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from north west england area

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janeggybee Fri 14-Jul-06 13:02:05

are there any expectant mummies / daddies from the north west. i am from wirral.

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MerlinsBeard Fri 14-Jul-06 15:38:32

u could try the meet ups section janeggybee

dreamydowler Fri 14-Jul-06 19:18:09

hello we meet again janeggybee I am from Ellesmere Port would be nice to meet up with some of the north west mums wouldnt it

Nemo1977 Fri 14-Jul-06 19:38:54

hi janeggybee
I am in liverpool and due in jan, also have a 2yr old and a 7mth old.

liquidclocks Fri 14-Jul-06 20:34:42

I'm from lancaster - due a little boy in September (or october if I go over). Already have DS1 who's 20 months old. Have found the cheapest place on earth to buy a phil & teds in preston but that's about all my 'localised' parenting wisdom so far!

Nemo - that's a close age gap, you're very brave!

curtaintwitcher Fri 14-Jul-06 20:51:17

lol liquidclocks it is a small gap but will be fun..
Where can you get the p+t by the way as am considering one this a marco sky but need something where dd will be able to sleep aswell as db.

chocolateshoes Fri 14-Jul-06 20:51:58

Hi - I'm also from lancaster - DS is 12 months. We did once nearly have a meet-up at Williamson's Park but it didn't quite happen

Where's your Phil & Ted place Liquid?

dreamydowler Fri 14-Jul-06 21:18:34

ok enlighten me someone what is a phil and teds

sniff Sat 15-Jul-06 05:39:15

Hi sorry to gatecrash I live near St Helens and it would be nice to meet other moms from up here I have just had my baby

dreamydowler Sat 15-Jul-06 22:07:04

hi there sniff there are about 4 of us on here that are quite close by and I agree it would be lovely to meet up hope everyone is having a good weekend Ive been to Abergele Llandudno and Talacre beach today with my 3 year old daughter and 8 year old son had a lovely day

HopingCat Mon 31-Jul-06 14:09:26

I'm in Preston. So I would love to know where you are shopping liquid!

I'm due November and this is my first, so I'd love to meet up and hear all your parenting wisdom.

Racers Mon 31-Jul-06 14:16:56

Another from Lancaster here (DD 13m) The Williamson Park meetup did happen but only GigglingGoblin and I turned up so it was a very small gathering Would be good to try again tho'
Come on and spill the beans about cheap shop in Preston (though there's no bump2 on the horizon just yet, it is worth knowing these things)

lpoollizzi Thu 03-Jan-08 13:18:41

Message withdrawn

lpoollizzi Sat 19-Jan-08 21:49:30

Message withdrawn

munchkinmum Sat 19-Jan-08 22:30:24

I'm a Liverpool girl - due April 2008. Have a 3.5 year old DD.

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