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home birth and obstetric cholestasis

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Clando Sat 09-Nov-13 08:49:57

My blood tests have come back indicating high chance of OC. Hospital to confirm bile salt levels on Tues. I think someone must have heard me tell my midwife I fancied trying for home birth after problem free delivery of DS. Hospital recommend inducing at 38 to 39 weeks with OC depending on how mother is surviving with the itch (which is bearable at 32+3). I delivered naturally at 39 last time.

Should I just forget about home birth? Adjustment of expectations from birth centre to induction in labour suite seems less dramatic than HB to induction. But I could just go into labour early again, problem solved... Anyone have experience of this? Need advice!

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Somanychanges Sat 09-Nov-13 09:02:21


I have had OC with both of my pregnancies so far. I am now 25 weeks with my third and expecting it to appear any day now. Obviously I cannot speak for your hospital but from personal experience and those of others with OC there is no way you will be allowed a homebirth. OC is categorised as a high risk pregnancy. There is risk to the baby if levels rise too much and also risk to the mother.

Although to reassure you I had two healthy babies and no issues at birth. Both of my pregnancies were induced due to OC. Levels were quite severe with DD and I was induced at 34 weeks she arrived 3 days later at 35wks. DS I was induced at 37 weeks as it was not as severe as the first time.

I was crushed to begin with as I really wanted to give birth in the birth centre (in the hospital). But I was not allowed. Main thing though is that babies were safe and in the end that's all I was concerned about.

Are you itching then? Hope it doesn't get too bad that itching is a nightmare. Good luck!

Clando Sat 09-Nov-13 10:08:49

Hospital midwife seemed pretty relaxed about risk to baby, new research etc. Not had final diagnosis but expect that's where I get told that even if I go into labour naturally I'd still be high risk so no home or (hospital based) birth centre for me! Which seems to make sod all sense if no risk to baby...

Prickly itch all over but its OK during day and been given piriton for night. Thanks for advice!

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Somanychanges Sat 09-Nov-13 11:02:08

I suppose it depends how bad it is then. If your itch is not too bad it is probably not very severe. I was itching constantly so bad my whole body was bruised and bleeding and I got no sleep at all, it was horrendous.

They are taking it very seriously at my hospital. I have not even developed OC yet in this pregnancy but I am still having to see a consultant regularly and have my bloods checked a lot too.

You are quite far on also, so hopefully it won't get too bad before birth. I usually start at about 25wks having symptoms. I really hope for your sake the bile results are fine and you get to have that home birth. I have always really wanted a water birth. I am actually praying that OC doesn't develop at all in this pregnancy as its my last baby and I would love that water birth.

Good luck for Tuesday smile

5madthings Sat 09-Nov-13 11:04:50

i used to know a lady who had oc in both her pregnancies. she had two home births. bith babies turned up befire their due date. all was fine but i dont think its recomended.

check.out some home birth sites etc thete will be info out there.

Somanychanges Sat 09-Nov-13 11:15:08

I suppose if you come early and you are at home what can they do? Also, if you don't want to be induced they can't force you can they?

With how bad my OC was I actually prefer to have my baby out earlier. But if you feel ok and are happy to carry on you could always just wait it out.

Purplemonster Sat 09-Nov-13 11:21:01

I had OC and they wouldn't let me have a home birth or birth at the midwife led Unit as I was considered high risk even though my bile levels were fine due to the urso. I was desperate to have a water birth but unfortunately it didn't happen for me as I was induced. That said, the baby was absolutely fine and that's what really matters. Best of luck!

Clando Sat 09-Nov-13 20:37:01

Will see how it goes on Tues with consultant. Hopefully baba will just decide to come early. Don't think I will organise birth pool just yet angry angry and the new birth centre looks so fancy too!

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