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Friend 19 wks pg ordered to have total bed rest, present suggestions please!

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SheRa Mon 17-Jul-06 20:20:15

I have a friend who has recently miscarried and is now pregnant again and is 19 weeks. Last week, she nearly lost the baby and had a cervical stitch put in so she has now been ordered to have complete bed rest for the duration of the pregnancy. My dh wanted to buy flowers but I was wondering if any of you mnetters who may have been in the same boat had any other suggestions?

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donnie Mon 17-Jul-06 20:21:44

OMG - really hope it works out OK for your friend., no advice but I'm sure others will have some good ideas.

Northerner Mon 17-Jul-06 20:23:21

I would do her a 'bed rest survival box' and fill it with magazines, crossword/sudoko books, DVD's, CD's and novels.

DumbledoresGirl Mon 17-Jul-06 20:25:44

If that were me, I would like a big jigsaw puzzle and one of those jigsaw boards you can buy that you do the puzzle on and can then fold up when you want a break and the puzzle stays in place.

Come to think of it, I would like that anyway!

What does total bed rest mean exactly? Can she get up to go to the loo?

SheRa Mon 17-Jul-06 20:26:28

That is what I was thinking, any good book, DVD suggestions? I'm thinking nothing too weepy at the moment!

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melsy Mon 17-Jul-06 20:27:14

I 2nd northeners suggestion , had 3 days in hospital last week and the 1st things I wanted was magazines anything from glamour to gossip, a funny book , some chill out music & sweeties (like one penny ones as a treat). Do you know what shes into with these things ? Im just wanting ligh hearted silly uplifting films.

melsy Mon 17-Jul-06 20:29:44

ok dvds

13 going on 30
Bride and predujice
Kate & leopold


Marian keyes
shopaholic series

cant think , need to go and look on my shelves !

SheRa Mon 17-Jul-06 20:29:53

She has been told by consultant work ends now, no unneccesary walking (trips to loo allowed), no lifting including kettle, over-exerting etc.Will also make sure she is pointed in the direction of mumsnet!

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SoupDragon Mon 17-Jul-06 20:31:27

Laptop with wireless broadband then!

SheRa Mon 17-Jul-06 20:33:04

Most definitely! Am loving the idea of the bed rest survival box.

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melsy Mon 17-Jul-06 20:39:40

I listen to this series of cd's to relax calm music

If she has a DAB radio , turn to chill radio , as it has that kind of relaxing cool stuff all day NO DJ's NO ADVERTS.

Blandmum Mon 17-Jul-06 20:39:55

book of suduko, some Evian water spray to help to keep her cool, 'memoires of a geisha' to read, some nice smelly candles to burn

SheRa Mon 17-Jul-06 20:43:34

These ideas are fab! Much more thoughtful than flowers, can't wait until the shops open tomorrow.

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melsy Mon 17-Jul-06 20:43:44

ooh yes Memoires of geisha , book & dvd to compare !! Ive also just read Empress Orchid , not as good as memoires but still a lovely escape into another world.

SittingBull Mon 17-Jul-06 20:43:56

Message withdrawn

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