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Due in August - 51 babies and counting!

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eenywifemum Thu 13-Jul-06 13:35:04

Hmm... on second thought maybe one of you should have started the new thread, I couldnt think of anything for the subject title! Please think of something better and start another. Anyway is 51 the right number?

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eenywifemum Thu 13-Jul-06 13:38:08

someone start another new thread! I dont want some babies not included in the subject line!

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PinkTulips Thu 13-Jul-06 13:38:51

titles fine eeny

can you do the link or shall i?

eenywifemum Thu 13-Jul-06 13:40:55

janeggybee started another one at the same time called Part 7! we can go over there...

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YellowFeathers Thu 13-Jul-06 13:42:31

Bonjour my lovelys

Wheres Frodo gone.
You'd be soo jealous. My new dishwasher smells of sponges inside too

I have really had to restrain myself from chewing on the babys bath support. Its quite disturbing.

Jasnem Thu 13-Jul-06 13:43:08

It's a shame you're not going to use this title (sorry for the crash).
I clicked on it as I thought 51 of you due in August had had your babies already!

Good luck to you all...

eenywifemum Thu 13-Jul-06 13:43:56

(hi Yellow - you are so funny)


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eenywifemum Thu 13-Jul-06 13:44:29

thanks Jasnem

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dreamydowler Thu 13-Jul-06 13:46:53

Im confused dont leave me I was just having fun where are we going now?

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