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Martians 2014 Thread 14: on intra-uterine discos and knocking stuff over with your bump.

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SuperMuddle Thu 14-Nov-13 08:50:14

Come join us on our shiny new thread! grin

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Jolleigh Thu 14-Nov-13 08:52:51

place marking grin

HotCrossPun Thu 14-Nov-13 08:53:36

Thread 14. Yikes!

SuperMuddle Thu 14-Nov-13 08:55:26

Hi jolls! <waves>

Link to old thread: Thread 13

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SuperMuddle Thu 14-Nov-13 08:58:43

Stats Thread

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IceNoSlice Thu 14-Nov-13 09:02:49

Yay, new thread! I think 13 was an unlucky one for us as it stalled for a bit and we lost some folks. So here's a wheelbarrow of positivity for us all to enjoy the blooming phase (haha) before we get enormous!

HotCrossPun Thu 14-Nov-13 09:15:41

I am loving your positive thinking Ice. I'm going to make an effort to post a bit more in this one.

If there are any newbies lurking that haven't popped in to say hi yet then do! We are V friendly most of the time grin

Is anybody else feeling constantly starving? I keep on having to get up in the middle of the night to eat because I'm waking up with hunger pains. confused

FoxMulder Thu 14-Nov-13 09:16:05


Cassiopeia01 Thu 14-Nov-13 09:17:50

Marking my place grin

Jolleigh Thu 14-Nov-13 09:20:34

《Waves at Super》

Can't claim to be blooming. I do just look fat...

Rockchick1984 Thu 14-Nov-13 09:29:58

Thanks Super!!

Speaking of knocking things over with bumps, I managed that for the first time yesterday - DH's shirt on a hanger on the edge of the maiden where it was drying, ended up on the floor 3 TIMES where I forgot how big I was and squeezed past to get to the fridge grin

SuperMuddle Thu 14-Nov-13 09:33:24

I like your thinking, ice!

Facebook is great, but it would be a massive shame if it were at the cost of the thread. I need to make more of an effort; I've been a bit of a lurker with not much to say lately, v. boring...

As for blooming, well my nails are looking good, but the rest if me's as much a mess as ever... Where the hell's the amazing skin and hair I was promised, eh??

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CalltheMadwife Thu 14-Nov-13 09:57:39

I feel less than blooming today, was sick when I got to work, felt hot and faint so am now on my way home in a taxi sad

FoxMulder Thu 14-Nov-13 09:58:01

Oh yeah, I have terrible skin. Spots all over my chin. And I puked again last night! At 21 bloody weeks. Not fair.

FoxMulder Thu 14-Nov-13 09:58:46

Oh no Madwife. Hope a day of rest gets you feeling better.

CalltheMadwife Thu 14-Nov-13 10:07:39

It hasn't yet just got home and had a rather unpleasant toilet experience as well so don't know if it's a bug or something, hopefully not!

dizhin79 Thu 14-Nov-13 10:12:52

marking place brew biscuit for us all smile

commsgirl Thu 14-Nov-13 11:01:22

Just popping in to bring you all some cake cake

mrsksays Thu 14-Nov-13 11:06:40

Morning everyone - beautiful sunny day here - really helps with the mood I think!

Still having nocturnal wrestling matches with my dream geniie all night resulting in waking up feeling like I've been doing gymnastics and also STARVING all the time (yes HotCrossPun!) but other than that I'm feeling bloody great.

Think the work situation may have resolved itself too so that is a major relief! I can have a cushy part time role totally flexible on days and hours when I return and with childcare taken care of by the grandparents.

DH has started talking a out DC2 following along A LOT sooner after this one that I had imagined - WTF.

SuperMuddle Thu 14-Nov-13 11:07:55

Thanks for the cake, comms! I was wondering what to eat next since I just finished my packet of chocolate digestives...

Hope you feel better soon, madwife. Have some brew and thanks

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Blockette Thu 14-Nov-13 11:39:49

I thourght you had all left me! <sob>

Miss bump is being a little madam today! Got important work to be doing and need to consentrate and when ever I go to do something I get a massive kick that sends a shock threw me so I jump! Then nothing, then when you least expect it ... Bang!

And I'm starving!!!

HotCrossPun Thu 14-Nov-13 12:28:17

I just going to go with the flow with this new found unquenchable hunger thing. There must be a reason for it greed.

It's 12:30 and I've just put breaded fish and chips in the oven. And I'm going to have mushy peas.

HotCrossPun Thu 14-Nov-13 12:30:31

Oh Mad - that sounds terrible. Are you going to bed?

HappyHoppy Thu 14-Nov-13 12:38:54

I threw up again this morning, too! It's very regular (and occasional) - 12 weeks, 16 weeks and 20 weeks so far, always breakfast then feel fine afterwards, although a bit dodgier today. Hmmm. Might go home after important meeting.

MummyPig24 Thu 14-Nov-13 12:44:47

Hello everyone. I will try and get back on track with this thread, got a bit lost with the last one.

Bastard nipple itchy again. Braxton hicks still happening most days. Baby practising it's dance routine every flipping second!

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