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August 2014. What a Christmas present!

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Choccywoccydodah Fri 13-Dec-13 23:10:32

Thread number 2 ladies.
It's a perfect Christmas present for me! fgrin

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FriendofDorothy Fri 13-Dec-13 23:21:10

Just checking in.

Hollyjokes Fri 13-Dec-13 23:22:47

Yay new thread! I haven't been on today so just off to catch up with the end of thread no.1 and will bring an updated stats list with me too smile

Hope everyone is well this evening smile

miserywaterfall Fri 13-Dec-13 23:28:12

I admit, I am looking forward to next Christmas and having a wee one to spend it with smile DH is a bit of a scroogey type, so have said he can scrooge if he likes this year but from next year on it's happy fun time Xmases for ever more :D

HungryHorace Fri 13-Dec-13 23:36:58

Marking my place. :-)

QueenOfGeeks Sat 14-Dec-13 00:28:56

Marking my place too.

travispickles Sat 14-Dec-13 05:43:57

And mine

Shakshuka Sat 14-Dec-13 06:08:32

I'm sorry about your mum, was it recent?

My mum died of cancer only a couple of months ago. It wasn't unexpected but it happened very fast, much faster than the drs predicted, and I think it's always a shock. It's very difficult sad

Definitely give the EPU a ring. They'll probably tell you if you need to worry if you describe the pain to them.

Mummyagain2014 Sat 14-Dec-13 06:20:13

Hi just wondered if I could join you ladies. I have just found out I am pregnant with baby #2 and was an active member of the ante natal group for when she was due. I am due 22/08/14. DH is still in shock I think (even though we were trying for nearly 9 months lol).

Have ended up being awake since 3:30 this morning sad woke up thinking I was going to be sick and couldn't get back to sleep so ended up watching one born every minute with my duvet on the sofa. Gonna be tired today though.

Anyway congratulations to you all. Lovely christmas present. X

FriendofDorothy Sat 14-Dec-13 06:31:02

My mum died in 25 September whilst on holiday with my Dad in Greece. She had a heart attack. I miss her dreadfully.

We are now trying to pick up pieces of life because mum was totally at the centre of our lives. My sister and I have to cook Christmas dinner and everything! I had planned to get pissed to manage but that plan now has to be shelved!

talulahbelle Sat 14-Dec-13 07:41:10

friend I'm so sorry for you loss, hopefully this pregnancy will go smoothly for you.

Choccywoccydodah Sat 14-Dec-13 07:44:03

Think I'm having another chemical sad

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HungryHorace Sat 14-Dec-13 07:48:21

Oh no Choccy. What's happening? Are you bleeding?

Shak, I'm sorry about your mum too. xx

Friend, you'll manage. And if it's a bit haphazard it won't matter at all. Have a 1pm dinner and get pissed afterwards.

Missvaughan85 Sat 14-Dec-13 07:56:35

Oh choccy are you ok?? X x

Shallol Sat 14-Dec-13 07:57:26

Oh no Choccy sad What's happening?

2beornot Sat 14-Dec-13 08:27:35

Choccy sad

FiremanSamsWife Sat 14-Dec-13 08:52:21

Hope you're ok Choccy x

QueenOfGeeks Sat 14-Dec-13 09:09:41

Oh no, hope you are ok choccy.

SliceOfLime Sat 14-Dec-13 09:15:05

Checking in on new thread, hope you are ok choccy. So sorry for the loss of your mum friendofdorothy.

CountdownBegins Sat 14-Dec-13 09:41:24

Morning all thank you for all the welcomes- just catching up on the thread as I haven't been on for a few days.choccy hope you are

CountdownBegins Sat 14-Dec-13 09:45:07

Sorry posted too early- choccy hope you are ok- How far along are you now? With my mc last month I found the NHS direct line to be a massive support when i was panicking but I guess it depends which person you get on the line. Fingers crossed its not a chemical and everything is ok choccy

My thoughts go to everyone who has lost their Mums this year- must be so difficult xx

Ruggle Sat 14-Dec-13 09:56:11

Oh no Choccy ! Hope it isn't! :-(

I think I overdid things yesterday. Had my staff review meeting with my horrible boss which I found very stressful ( he's the departmental game player!), and then sang in my choir's Christmas concert....which had a Christmas jumper theme for Save the we were all boiling. I got a sore back from holding my music folder, and I had to stand for two hours solid (rehearsal followed by concert).....and then my step daughter (who was hyperactive thanks to her Grandad feeding her sweets all night) was climbing up my, swinging off me, and bouncing all over me.....and by the time I got homebI just burst into tears. Tummy was a bit sore and my hips are hoping to take things easy today. I just worry about the efects of it all on the bean.

Hollyjokes Sat 14-Dec-13 10:17:29

Updated stats:

baggyoldcow 24th/25th July, 39yrs DC#4&5
Talulahbelle 26th July, 33yrs DC#1
Babymamatobe 26th July, 33yrs DC#1
Howly 26th July, 26yrs DC#1
Morganlove 26th July, DC#1
Hollyjokes 27th July, 28yrs DC#2
eeyore2911 27th July, 33yrs DC#3
ShoesBagsDresses 27th July, DC#2
Allypallyjelly 28th July, 30yrs DC#1
funkymonk 28th July, 31yrs DC#1
TheBookofRuth 29th July, 35yrs DC#2
ItchyBodCrane 29th July, 38yrs DC#1
DinkyFrinkbuster 30th July, 37yrs DC#2
usmama 30th July, DC#1
MrsNutella 30th July, DC#2
Shallol 1st August, 27yrs DC#3(5 inc DSS)
Blamenargles 1st August, DC#2
Plumviolet 2nd August, 36yrs DC#3
Eminybob 2nd August, 33yrs DC#1
ImSoFluffyImGonnaDie 2nd August, 30yrs DC#1
Sconeintheoven 30th July, DC#2
GillyMac93 2nd August, DC#1
funnyfish2 2nd August, 39yrs DC#2
OveranxiousUnderated 2nd August
2beornot 4th August, 32yrs DC#2
Mrsantithetic 4th August, DC#2
Jen1990 4th August
PinaColadas 5th August, 26yrs DC#1
Armadale 5th August, DC#1
flymo79 5th August, 34yrs DC#1
Rexie 5th August, 34yrs DC#2
Honkyponk 6th August, DC#2
bronya 6th-9th August, DC#2
isitnearlyteatime 7th August, DC#1
TwerkingNineToFive 8th August, DC#2
SliceOfLime 8th August, DC#2
miserywaterfall 8th August, 27yrs DC#1
Polkadot1 9th August, 39yrs DC#2
QueenOfGeeks 9th August, DC#2
deuscat 10th August, 30yrs DC#1
mszeenwithabean 11th August, 31yrs DC#3
Mrspeacock81 11th August, 32yrs DC#1
CountdownBegins 11th August, DC#1
sillymeagain 12th August, DC#4
HungryHorace 14th August, 37yrs DC#2
Ruggle 14th August, 39yrs DC#1
mammabear4 14th August, 24yrs DC#1
Missvaughan85 15th August
DuPanettoneDuVinDuFromage 15th August, DC#2
RoseHoney 18th August, DC#3
ScienceGeekGirl 19th August, 29yrs DC#1
ATruthUniversallyAcknowledged 19th August
FriendOfDorothy 19th August, DC#2
Chocolocodowninacapulco 20th August
FiremanSamsWife 20th August, DC#2
Choccywoccydodah 21st August, 34yrs DC#2
Mummyagain2014 22nd August, DC#2
Shakshuka Due Date not yet known, 39yrs DC#3
NameToBeDecided Due Date not yet known, 32yrs DC#2
Travispickles DC#2
Nulanoo due August
Mrsmusic Due Date not yet known, DC#2
Rosesonthewane due mid July to early August, DC#3
beanbaking83 due August, DC#1
FEEdec due early August, 35yrs DC#2
EssexGirlLottie due August, DC#1

Hollyjokes Sat 14-Dec-13 10:19:28

Oh choccy just read your update. Really hope that it's not hmm

Shak & Friend I'm so sorry to hear about your mums x

eeyore2911 Sat 14-Dec-13 10:32:25

Oh Shak and Friend, so sorry about your mums sad that is so awful, I couldn't even begin to imaginethanks
Choccy, I hope you're ok?! Really hope it's not bad news for you x x

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