work I've resisted the temptation of distracting myself even more by posting - but maternity leave starts at the end of this week, hooray!

Our first (and probably only given my age) is due 29 July so I hope I don't pop just yet... although my puny pugilist is doing its best to kick and chop its way out via my wonky belly. Until I suddenly developed piles this morning, my most disturbing pregnancy symptom was the migration of my belly button 2cm to the right... and now I'm scared to go to the loo.

ismarah Tue 27-May-14 14:32:53

Welcome Mupperoon and pugilist - shall add you to list when I'm on the computer later. There's a few of us...more mature?...ladies on here, having our first babies. Or 7th..

Diet change and Preparation H should help. Prep H is safe to use externally and can be bought without prescription. Prep H wetwipes are also helpful. Dried fruit is quite good for softening things...or so I've heard..blush

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BlueC2 Tue 27-May-14 15:17:58

Dried prunes or apricots can work wonders along with a good slug of lactulose blush what exciting lives we currently live hmm

I can now see the floor in the nursery again -whoop!! This is progress! Still a load of stuff to sort through though and unfortunately i now feel faint after moving stuff and standing on a stool to fix DS's wardrobe door so am having to have a break.

liquid I really feel for you-you've had a v tough pregnancy and your little bean now being awkward is not what you need - hopefully once you hold little one and start your 'out-of-womb' life together (so to speak) baby will bring you so much joy that the unpleasantness of the last few months will ease/fade in your memory!

liquidstatehasrisenagain Tue 27-May-14 16:25:48

Thanks Blue. There have been a few of us suffering over the last 7 or 8 months so at least I don't feel alone. Together we will make it through to snuffly baby time.

ismarah I havent been into the office much really since November as I can work from home (but usually spend my days vomiting and sleeping) so I havent seen the HR lady. Have sent her an email and am posting the MatB1 to her. Feels so weird!

MrsB2013 Tue 27-May-14 16:35:57

Ooohhh new thread!!

Is anyone else having problems with the app? I've got an android phone and tab and cant get on so had to get the laptop out!

Hope everyone is ok!

I'm 35 weeks today and 4 weeks today till C-section - starting to get really nervous about it all!

mupperoon Tue 27-May-14 16:57:49

Thanks ismarah and BlueC2. I had an alarming out-of-body experience after an overdose of semi-dried apricots a few weeks ago so I know they are powerful juju! Can't believe I'm having to consider, er, consistency of emissions before the birth.

Is anyone else trying hypnotherapy techniques out of interest? Or used them in previous pregnancies?

AuntieMaggie Tue 27-May-14 17:01:08

Ladies with babies that are breech/transverse... I saw spinning babies recommended on another thread... not sure if this is the right website but may help?!

Welcome mupperoon

The MW said yesterday that if I end up having treatment for high BP then baby will need monitoring for 24 hours after birth... she did try to cheer me up by saying that high BP can mean a quicker labour so with that an the SPD which is also supposed to make things easier I should be set hmm

fifi669 Tue 27-May-14 17:10:42

As my blood pressure was high with DS I had to stay in for a week after for them to monitor me.....

BlueC2 Tue 27-May-14 17:11:31

Thanks maggie I've had a look at spinning babies... There's an exercise they call 'the inversion' which I have yet to try as it looks positively dangerous and I would probably fall flat on my face trying to do it without a bump, let alone with bump smile

And roll on a speedy labour for you!!

osinachi Tue 27-May-14 17:36:58

Hello everyone. It's been a while but we are well. Feel a bit guilty when I read everyone's tales of woe as I've had a comparatively good pregnancy thank God. But been following and feeling for you all and praying it all ends happily after all the ups and downs.
Am currently in the States, have spent a week in NYC and now in Dallas. Been going well and have done quite a bit of baby shopping as I had not bought anything before now. Am struggling with the nighties though as the ones I've seen are really ugly!! Can't I just buy Pjs??
Prices are great and as I don't know sex of baby, I find there are nicer neutral colours here.
Baby has been kicking like crazy and was so uncomfortable yesterday, I had to get on a buggy to get to departures when flying yesterday. Am 32weeks.
I had the same issue if protein trace and sugar in my urine but was told it was nothing to worry about. Am taking iron tablets as apparently my level is borderline but been blessed not to have constipation.
zing and all those moving home, congratulations on your move. I can't imagine doing anything that strenuous now. Will try to work until a few days before edd.
Ok am off until later.....but will be following the thread. Lots of helpful tips on hospital bags!!
Ps : For those definitely having a C section, just try and focus on the baby arriving safely and your own good health rather than how you are being delivered of the baby. I know it's natural to worry though but keep thinking positively and we'll be doing same for you all. At least you know already and can prepare yourself.....

NancyinCali Tue 27-May-14 17:48:16

Oh lovely new thread grin
I'm starting to write lists and get organised. Feeling nesting urges but not enough to actually do much yet wink. My lovely US friends are throwing me a baby shower in a couple of weeks which is very exciting. I haven't been to an American one before although I have been promised it won't be a traditional one with weird games etc! We don't really need much as this is DD2 but I managed to pull together a wish list that hopefully isn't grabby. Put some practical things like nappies and bath stuff on there.

I have no idea where baby is lying right now. She was breech two weeks ago and I think she may be transverse now but she is squirming all over the place. I have MW appt on Thursday so will see then.

Right, DD1 is in nursery so I should get on with my day. Catch up later!

NancyinCali Tue 27-May-14 17:48:33

Oh lovely new thread grin
I'm starting to write lists and get organised. Feeling nesting urges but not enough to actually do much yet wink. My lovely US friends are throwing me a baby shower in a couple of weeks which is very exciting. I haven't been to an American one before although I have been promised it won't be a traditional one with weird games etc! We don't really need much as this is DD2 but I managed to pull together a wish list that hopefully isn't grabby. Put some practical things like nappies and bath stuff on there.

I have no idea where baby is lying right now. She was breech two weeks ago and I think she may be transverse now but she is squirming all over the place. I have MW appt on Thursday so will see then.

Right, DD1 is in nursery so I should get on with my day. Catch up later!

mixi82 Tue 27-May-14 17:49:00

Yay, new thread!!! Welcome to mupperoon, I found drinking freshly squeezed orange juice after breakfast helps heaps with passing a number two's!!

Just wanted to see what everyone's thoughts were, as it's first baby for me, i'm 33 weeks now and notice much more movement and for longer periods. Is this normal and I'm just feeling more cos baby running out of room?

Also, went to a birthday party yesterday, probably overdid it by staying too long and my feet were freezing! Anyway, was exhausted and had a little snooze when I got in but woke up with my first taste of the most painful leg cramp!!! I was holding my leg in intense pain for what thought like an eternity but of course it eventually went. Felt very stiff for a few hours after though. Perhaps I should take it more easy?

Oh and, there were a few preg ladies and babies at the party, they all said i was very low and thought I'd drop any moment! Some said I'll know when it's closer as I'll feel like I'm carrying a melon in between my legs for the last couple weeks, others said they didn't feel anything like that, and even one said theirs arrived 5 weeks early but not through any complications, just was time. So naturally, my head was a little all over the place thinking I was going to drop any minute and sleep was awful last night, thoughts were mad!! Sorry for long post!!!

AuntieMaggie Tue 27-May-14 17:53:33

Thanks for the heads up fifi I thought it might end up being a couple of days but I'll try and prepare myself to be in for a week and make sure DP knows where stuff is in case. MW said I might have to stay in hospital for treatment too depending on how I react and I may not be able to have what they normally prescribe because of my health issues...

Anyone have any tips for relaxing?

mupperoon Tue 27-May-14 17:59:14

mixi82 I think you can get leg cramp no matter how active you are... but it's a good excuse to slow down in my book! I've only had it a couple of times while I've been pregnant but used to get it when I was running regularly. I know that pointing my toes so they're in line with my shins brings it on for me. I use my newly-gained birth breathing skills to control the panic and now I can get through it without screaming/swearing and waking my other half up!

Does make me wonder how I will deal with childbirth if I find leg cramp so traumatic.

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