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Due in December 2006 (PART TWO)

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accessorizequeen Mon 17-Jul-06 15:38:48

Coz the first thread was getting too long....

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accessorizequeen Mon 17-Jul-06 15:46:05

Estimated Due Dates for Dec 06 (nothing's changed that I know of, but thought it would be handy to have on top).

Contentmum 3/12
beepbeep 6/12
Lucy5 8/12
choccybickie 8/12
dublindee 10/12
Calmriver 12/12 (c/s earlier)
jabberwocky 15/12 (c/s earlier)
accessorizequeen 16/12
Carameli 17/12
Devongirl 17/12
cupcakes 21/12
Magnolia1 22/12
spinamum 25/12
lennied 26/12
Olihan 26/12
Loulou000 26/12

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choccybickie Mon 17-Jul-06 19:04:27

It was definitely too long! hows everyone doing in this heat??? I swear i almost melted into a puddle today! xx

jabberwocky Mon 17-Jul-06 19:21:08

Devongirl, even though ds hardly moved while I was pg, he hasn't stopped moving since!

Calmriver Mon 17-Jul-06 21:45:16

Hooray, I did my driving theory test today and passed. The hazard perception was a bugger, but I scored 100% on the test! Yoohoo!

Now I just need to do the intensive course!!!

Oh, I went camping this past weekend, and slept on the ground in a sleeping bag! My hips felt so bruised yesterday!

Calmriver Mon 17-Jul-06 21:49:20

I am 19 weeks too, and I have slao felt movement since 15 weeks! REALLY early. I was 16 weeks with my DD!

jabberwocky Mon 17-Jul-06 22:21:34

Congratulations, CR! I live in the US so don't know exactly what it's like, but have gathered from MN that driving tests are brutal over there

We had our scan today and everything looks perfect I'm also rather pleased that my weight gain with this baby is not near as much as with ds. Keeping my fingers crossed that it stays that way!

Carameli Tue 18-Jul-06 08:12:44

congrats Calmriver on your theory test. I remember doing mine when I was pregnant with dd and she never stopped moving around when I was trying desperately to concentrate on the hazard perception bit. I cannot remember what I got but was so relieved that it had not stopped me passing.

glad your scan went well jabberwocky.... I am jealous as have to wait till Aug 7th to get mine, seems like ages away.

I am just melting in this heat, really don't like it much. The summer of 2003 was also a hot one and was much further on then with my dd(now 2.75yrs).
Our place has a lovely cool living room which I am so so so grateful for.
Going swimming with dd this morning to do something to keep us cool before it heats up later.

Loulou000 Tue 18-Jul-06 10:46:48

Devongirl I have only felt slight wriggles and I'm not at all sure if it's the baby or just my dinner! So don't worry yet.

Thanks Accessorize, have decided not to worry about eating pizzas and crisps. I mean, I'm eating LOADS of fruit and fish and veggies too, so baby shouldn't be missing out, I hope.

Argh, I'm going to look like Lea off Big Brother if my boobs carry on at this rate.

My bump is really starting to show now instead of my just looking plump. People sitting down on the tube can't seem to see it though. ;)

accessorizequeen Tue 18-Jul-06 12:04:40

Loulou, I am despicable liar. Veggie soup, hah! I ate five of ds's ice lollies yesterday plus fair portion of Green & Black's choccie. Did buy some pg vitamins yesterday (with Omega 3) to make up for it, but of course forgot to take them. I really am not bothered tho, I'm feeling v.happy after bout of depression early on & that's enough for me! I do however, still look plumper (with enormous boobs) rather than pg & no-one at work has guessed yet!

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Carameli Tue 18-Jul-06 12:19:44

does anyone else really hate this heat? Just back from swimming with dd and it was so lovely, they also have a lido area but it was packed so we went to the teaching pool looking out towards it which had loads of room. Was lovely splashing around in the water.

I have a thing for mint cornettos at the moment and those lovely fruit juice ice lollies.
loulou, you need one of those badges I saw a woman with a while ago telling people you need a seat, especially in this weather, I do sympathise with you.

beepbeep Tue 18-Jul-06 13:52:15

Absolutely boiling here!! Went to see Pirates of Carib. other night & bub went mental at all the noise which was quite amusing! Got scan on thurs - cannot wait and been counting down days for ages, just a bit scary that this is the last time we'll see him/her until he/she actually arrives! Just to add to everything (in process of moving house & dp just moved jobs) we've decided to get married in Sept - decided we didn't have enough stress so thought we'd add a bit!

Congratulations on your theory CR.

spinamum Tue 18-Jul-06 14:55:21

congrats! I DO love a wedding!!!

i've not felt any wriggles for a few days.(maybe it was wind!) I can't wait till it happens properly.Bring on the elbows and knees sticking out of my bump.

It is way too hot and DS and I are staying inside with all the curtins drawn to keep us and the house cool. It seems a shame, but as he and I are practically translucent we're so pale.I'd rather this than heat stroke and sun burn.

Carameli Tue 18-Jul-06 16:57:47

Congrats beepbeep, that so exciting. I love weddings as well. Planning weddings are also such great fun. I would love to do it all over again:-)

Loulou000 Wed 19-Jul-06 14:51:51

AQ, go for it! I've been dead keen on ice cream since I've been pg. Wasn't that bothered before. So it must be just what the baby needs. Seriously though, really don't think it's worth worrying. Might as well get those vitamins down you too though.

It is just too hot. Shouldn't be allowed. I'm staying inside too.

Help: I have a contentious issue. DP and I aren't married. And he wants to give the baby HIS surname. I'm saying no way, so he's saying let's double barrel it then. This makes a dead stupid name. Whatever is to be done?

accessorizequeen Wed 19-Jul-06 15:12:32

hey loulou, i'm halfway through large packet of pretzels after 2 ice lollies & sitting on my a**e with the laptop on my knees. Still haven't got to the vitamins yet.

Why do you object to baby having dp's last name out of interest? Do you think baby should only have yours? I was in same boat & am again I suppose. We're engaged & were when ds was born. When we get married, I'm not changing my name, never had any intentions of it. We used my surname as ds's middle name so it was there on the birth certificate & then we could refer to him anyway we wanted. Not double barrelled per se, works for us. But my name sounds like it could be a boy's first name. Think we're going to do the same with the bump, I'm more concerned with coming up with a first name! Want to name bump after my side of the family as ds was named after dp's. But names on my side of the family are Vera, Malcolm and Adeline. Hmmm.Hoping to find out sex next week so I can narrow it down as we have not a single name we can agree on at present!

Oh and beepbeep congrats! I've been engaged 6 years with no wedding in sight yet!

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Loulou000 Wed 19-Jul-06 15:52:34

AQ, it's not that I object to baby having dp's name really. It's more that I would like it to have mine! It feels unjust that baby should have dp's name just because he's the man - especially when it's the woman that does most of the work, when it comes down to it. Even if we ever get married I have no intention of changing my name either.

I like your using your surname as son's middle name, but neither of our surnames really works as a forename! Can't even begin to agree on first names as we don't know which surname they will have to go with.

Congrats beepbeep.

Loulou000 Wed 19-Jul-06 15:53:26

Oh and Adeline is lovely name!

magnolia1 Wed 19-Jul-06 16:24:21

Ok ladies I am officially TOO HOT!!! Dh has gone out and bought a 6' pool and is busy filling it. Might even bath the kids in it later

Have started to finally feel movement although very slight and infrequent. Belly is huge and I look at least 6 months pg Which for someone who is usually a size 8-10 it i sreally early for me to show this much!!
Decided it must be a big lazy boy lol

Cooler tomorrow and hopefully thunder storms Yippee!!!

accessorizequeen Wed 19-Jul-06 19:43:23

magnolia, you must be shattered with 4 (or is this your 4th, I've lost track) to look after, not surprised you need pool. I tried my hardest to spend afternoon on sofa this arvo but everytime I got comfy ds 'needed mummy' desperately for some important task like rolling the playdo. How're you doing anyway, doesn't sound like your pg is straightforward.

Loulou, do you really think Adeline nice? I would love to like Vera as it was both my grandmother's & great-aunt's name and I loved them both but I can't. I can't name a child Vera. I was very keen on Maud tho and a lot of people thought that was equally old-fashioned (including dp so it's off the list). Carlotta is today's inspiration (and I don't even know if having a girl or boy until next week hopefullly) must check with dp! My last name is Baxter but I've decided even if it's a girl I'm going to use it for middle name even if I give her another middle name as well! But doesn't sound like your dp is saying baby shouldn't have your name, just that he wants his in there too but I know what you mean about tradition etc etc. I am sure there is mumsnet thread about this somewhere! Have to say, despite feeling exactly as you did, I'm not that bothered anymore even though we stopped using his full name about six weeks after we were born (people got confused about what was his first name!). I expect that was when sleep deprivation kicked in

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accessorizequeen Wed 19-Jul-06 19:54:15

loulou, what about your mother's maiden name or something like that? ds's first name is actually dp's mother's maiden name (IYSWIM) & it's lovely having that family link.
must go, i'm sure there's an iced lolly left...

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lennied Wed 19-Jul-06 19:59:48

Congratulations beepbeep. I also wish i could do all of my wedding again - so much fun. And we had such a good time, with all of our friends and family.

LouLou - before I got married I was adament that I wouldn't change my name, but when it came down to it, and we had finally made the commitment, I wanted my dh's name, I don't know if you would feel the same or not. I just kind of realised that I was wanting to hang onto my name as a sign of my independence, but then when I was sure we were up to the commitment of getting married, I didn't really need my own name anymore. Sounds strange, but I know what I mean, if you follow me. Also, I have a half-brother, who took my mum's partners' name and then he and my mum split up. It made things very awkward for my half-brother, who ended up changing his name to our surname (my Dad's surname - very complicated!!) as he didn't want to be 'different' to the rest of the family. So I guess there are advantages and disadvantages either way around. Not sure if that helped at all, just thought I would share my experience of the name game!

Off on holiday tomorrow for 2 weeks, so will catch up with everyone after that. Good luck for all the scans that are coming up. Can't wait to hear some news on them all.


Loulou000 Thu 20-Jul-06 09:57:09

I think Adeline is really nice, and I can almost convince myself Vera is good too. I read an interesting article about old names coming back around the other day... oh here we are.

And yeah, DP would be more than happy if we could get both our names in there. I just don't think they really work... neither does my mother's maiden name. I'm beginning to think we should all change our name to something entirely new!

Weighed myself today for first time in ages and have put on ELEVEN POUNDS at 17 weeks. Argh. Is that too much? I feel like a whale now.

jabberwocky Thu 20-Jul-06 13:55:15

Congrats, beepbeep! I love weddings.

Loulou, I wouldn't worry about 11 pounds, I was excited that I had only put on 9 thus far at my last weigh in, as last time at this point I had gained 18!!!

magnolia1 Thu 20-Jul-06 13:57:12

accessorizequeen: my 5th!! lol

I have only put on 5lbs but look huge.

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