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Due March 2007

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Hopecat Tue 27-Jun-06 11:58:20

Hello! Got my BFP 15 minutes ago and only on CD27 so anything could happen, but couldn't miss the opportunity to start an ante-natal thread.


Me: 30
DH: 33
Estimated due-date: 7th March 2007.

Hope I'll have more joining me very soon

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NatalieJane Tue 27-Jun-06 12:00:55


I don't know if you will remember me from TTC threads a while ago, I am now nearly half way through my pregnancy, but just wanted to say congratulations!!! It is so nice to see the girls coming off the TTC threads!

Anyway, I hope you have many others joining your thread soon and wish you all the happiest and healthiest pregnancies

Hopecat Tue 27-Jun-06 12:03:27

Hi Nataliejane - I do remember you. Thanks for your lovely message.

Have been leaning on Mumsnet to get me through ttc, and now am glued to it as can't tell anyone in RL!

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Beccy1974 Tue 27-Jun-06 12:05:31

and posting it here too

hopecat - WELL DONE

take very good care & have a FANTASTIC DAY

Beccy1974 Tue 27-Jun-06 12:05:31

and posting it here too

hopecat - WELL DONE

take very good care & have a FANTASTIC DAY

Munz Tue 27-Jun-06 12:29:44

god march 2007! I was march 2006. the time's flown by, hope you all have very happy and healthy pregnancys.

DebbsyandBibby Tue 27-Jun-06 13:16:12

Congratulations Hopecat just wanted to nip in and say well done xx

DebbsyandBibby Tue 27-Jun-06 13:17:22

And i second what nj said the very best of luck.

pucca Tue 27-Jun-06 13:18:46

Good god i cannot believe there is a due in March I am from due in August, and boy has the time flown!

Congratulations to everyone

coggy Tue 27-Jun-06 20:41:38

So excited that you've started this thread but that my friend has left me!!!!!

Hopecat Tue 27-Jun-06 20:43:18

I haven't left you coggy! Just posted on the twiglet thread

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coggy Tue 27-Jun-06 20:55:29 I look desperate - chasing you around!!!!

Natty1806 Wed 28-Jun-06 10:02:32

Don't worry coggy you have always got me, am sure i will be in the ttc threads at least another 6 months.

But now that Hopecat has done it maybe we will be next.

I really am posting in the wrong thread.

Anyway was just popping over to see if anyone else had joined Hopecat or if she was still on her own in July .

The lucky devil. very x Just wish me a coggy can join you soon and then we can give up on the 11lbs weight loss. x

Hopecat Wed 28-Jun-06 16:48:42

LOL Natty & Coggy.

Isn't anyone else due in March yet?

Am I alone?

Will keep this thread bumped.

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Normsnockers Wed 28-Jun-06 17:06:09

Message withdrawn

misdee Wed 28-Jun-06 17:09:31

well done marchers 07. dd1 was march 2000, and dd3 was due in march 2005 (was induced in feb though). will look forwards to those march announcments maybe i'll be in a march 08 thread

podglet Wed 28-Jun-06 18:17:19

Just to add my congratulations and can't believe there is a March 2007 already! I'm also from the due in Nov 06.

Hope you have a happy and healthy 9 months and a beautiful baby at the end

coggy Wed 28-Jun-06 19:25:19

Keep checking (and bumping for you)....still the only one......

charmednlb Thu 29-Jun-06 12:06:23

hello ive not been on here for ages since i had lo 19 months ago how bad but im pregnant again now i am EDD 4th march so though i would come and say hello and start all over again!!!
im 24
dh is 35
dd is 19 months
and my dog is 13 months

Hopecat Thu 29-Jun-06 12:20:43

Hi charmednlb - lovely to meet you! Glad I've finally got someone else on this thread with me.

I've got a doggy too - she's 22 months & lovely.

How far along are you? I'm a whopping 4+2.

Look forward to getting to know you over the next 9 months.

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popsycal Thu 29-Jun-06 12:21:43

Oh my goodness!
I was on the March 2005 thread - can't believe that 2 whole years have passed!

charmednlb Thu 29-Jun-06 13:50:48

im a whole 4+4 just wish things whould get going the next 8 weeks to fly by if you know what i mean!

charmednlb Thu 29-Jun-06 13:54:18

what sort of dog do you have we have a german shepard his lovly but a pain some times!!!

Hopecat Thu 29-Jun-06 15:26:37

Mine's a total mongrel - but beautiful.

Obviously lots of work - they all are aren't they? - but very funny.

I'm torn between wanting the next eight weeks to be over, and wanting to enjoy them properly (as far as that's possible). This is my first ever pregnancy, and it's been a long road to get this far.

I'm telling one of my best (pregnant) friends tomorrow - I'll need her if anything happens.

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lennied Thu 29-Jun-06 16:51:51

Good luck with your pregnancies both of you - I am due December and the first few weeks do eventually go by.

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