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October 2014 thread 2 - Morning sickness, munchies and very tired mummas!

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bumpbangbump Tue 18-Feb-14 20:10:52

Old thread is getting full so here's a nice new one for all our moaning, paranoia and getting each other through it. Can someone do the honers and copy our edd list over? Maybe link the old thread too?

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CareBearWithFangs Tue 18-Feb-14 20:17:57

Signing in.

CareBearWithFangs DC2 EDD 18th Oct.

FlipFantasia Tue 18-Feb-14 20:24:39

Marking my place! Thread 2 already smile

Ps also on my phone so can't link to the old thread or copy the list!

magichandles Tue 18-Feb-14 20:33:22

ittleBear88 DC1 EDD 1st Oct
Tory79 DC2 EDD 1st Oct
OfficeLady DC3 EDD 1st Oct
Thefourcees DC5 EDD 1st Oct
Petitverdot DC1 1st Oct
zahazie EDD 1st Oct
Sazzlehopes DC2 EDD 2nd Oct
mrsb87 DC1 EDD 2nd Oct
Aisha18 DC1 EDD 2nd Oct
missygreeneyes DC1 EDD 2nd Oct
MundayCakes85 DC1 EDD 3rd Oct
Tweetinat DC2 EDD 3rd Oct
Olilos DC1 EDD 3rd Oct
Sunnyday14 DC1 EDD 3rd Oct
RunDMC DC2 EDD 3rd Oct
MrsHende DC2 EDD 4th Oct
Cakebaker35 DC2 EDD 4th Oct
AK89 DC1 4th Oct
MrsDeltaB DC3 EDD 4th Oct
Bumpbangbump DC2 EDD 5 Oct
DuggiWontSleep DC2 edd 5th October
Vicky123uk DC2 EDD 5th Oct
hefner DC2 EDD 5th Oct
pinkfizzsparkles EDD 5th Oct
Foxsticks DC2 EDD 6 Oct
TinyTear DC2 ADD 6th October
Queenasanti3 DC2 EDD 6th Oct
TroubleAndFyfe DC2 EDD 7th October
Spanielface DC2 EDD 7th Oct
Pickofthedocs DC2 EDD 7th Oct
MrsCaptainReynolds DC2 EDD 7th Oct
Flipfantasia DC3 EDD 8 Oct
Bumpforme2014 DC1 EDD 8th Oct
MrsF2510 DC1 EDD 8th Oct
Sofe1978 DC1 EDD 8th Oct
Bexleymum dc2 edd 8th oct
WhiteIsTheColour DC1 EDD 8th Oct
familyfortunes DC2 EDD 8th Oct
Freyathecatt DC2 EDD 9 Oct
binkybunny DC1 EDD 9th Oct
Tak1ngchances EDD 9th Oct
Twinkletwink DC2 due 10th Oct
pebble82 DC1 EDD 10th Oct
Lighthouser DC1 EDD 10th Oct
claptomania DC1 EDD 10th Oct
MrsDinoRawr DC1 EDD 10th Oct
mum2kiss dc2 edd 11th October
Overthinker88 DC1 EDD 11th Oct
Toffeejungle DC2 EDD 11th Oct
Mammy2be EDD 11th Oct
MonkeyChops11 DC1 EDD 11th Oct
Sweetpeapods DC2 due 13 Oct
ldt87 DC3 EDD 13th Oct
AnnoyedByAlfieBear DC2 EDD 13th Oct
Kittylou1 DC1 EDD 13th Oct
Me23 DC3 EDD 13th Oct
Katqwaszx EDD 13th Oct
Wiggy dc3 edd 14th Oct
Thegirlwhouk EDD 14th Oct
Mrsthedog DC1 EDD 14th Oct
pollywhatshername DC2 EDD 15th Oct
littlehelp DC3 EDD 15th Oct
noimagination80 EDD 15th Oct
Loopylu84 EDD 16th Oct
Binglesplodge DC1 EDD 16th Oct
rosiegal DC1 EDD 16th Oct
neomamma DC1 EDD 17th Oct
goodfruit DC2 EDD 17th Oct
KensalM2B DC1 EDD 17th Oct
Loopyaboutmy2boys DC3 EDD 17th or Elcs 10th Oct
cottonwool4brains DC2 EDD 18th Oct
Carebearwithfangs DC2 EDD 18th Oct
Zara8 DC2 EDD 18/19th Oct
akachan DC1 EDD 21st Oct
rubyinthedust dc1 edd 21st oct
ExcitedCJ DC2 EDD 21st October
katster37 DC3 EDD 22nd Oct
daphnehoneybutt DC1 EDD 22nd Oct
magichandles DC3 EDD 23rd Oct
MyNameIsKenAdams DC2 EDD 25th Oct
Emmylu DC1 EDD 25th Oct
Bingobango85 DC1 EDD 26th Oct
Sparkle9 EDD 29th Oct
upnorth11 EDD 30th Oct
Princess Wellington

TinyTear Tue 18-Feb-14 20:50:05

My dates changed with today's scan but I shall wait to the 12 week one for the proper date

ImBrian Tue 18-Feb-14 20:52:27

Hi, im still not sure whats going on as Ive had several very faint bfps on several different types of test and a bfn on a digi. Ill be due on 24th October by lmp with #5 if it all goes well but im feeling pretty worried at the minute due to how faint they are.

Mrsthedog Tue 18-Feb-14 21:00:00

Marking my place on the new thread.

How lovely smile

mum2kiss Tue 18-Feb-14 21:20:29

Wow new thread already...we'll have millions by October lol!

Sorry if ive lead the group astray with all my burger talk but it was oh so gooood! Dp is now sat next me eating spaghetti bolognese I made struggling not to just dive into his plate head first!!

RunDMC Tue 18-Feb-14 21:37:06

I had such a thing for mc'ds the last time and I normally never go near the place.

Love the new thread title as all three apply. Hi and welcome to all the newbies. Feel really dreadful this week (7+4) which is feeding my twins paranoia still. Def didn't have constant nausea ALL day long last time, was just
sick twice a day every day until 27 weeks. I know what I'd prefer. Also feel bad complaining when some of you have hyperemesis so sorry for moaning.

Been preoccupied with the Harmony test today - am 40 this month and definitely a bit more worried about age and the associated risks. Thanks for posting about it officelady (I think!) as I hadn't heard of it until now.

Can't decide whether to go to London where it's cheaper or have it done closer to home but 50% more expensive..

MrsF2510 Tue 18-Feb-14 21:44:14

I still don't have many of the symptoms people have described but have felt very very tired the last 2 days and I find I feel nauseous when I haven't eaten in a few hours. Nowhere near as bad as some people are having but it's not nice feeling rubbish!

MrsF2510 Tue 18-Feb-14 21:44:37

Ps thanks for the new thread x

ExcitedCJ Tue 18-Feb-14 21:48:36

Top tip.. Don't eat a heap of beetroot at dinner & then forget about it when you go to the loo. Really scared myself!
Phew! blush

pinkfizzsparkles Tue 18-Feb-14 21:54:31

Thanks for adding me to the list magic. Glad I'm not the only one with digestive issues! I brought some of the anti sickness bands today to cope with the constant sick feeling, so I'm going to give those a try tomorrow.

The only time I really ever eat Mcdonalds is when pregnant. Must be all the carbs and fat I crave! I'm going off tea and coffee now, I'm gutted, its bad enough losing one vice (wine!!) and now my caffeine habit!

Good to see a 2nd thread, each thread means we're closer to the end of the energy zapping, sickness induced first trimester (and windy in my case!)

TroubleAndFyfe Tue 18-Feb-14 22:01:11

Thanks for the new thread!

mum2kiss Tue 18-Feb-14 22:26:07

Oh forgot to say im belching and farting over here! You're welcome!

SweetPeaPods Tue 18-Feb-14 22:27:52

Thanks for new thread, just marking place for later.

pebble82 Tue 18-Feb-14 22:35:21

Checking in to new thread.

Worrying myself as usual here with slightly less sore boobs. Don't think I'm feeling sick but I did have a horrible taste in my mouth today and felt a bit "off". The office was so warm today though so wasn't sure if it was just that. Felt better after eating so that seems similar to some of you.

Talk of maccy d's has made me want one now which is very weird for me as I normally hate it. I live down the road from a drive thru too which could be very bad!

hudyerweesht Tue 18-Feb-14 22:40:29

Can I join in please? I got my bfp last week after a year of trying. Am so excited and want to tell the world but dh (sensibly) won't let me!
This will be dc number 3, my last baby is 11 today!
Dc3 EDD 23rd October

hudyerweesht Tue 18-Feb-14 22:41:00

Can I join in please? I got my bfp last week after a year of trying. Am so excited and want to tell the world but dh (sensibly) won't let me!
This will be dc number 3, my last baby is 11 today!
Dc3 EDD 23rd October

petitverdot Tue 18-Feb-14 22:52:00

Checking in for thread 2 smile we told our close families this weekend and I've got my first midwife appointment on 3rd March... So soon!

Loopylu84 Tue 18-Feb-14 23:43:12

The farting is just bad, really bad hmm I think my dh has cottoned on to that fact that it's me and not the cat (who was getting the blame initially)

I want to be all pious and say that I too have not touched macdonalds in years.....but the ugly truth is that I bloody love their cheeseburgers blush tend to have 1 every few weeks, their coffee isnt too bad either, yum yum (said in a Gremlins style voice)

FlipFantasia Wed 19-Feb-14 00:12:13

Ladies, there's a November thread started! While time may be draaaging for us, it is in fact passing [excited]grin

SweetPeaPods Wed 19-Feb-14 05:59:32

I had a mcDs for lunch yesterday too, how odd. Partly because we go away on thurs to visit family and fridge is empty, but I just felt really sick after hmm
Really bad night with ds, he woke up coughing at 2, still awake at 3 so I gave him a bottle. He drank 2oz then when I put him in bed next to me he decided to be sick every where. Changed the bedding twice as difficult at 3.15am I swear then he did it again! So he's finally asleep, DH is now up for work and I'm exhausted but wide awake. This pg is so much harder with having ds too. I feel sick and dizzy but he doesn't understand so I just have to get on with it. I don't think stressing about today's scan helps.
For all those in first pg enjoy it, you will never have one like it again!

TroubleAndFyfe Wed 19-Feb-14 07:21:04

That is exciting Flip! grin

TroubleAndFyfe Wed 19-Feb-14 07:25:28

Sorry for your awful night sweetpeapods! hmm I'm lucky (much like last time in early pregnancy) as am reasonably symptomless apart from tiredness (and feeling like I'm imploding if I sneeze) and sore boobs so am actually finding it easier this time round as I don't have to go to work and get an afternoon nap most days. [i will make up for it slightly later in pregnancy by barely being able to walk hmm]

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