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September 2014 2nd thread for a chatty bunch

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TheOnlySeven Thu 09-Jan-14 09:58:46

<puts down tray of tea, croissants and ginger biscuits for those with morning sickness>

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ThisIsMeNow Thu 09-Jan-14 10:06:50

Morning. Signing in from bed as am too tired to get up at all today! Poor dd is having to entertain herself for a while sad

Newlywed2013 Thu 09-Jan-14 10:09:42

Will update stats now!

PunkyPod Thu 09-Jan-14 10:18:26

Hello grin
I had a dream last night I was about 32 weeks and had no bump or any symptoms, so I was pretty worried. I was relieved when I woke up and realised I was only 5 weeks. We're cool....!

KitKat1985 Thu 09-Jan-14 10:27:49

bugoven I think it's pretty normal to feel shattered. Have been wiped out at work the past couple of days (didn't help that Tues was a 14 hour shift - ouch). Was hoping for a really long lay-in this morning on my day off but then the people over the road decided to start pneumatic drilling first thing. angry

Am heading over to my parents this evening to let them know. I'm really quite excited about this as it'll be their first grandchild. Then telling DH's parents tomorrow. Am sure they will also be excited but it'll be their 4th so perhaps with less 'novelty value' if you know what I mean. We're not telling loads of people yet except close friends and family (and I've had to let a few people at work know due to the nature of my job). Made me wonder who you ladies had told? Have you kept it all pretty quiet or being excitedly telling everyone? Just being nosy really! grin

DearDinah Thu 09-Jan-14 10:30:30

I've told a few people, but not my boss!
Some friends guessed over Christmas as I was drinking fizzy water & have quite a boozy reputation. Didn't buy the antibiotics story! Close family & a colleague at work.

DearDinah Thu 09-Jan-14 10:31:16

Thanks for starting the new thread seven

Choccywoccydodah Thu 09-Jan-14 10:42:00

I was starting to have heart palpitations as the other thread getting so close.....phew! Thank you seven!

Deardinah grin. That was my excuse with ds at a nye get together with about 15 friends. I don't normally drink much but I make up for it on a night out normally. We'd only found out on the 10th dec and they were all asking if I was 'with child' or 'have you anything to tell us' etc. I had a small bleed that night so I wasn't in the best frame of mind anyway without all that jazz. Anyway, all was fine obviously and I put them out of their misery end of jan at 10 weeks grin

ThisIsMeNow Thu 09-Jan-14 10:59:46

We've not told anyone yet. It's nice having a little secret between us! Telling my mum and dad in a week or so. Have a little tshirt for dd with 'I'm going to be a big sister' on it, can't wait to see their reactions!

waybuloony Thu 09-Jan-14 11:01:34

Yes thanks seven for new thread and to Newly for being mn's best statistician! smile

Just had docs appt too. Had a bit of an old doddery doc who couldn't seem to find anything but then emerged with a Bounty pack! Hoorah! I've got to phone and make my own appt with mw which makes me wonder why I couldn't just do that in the first instance....would have given my GP that spare 10 mins he clearly needs to tidy his desk!

Age: me 36 DH 49! shock
DC's: DS1 5y next month DS2 2.3y
TTC: been practising for a while wink but only really knew I was ovulating for the last cycle
Live: Cambridgeshire border (alright, it's Essex)

waybuloony Thu 09-Jan-14 11:03:07

Ahhh! Thisisme that's such a cute way to break the news! How exciting!

HippyJess Thu 09-Jan-14 11:05:24

We've told my mum and my sister, who's currently 14 weeks herself! Because they knew we were TTC and I'd want there support if <touch wood> anything went wrong... Extended family and all DP's family will be after the 12 week scan as he wants to be able to tell them all at once!

PunkyPod Thu 09-Jan-14 11:36:01

We'll wait til 12 weeks. I think I'm going to get DD a big sister top and just go round to my parents one day with her in it. See how long it takes. They were both super shocked and a bit weird when I told them about her. But they soon came round and my mum especially is head over heels in love with her, she looks after her 2 days a week. So I think this time the news will be better received!

twinkbat Thu 09-Jan-14 11:49:31

Told work, ish. Three of us are basically incharge while the boss is on holiday so they know cos of the bleed & hospital appointments. Otherwise my best friend and mum. Oh and dh's mother WHO TOLD EVERYONE!! Sorry... Still bitter. I sat down to dinner at the weekend and the whole family knew!

TheOnlySeven Thu 09-Jan-14 11:59:46

twinkbat my MIL done that with DD1, so frustrating. I went to buy bread and the man in the corner shop congratulated me hmm.

I can't believe how long some of you have known, I only found out on Tuesday, and I'm 6 weeks. Only one friend knows, only because she was with me when I bought the test. I'll probably tell my family after 12 weeks, I had a big falling out with MIL last year, she'll be lucky if we tell her at all tbh, we see her once a fortnight though so she'll work it out eventually.

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noitsachicken Thu 09-Jan-14 12:16:37

jumping into the new thread.

We have told close family and two friends. My theory is I would tell them if anything went may ad well know now, and I get fussed over!

twinkbat Thu 09-Jan-14 12:17:49

Told work, ish. Three of us are basically incharge while the boss is on holiday so they know cos of the bleed & hospital appointments. Otherwise my best friend and mum. Oh and dh's mother WHO TOLD EVERYONE!! Sorry... Still bitter. I sat down to dinner at the weekend and the whole family knew!

isitme1 Thu 09-Jan-14 12:22:50

Marking place in new thread
had horrendous headache
Only just managed to get kids dressed at 11!
in the end I gave in to 2 paracetamol and feel better!
All my immediate family know
no one from dh side does though
his mum is deaf and cant speak either so telling her hard as shes not in this country
will tell his sis soon

broodylicious Thu 09-Jan-14 12:29:19

Thisisme, that is cute! I may do the same this time (if all is well hmm) Last time, I baked my parents a batch of cupcakes and wrote baby related words on each one - nanny, grandad, preggo, bump, bun in the oven kinda thing. Went down well!

Only person I'm dreading telling is my sister as she's going through a vile time; she left her twat of a dh this summer after numerous months of rowing and wanting to go. They have a 2.5 y-o and my sister wanted another but he turned round and said "if you want another, I suggest you go find someone else cos no way I'm having another!" Came as a shock to her and was v upset but, coupled with way too many other issues to mention here, it gave her the push to leave. V sad story actually but life goes on and she's amazing so I know she won't be alone forever. Anyway, her antenatal friends are starting to have their second babies now and she's really feeling down about it. I know she would be happy for us but it doesn't mean it won't hurt her or me :'(

Thanks for those who gave reassurance on the other thread btw. I guess I was just expecting this time to be the same as last time with the sickness. Whoever said sickness etc is giving reassurance is bang on - I think I want that proof something must be going on in there if I'm hurling 24:7 for five months wink I know I shouldn't complain bearing in mind the actual mc from the girls yday....I'm not in loads of pain or bleeding or anything, just concerned about lack of symptoms right now.

Sleepisf0rwimps Thu 09-Jan-14 13:08:55

Ha, waybuloony that made me laugh. I am on the Suffolk / Cambs border (and Essex too wink )

Age: me 28, DH 29
DC: DS almost 18 months
TTC: cycle 4
Live: see above

Still very, very early days for me so only tentatively poking my head in!

sittingpretty25 Thu 09-Jan-14 13:51:29

Hi everyone, please can I join??

I'm four weeks pg with my 1st - will be five weeks on Saturday. Super excited - but also really worried about MC - I'm just hoping everything will be ok as I love this little bean so much already.

I'm 26, married 5 years, DH selfemployed and I help out with the office side of things. Had a pretty rough few years really - we have moved four times, my husband fell and broke his back (all ok now though) and I worked myself dead and have got chronic fatigue - although this is now under control although I have to be careful. So, this news is very very welcome as we have been TTC for 6 months!

I've a few symptoms - slight nausea, although snacking helps, stomach cramps, very tired, wet down there - not greatest but told this is normal, and also buckets of spit in my mouth! lol - DH thinks this last one is funny... and I'm really light headed...

And now I'm just about to book in with the midwife smile

Happy developing little beans xx

hereshoping2014 Thu 09-Jan-14 14:20:05

Hello all!Permission to join in?:-)
I posted on previous thread but I'd love to join in on this one. Still getting used to mumsnet etiquette so apologies If people see this post twice!Best wishes to all!
Hello all!
First time poster. I got a BFP on Sunday and so far, so good. However, I've had at least 3 early .m/c so far, so this is the furthest I've got! I'm finding it all rather terrifying as every twinge (which people seem to say is normal) I'm worried its the start of m/c 4. Any advice
on whether period-like pain is normal?It's really mild, and touch wood no blood so far. Also...GP thinks I'm nearly 6 weeks but my own calculations say 4....when you look at baby development calendars... do you ladies look at it according to the GP estimates?Also...because of m/c I have been referred to epu for scan next week (so I'd be 5 or 7 weeks?) Anybody any advice on what to expect, or what they might see on the scan at this early stage?Sorry for the long post!!!

isitme1 Thu 09-Jan-14 15:11:15

Hereshoping have you been referred to a specialist?
As far as I remember when you've had 3 mc they look into why. Happened with my mum amd she was put on aspirin to help thinen blood so placenta stayed healthy. Her mc qwere because of clots in placenta or something

welcome to the newbies

hereshoping2014 Thu 09-Jan-14 15:40:57

Hi isitme1. I think the scan is the start of being "on the books" with the specialist at the epu. I'm hoping to goodness I don't m/c before then...what of aspirin could have stopped it. Sheesh. So much to worry about!!!Thanks so much for replying!:-) x

KitKat1985 Thu 09-Jan-14 15:46:05

Welcome to the newbies!

I'm only 4 weeks and already having to unbutton my top jean button! Ironically I haven't even put any weight on, (I've actually lost a pound and a half in the past month according to the scales, thanks to nausea and stomach cramps), but my middle seems to have expanded. Lord knows how big I'll be in a few months at this rate! shock Surely this isn't normal?!? Bean is only the size of a poppy seed apparently so not sure I can blame bean itself!!!

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