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Due in August - part 6

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sarahlou1uk Sun 25-Jun-06 18:56:09

thought I'd start one off girls (and Salamander!)

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sarahlou1uk Sun 25-Jun-06 19:00:10

Well, I've got my TENS machine and received my pool on Friday. Inflated it last night to test it and is now residing in the nursery ready for when I need it! Have left it inflated to save time, all DH has to do is carry it back downstairs!!! Seeing mw on Wednesday where I will state that I want a home birth. Got lots of questions for her so could do with a 1/2 hour slot instead of 10 mins!! DH wants to come as well but I kinda like seeing her on my own - how does everyone else feel about their partners going with them?

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dressedupnowheretogo Sun 25-Jun-06 22:04:47

my hubby comes to most i like it that he is so involved my mw really appreciates hearing both sides of our preganacy

eenywifemum Sun 25-Jun-06 23:41:19

Sarahlou - Well done for starting a new thread! I wonder if this will be the last one before all the babies are born??
Salamander comes to all my appointments... I like having him there to remind me of things I wanted to ask and he enjoys hearing Alex's heartbeat etc. We really feel he needs to be involved as its half his responsibility. Just out of curiousity, why would you rather see your MW alone?

Pinktulips - At the baby shower I had at my house the other day there was a friend with a 12 week old baby. He spent time sitting in the bouncy chair we got for our Alex - it is the Mamas & Papas one from the Poppy & Mustard range - it vibrates and he loved it!!!! And he is not normally a baby that like to be set down. I was so pleased it got the seal of approval. I'm sure your baby will love it.

dressedupnowheretogo Mon 26-Jun-06 00:52:06

back from hospital baby went mad wen strapped to monitor was there two and a half hours have got to go back tomorrow for a scan thank god everything is ok

olivo Mon 26-Jun-06 08:10:12

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

olivo Mon 26-Jun-06 08:10:52

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

dressedupnowheretogo Mon 26-Jun-06 08:52:30

got to back ospital at 10 30 to see a consultant and have a growth scan to check fluids will fill you all in

hi to the mum of seven and eeny what a wonderful surprise well done salamander

sarahlou1uk Mon 26-Jun-06 09:29:04

Hope everything goes ok booby - let us know

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eenywifemum Mon 26-Jun-06 12:34:53

booby - What is wrong? I must have missed the post when you told us. Whatever it is I hope everything is alright and let us know! Am thinking about you.

Olivo - the shower was great. I got... um... lots of adorable baby clothes!!!! a lovely blanket... a breast pump!!... a baby einstein mozart dvd... some cute little shoes & a little clip on toy...

I felt so lucky!! TOO lucky!

Ok prepare yourself for some unpleasant detail - I just went to the bathroom and there was a lot of blood. Like, period amount. I have had piles in this pregnancy so I am trying not to panic and just be sure it is that but I dont feel I can be sure. I am scared and dont know what to do really. Salamander is at work, if he were home I would have him take me to see the midwife but I dont drive. Baby was moving loads in the night and early morning, actually kept me awake, but he isnt moving now and I dont know if he is just asleep or is having problems. Anyway I am trying to stay calm. Does anyone who has had piles know if this is normal for them?

eenywifemum Mon 26-Jun-06 13:01:46

update - baby has started kicking a lot as per usual and there is no more blood so I am convincing myself it was piles. I just dont have a lot of experience of piles so I dont know if this is normal or not. But at the moment I am trying not to worry.

olivo Mon 26-Jun-06 13:28:53

eeny - hope you are ok. dont have much experience of piles but i agree that the movement is a good thing. maybe phone the midwife and get some phone reassurance?

i'm finding the whole movement thing so worrying - booby, just saw your other thread, now it makes sense, hope everything ok with scan.

baby had a very quiet day on friday and saturday morning then suddenly started whacking me - i think i'd been so busy and running around after dh that i'd missed any was only once i sat down and relaxed i could feel it properly.

even today, it was going crackers during my staff meeting this morning but i've felt very little since, the odd squirm - i guess they count as a movement though.

BigHotMama Mon 26-Jun-06 13:47:48

Afternoon everyone, hope your all well!

Eeny ring midwife if your still worried chick as although it may be nothing its good to speak to the pro's and get reassurance.

Welcome and Congrats DreamyDopler, wow what a woman! 7 kids? My nan had 9 (would have been 10 but miscarried!) and my other nan had 6! Always thought I'd have big family too but probably started too late in life, hoping to go for 3 (mind you DH reckons we'll stick with 2?!)

Am off to see midwife in a mo! Will ask again what heartrate is and see how big my big baba is since last time. Also going to ask where my bloody bounty pack is? Have been told the midwife is supposed to give you one at your 1st appointment?? Never had one!

Also has anybody applied for the £300 maternity grant? Never heard of it myself but my MIL has given me a number to ring and they ask for your National insurance number and apparnelty every woman is entitled whether working or not? Will let you know as sounds too good to be true?

Did anybody else's baba go kick/roll crazy during the england game yesterday? Felt like it was lying sideways and doing rolls and kicks to my ribs! (DH says its a boy! lol)

34 wks today and feeling it!

pucca Mon 26-Jun-06 13:53:41

Eeny...I have had piles in the past and they have bled especially after "going" but i only had a streak of blood, if you think there was alot then ring MW chick.

Boobylicious...I posted on your original thread, i am glad all went well.

BHM...The maternity grant only applies if you are on income support or high element of tax credits, your income has to be pretty low to get it i think.

I am ok, have got my consultant appointment tomorrow, about the size of baby and fluid levels will let you know how i get on.


SnowBoo Mon 26-Jun-06 14:12:27

Right, found you all!

How are you all? Anyone feel absolutely knackered but can't sleep? No matter what i try i can't settle and its driving me nuts.
Last day at work on Weds so am at home with ds for a few days til he starts new nursery for two weeks then he breaks up for summer! I'm going to be a wreck...

When do we bloom?? All i know is i'm blooming FAT!

SnowBoo Mon 26-Jun-06 14:14:54

Eeny, just checked your thread, i have severe piles and they can bleed quite a lot but you should call mw to get checked over. If anything to get some cream to shrink them! And if they bleed a fair amount it can help toward anaemia. Which i guess is my prob...


sarahlou1uk Mon 26-Jun-06 15:05:07

Eeny - I've just got piles as well (which I'm a bit p*ed off about because I didn't get them with no 1! . Although mine have never bled, sometimes they really hurt and feels like they are falling out (sorry if tmi). Anyway, like everyone else says go get them checked out with mw or doctor if you had a lot of blood.
BHM - would be interested if your info is correct and everyone entitled to it. I have just found out that I will be getting Maternity Grant as I finished work in January but have worked enough to receive it. This will probably be spent on the new arrival or put away for a family holiday next year (unless I see lots of nice things in the sales ).

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eenywifemum Mon 26-Jun-06 15:06:52

Thanks everybody for your advice. I had decided not to call the mw but I think I am going to now.

BHM - our boy has kicked loads every football game we've watched!! I dont know if it is Salamander shouting or what!

eenywifemum Mon 26-Jun-06 15:36:46

well I found the MW who said it doesnt sound like piles because I am not in any pain etc. So she wants me to go to the labour ward at the hospital to be checked out. Ironically that is where Salamander is right now as he works there and he has to drive all the way home (30 mins) to pick me up and then drive me back there. I've been told to pack an overnight bag so you may not hear from me til tomorrow but I'll let you know when I get home!! I'm sure its nothing, just a weird thing. I think they are mainly concerned because I am RH neg.

Hope everyone else is having a good day!

sarahlou1uk Mon 26-Jun-06 15:55:46

Thinking of you eeny - hope everything is ok.

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pucca Mon 26-Jun-06 16:09:56

Hope all goes ok Eeny, thinknig of you hun. xxx

olivo Mon 26-Jun-06 17:49:47

good luck eeny - let us know when yu're back.

incidentally, i had blood when i wiped (only on the paper) after going for a poo ( sorry TMI!) - it was a hard lumpy one . my bum didnt and doesnt this piles?

purpleturtle Mon 26-Jun-06 20:08:20

Eeny - I hope you're doing okay. I don't think this will be our last thread before all the babies are born. I reckon it'll be nearly 9 weeks till I meet my little one, and we'll have an awful lot to talk about before then!

I heard it was the father's birthweight that was more relevant to baby's weight. Sorry if that turns out to scare anyone!

PinkTulips Mon 26-Jun-06 20:09:10

good luck eeny, hope everythings ok

i'm another that absolutely has to have dp with me at the hospital, gp doesn't bother me this time round coz its easier for him to take dd than us all to traipse down there and if the gp did find something dp is just 2 mins away at the house but i'd hate the thought of them finding anything wrong at the hospital and not having him there for support. plus due to low lying placenta i'm supposed to have an extra scan which he'd want to be there for but they never actually tell me which visit i'll get it on, could be sent for it any time i'm there.

lunavix Mon 26-Jun-06 21:13:41

Hi everyone! Hope you are okay eeny xxx

olivo have no idea about piles think they're meant to feel like peas in your bum????? If you don't have those guess that's not it!

I feel like a huge great lardy lump. Seven and a bit weeks to go, we've finally started moving bits around to fit this baby in, hopefulyl in the next day or two ds will move into his new room complete with bed and furniture!! Baby kicks a little but not a lot, I sleep well and mostly don't even get up to pee during the night (compared to 9 or 10 times a night with ds...) but I can't walk, don't know what the baby is pressing on but anything over about half a mile is agony....

PT, not entirely sure, think I was 6lb and dh 7lb.. ds was 7lb 14 lol

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