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Are there any others ladies, preg after MC due Jan 2015

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purplemurple1 Sun 11-May-14 13:49:18


I noticed theres a thread for Dec so wondered if we should have one for Jan 15. I MC a few months ago at 6 weeks, and just got my BFP (4 weeks) due Jan 19th (DC2).
I'm on brocriptine so it took a few cycles to get things up and running again after the MC.

Fingers crossed this one sticks!

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EnglishGirlAbroad Mon 12-May-14 07:47:18

Hi Purple,
I too had a mc in Dec, very early at 5 weeks but shit all the same. Any way after some brown spotting 12-16dpo I did an ic test on Saturday - faint line. Used a digi this morning and got pregnant 1-2. I'm scared shitless. I want to enjoy it but so worried too. Hope you're ok and CONGRATULATIONS smile

purplemurple1 Mon 12-May-14 20:36:55

Congratulations - when are you due have you worked it out yet?

It's nerve racking I've been having a little cramping today, I have to keep reminding myself it's normal.

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noitsachicken Mon 12-May-14 20:39:47

I'm 6 weeks, due Jan 5th.
M/c in Jan at about 6.5 weeks.
Feeling more pregnant this time though, so trying to be hpeful!

EnglishGirlAbroad Mon 12-May-14 20:53:40

I'm 4+4, due Jan 15th.
Hi Chicken!
I'm sure we're going to experience a real roller coaster of emotions. I'm trying to remain positive and not think too much about last time. This is different and there's no reason for things to go wrong!!

Here's to sticky bean and healthy pregnancies!!

purplemurple1 Mon 12-May-14 21:08:58

Hi chicken and English

So am I the only one crazy enough to think I should test every couple of says ro see if the results get stronger so I know it's all going ok?

Have either of you got kids already?

I had a mc before having dc1 and ttc over a yr for him which was a hard time!

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EnglishGirlAbroad Mon 12-May-14 21:26:47

I'm not going to poas any more, it drove me crazy last time. I figure if the worst is going to happen it'll happen regardless. Today ladies WE ARE PREGNANT! That's my mantra! smile
This is dc1 for me, came off the pill in June last year, so feels like it's been a long journey.

noitsachicken Tue 13-May-14 09:17:13

I was poas every day, but now there are strong lines and I have more symptoms I am doing it less often. I might just keep going until I have used up my stash though!

I have one DS who is two next month, we ttc in dec and were sucessful first cycle, lost that one in Jan, then had a CP, convieved this one in April.

purple how old is your dc? I am not looking forward to pregnancy plus toddler!

purplemurple1 Tue 13-May-14 11:26:36

He is 8.5. Months and not mobile yet, atm I'm at work and OH is working pt, so doing most of the baby care. It's a newborn and a toddler that I'm scared of!

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EnglishGirlAbroad Tue 13-May-14 11:46:38

I'm just scared! ha! Of being pregnant. Of having another person that depends solely on me.... Scared but oh so excited!!

noitsachicken Tue 13-May-14 14:58:31

Well newborn and toddler as well! He will be 2.7 months ish, so hoping he will 'help'!
Its not that scary englishgirl overwhelming and all consuming, but amazing!

purplemurple1 Sat 17-May-14 14:57:51

How are you both getting on?

I've been having lots of period type pains and kinda weepy (although I think thats more to do with work being a bit full on atm).
The tests are a stronp postive now though so I'll try to stop testing ans driving myself crazy.

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AnnaKissed Wed 21-May-14 09:23:38

Can I join? I'm pregnant again after a mmc at 8weeks in April. In fact I had a thread in the miscarriage section, because I thought I had some kind of complications from the mc, like retained products, but it turns out I'm actually pregnant again without having had a period in between.

I'm feeling very weird because I don't feel pregnant at all, if it wasn't for the follow up appointment after the mmc, I would have no idea! I haven't even POASed, I've had 3 hcg blood tests which have showed my levels tripling every time. So I think I'm about 5 weeks, but I don't have a EDD yet. I already have a DS aged 3.

Hope you three are still getting on well. Anyone having an early scan? I am having one on Sunday (I'm abroad too and they do everything differently here!) so I'm trying to just work towards that and not think too far ahead.

resipsa Wed 21-May-14 10:32:38

Aha, another one for me to join! DC2 due mid-Jan 15. DD is 3. Had m/c in Dec confirmed by scan on 31st (Happy New Year NOT). That one starting with on/off very light bleeding which continued for 2 weeks and was so light that I was almost convinced nothing was wrong...

Am going MAD, petrified by every twine and dreading every loo trip. 5 weeks 5 days today. It's going to be a long trip!

Ellisisland Thu 22-May-14 07:06:03

Hi all can I join? Had mc in feb at 10 weeks. Am now 6 weeks pregnant again and driving myself insane as I have no pregnancy symptoms so am convinced that it's a chemical preg or I am about to mc again. The only symptom i have is a bit of lower back pain which I keep thinking is my period so I have even started carrying towels in my bag!

Lianasdav Thu 22-May-14 11:54:30

Hello all can I join this thread? I haven't had mc as such but had an ectopic pregnancy in April and am now pregnant again (I haven't had a period in between). Don't know how far gone I am, maybe around 5 weeks, I have an early scan booked for 4th June due to previous ectopic. I'll be due sometime in January but don't feel ready to join that thread yet.
Hope you are all well xxx

Today I am pregnant xxx

resipsa Sat 24-May-14 19:41:48

I'm bowing out already. Had a scan at 5+6 on Thurs and saw heartbeat. Lost it on Friday. Better luck to you all and sorry if this post is unhelpful.

AnnaKissed Sun 25-May-14 04:13:56

Resipsa I'm so sorry. That's just awful for you. Take care of yourself.

AnnaKissed Sun 25-May-14 11:50:20

Is anybody about? I'm feeling a bit shaken up after a scan today. The sonographer didn't say much, but there was a sac there, measuring 6mm which she said is about right for 5 weeks, so all ok really. Going to see a doctor tomorrow to discuss scan and blood test results. I think just seeing the little blob on the screen brought it all back about the mc I had two months ago. Feeling very negative today that this pregnancy will end the same way. Just wondering how you are all feeling - are you allowing yourself to get a bit excited about being pregnant? I'm not. I've even applied for a full time job this morning, thinking that at least that might give me something else to focus on if/when I miscarry again.

Sorry for the negativity.

Ellisisland Sun 25-May-14 12:36:47

Hi Anna I know how you feel. I am actually debating cancelling my early scan because I don't want to see a heartbeat and then lose the baby at a later date. I am trying not to think about the pregnancy at all but of course it's always in the back of my mind.
Every tug and feeling I have I am convinced it's all over. I have got a holiday picked out that I am booking if I miscarry this time. I think it's just a way of trying to manage how scared I am of something going wrong again. So no advice really as I am in the same place but you are not alone thanks

looking4rainbow Sun 25-May-14 13:19:01

Hi ladies can I join?

I had a mmc diagnosed at my 12wk scan in Feb bean made it to 9 wks. I got a bfp in April. I am currently 8+2. Edd 2 January. At first I was so scared and all the emotions came back from previous mmc but I have to believe it will all be worth it to hold my bundle. I had an early scan at 7wk and was so nervous but I cried when I saw the heartbeat and since then I can honestly say I've relaxed. I'm not saying there's no chance it can go wrong but there's more chance it can go right. We must hold on to that There's nothing you can do but stressing is no good for mummy or bean.

I hope we all have sticky beans. I'm on countdown till 19 June 12wk scan

AnnaKissed Sun 25-May-14 14:26:03

Thanks Ellis From all the midnight googling research I have been doing, it seems there a roughly 10% chance of miscarrying at 6weeks ish, which goes down to 5% once you have seen a heartbeat. So I would go for the scan if I were you. I'd find it reassuring to see a heartbeat, but that's just me. I have another couple of weeks to wait for that.

Hi looking it looks like you are the further ahead of all of us then. I'm hoping to be where you are in a couple of weeks.

looking4rainbow Sun 25-May-14 17:47:02

Hi Anna I've been using those statistics too when I get too negative. hopefully time goes quickly for all of us.
As I get towards 12wk does slow a little contemplating getting another scan at about 10wk but so expensive

gingysmummy Sun 25-May-14 20:37:25

hi can i join?
i had 3 mc in 2 years the last one was in feb at 12 week scan i had a mmc,my babies all seem to die at 8 weeks.I had a scan on tues at 6 weeks saw baby and hb but i've now been passing brown blood when i wipe and a small amont on my panty liner since fri.i'm very worried it's happening again

AnnaKissed Mon 26-May-14 10:30:53

Gingysmummy Hi! Sorry to hear about your previous MCs. Are you having any recurrent miscarriage investigations? I know nothing about it, I have just heard about it on here. But brown blood on its own is not necessary anything to worry about, is it? I seem to remember it's only if it turns red and heavy that it could be a problem. Fingers crossed for you.

I have seen a doctor this morning and finally had a few things confirmed. I am 5+5 today, and the scan showed everything to be as it should be at this stage. Got to wait until June 19th for the next scan, which feels like forever! But at least they have transferred me out of the the emergency department and to the normal antenatal clinic now.

Shall we do our stats? I'll start...

AnnaKissed, 1ds aged 3, 1mmc April 14, EDD 21st Jan 15

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