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Due in May 07

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jessinwa Wed 23-Aug-06 18:42:59

i can't believe that i am the first one due in may to post on mumsnet. i looked for a thread but i couldn't find it. am i missing something?

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Booboobedoo Wed 23-Aug-06 18:53:57

Congratulations jessinwa!

I was the first to post on the March 07 thread. Feels surreal doesn't it?

Sure you'll get lots joining you very soon.

SKYTVADICT Wed 23-Aug-06 19:06:52

Hi, i looked earlier too and couldn't find one - glad you started it.

I am very tentatively joining (due 7 May 2007 according to calendar). I am 38 and have 2 DDs age 10 and 6. Have a DP who doesn't have any children yet and we had a mc in April so that is why I am tentative about joining this thread. It was a missed mc and we didn't find out until the 13 week scan so it was a shock.

We are going to be positive about this pregnancy though and keep our fingers crossed.

SKYTVADICT Wed 23-Aug-06 19:12:36

Whoops - just looked again and it will be due on 3 May! Pregnancy hormones already?

aprilmeadow Wed 23-Aug-06 19:14:57

Hi there, was thinking of starting a thread ealier, but glad you did! Got my bpf this evening. EDD 2nd May.

Jessinwa what is your due date?

Here are my stats:

Me: 25
DH: 27
DS: 16mths

Meleebaby Thu 24-Aug-06 15:20:53


I've got a faint BFP edd would be 5 or 7th may as af has been irregular since my mmc back in april at 11 weeks.

This will be mine and bf first child.

Look forward to getting to know you all,


jessinwa Thu 24-Aug-06 16:44:11

hi all. here are my stats.
me 28
dh 28
ds 11 months
due 5/5 (though i am not certain of the first day of my last period)
in live in northwest usa. i found mumsnet during my last pregnancy and joined the sept 2005 babies thread but didn't feel all that welcomed so i dropped off. i felt like the ladies all knew eachother through their whole pregnancies and that they weren't interested in getting to know me. boo hoo. that is why i jumped on here to join the may thread as soon as possible.
it had been so long since i had last been on mumsnet that i didn't even know about the controversy. but we won't talk about that.
i am looking forward to helping all of you first timers out and learning from you as well. even though i wasn't an active member of a thread these message boards helped me so much during my last pregnancy.
looking forward to getting to know you all.
quick question - what's a bpf?
thanks, booboobedoo! it feels totally surreal.
meleebaby and skytvadict, the beauty of an anonymous forum like mumsnet is that you can get support and well wishes from a group of ladies in similar situations. i feel for you both. i have written and erased about five sentences just now because i can't seem to find the right words to say what i am thinking. i will send you both my good vibes and thoughts.

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aprilmeadow Thu 24-Aug-06 18:52:59

Hi Jess - they can sometimes be a little like that! BFP means - BIG FAT POSITIVE . Looking forward to getting to know you

jessinwa Thu 24-Aug-06 19:16:16

oops. that would be bfp, not bpf. well, i had a bfp yesterday morning and then again today. i guess i just needed to be extra sure. i did five tests with ds.

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jessinwa Fri 25-Aug-06 15:39:31

just a little bumpity bump.

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SKYTVADICT Fri 25-Aug-06 16:46:07

Its a bit quiet on here so will keep bumping in hope of atracting newcomers.

I'm struggling to believe i'm pregnant again - think we will tell the DDs this weekend as I want them to be first to know but will have to explain that anything can happen again as they were devastated by the last mc. I just want them to know and don't think I could keep it from them for long.

Feeling ok at mo just a little tired and achy.

jessinwa Fri 25-Aug-06 17:13:36

i am feeling tired too. last time around i didn't feel pregnant at all until i started to feel the baby kick. it has not really sunk in yet that i will have another baby in 9 months time. that is absurd! i had a very tough time when ds was new. depression and too many people around really made those first few months hell. i have learned from that experience and am excited to have another go at it. my ds is an absolute joy. he is going to be the best big brother.

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SKYTVADICT Fri 25-Aug-06 21:18:12

We have now told the DDs and they are thrilled. The 10 year old is being cautious (as we are) but the 6 year old is asking questions and being very cuddly tonight

jessinwa Fri 25-Aug-06 21:26:13

that is so sweet. that is great that you are telling them right away. they are members of your family and deserve to know. plus, i bet they are such a fantastic support system. congratulations! do you think you are going to want to find out if the new little is a boy or a girl? i know it is a bit early to start talking about gender, but it so fun to speculate!

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SKYTVADICT Sat 26-Aug-06 09:33:10

We really don't mind. I think DP would like a boy but I would quite like another girl.

As I am 38 I may need further tests (like an amnio or something) so would probably find out then but when I had DD2 the scan said she was a boy and she obviously wansnt so I wouldn't trust that mehtod again.

SKYTVADICT Sat 26-Aug-06 09:33:11

We really don't mind. I think DP would like a boy but I would quite like another girl.

As I am 38 I may need further tests (like an amnio or something) so would probably find out then but when I had DD2 the scan said she was a boy and she obviously wansnt so I wouldn't trust that mehtod again.

jessinwa Sat 26-Aug-06 18:41:42

hi skytv, i would love to have a girl too but we didn't find out with ds and we don't want to find out with this one either.
it seems so strange to be pregnant again. ds was born eleven months ago today. that isn't that long ago.
Meleebaby and aprilmeadow? are you out there?

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aprilmeadow Sat 26-Aug-06 19:15:18

Hi there,

Oh my god i feel awful!!! Havent been able to shift this sick feeling since last nght! I had to make a mad dash to the bathroom at 00.15am - i didnt have anything like this with my ds. I had the sickness feeling from 6-12weeks but that was it. I hope that this doesnt last too long.

We told all family last night. My MIL's reaction was 'oh no!' i ws soo cross. But at least my family were pleased. I made my sister cry - only wish i had recoreded it . I know i should wait, but i actually look pg already . My boobs have gone up a cup size and my jeans feel tight already!! I am only a size 10 so its fairly noticable. Have had to dig out my baggy/floaty tops so that i can hide it from my bosses (who are going to be thirlled - NOT - with this news!)

How is everyone else feeling? I am slightly worried as to how big i am likely to get!!

aprilmeadow Sat 26-Aug-06 19:17:09

We found out the sex with ds as not knowing would have sent me crazy - i am just far too impatient!! Will def find out with this one. I would like a dd as my dh has said that we are only having 2 children, but i would be very happy with a ds.

WantAbabyNOW Sun 27-Aug-06 08:30:56

Hi everyone,

I am not sure if I should be joining this thread or the april thread really as edd is 30th april.. but dates not totally clear. am 5 wks now.

aprilmeadow Sun 27-Aug-06 11:34:40

Ok, i amnow thinking that i may have had a bug, as i feelfine today - thank goodness!

Hope everyone else is ok.

Hi Babymad, feel free to pop in and have a chat

aprilmeadow Sun 27-Aug-06 13:08:55

Sorry left my braincells in bed!! MEant to say Hi Wantababy, feel free to pop in and have a chat

jessinwa Sun 27-Aug-06 17:33:05

april, so glad you are feeling better. that would be a worry if you started with the morning sickness already! and at your mil. that is SO bold and rude. does she say hurtful things like that often?
hello wantababy! so glad to see another name pop up in here.

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nannymcphee Sun 27-Aug-06 17:40:34

Hi all May '07s! I'm joining you now that I've just had a BFP!!! I'm so thrilled!

Would love to talk to you all over the next few weeks.

Skytvadict - we sound very similar - I have 2 DD's, one who will be 6 in April and one who will be 4 1/2. I'll also be 38 at Christmas. How old are your 2? What is your due date and how are you finding it so far?

I think my due date will be 6th May (one day after my first daughters due date - strange), but will be seeing doctor this week.

Congratulations everyone - yippee!!!!!!!

aprilmeadow Sun 27-Aug-06 18:58:44

Congrats and welcome NannyMcPhee

Jess - my MIL is always coming out with something odd. You'd think after 7 years of knowing her that i would be used to it by now!

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