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Anyone pregnant in Swansea or surrounding area?

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Bearhugs43 Tue 10-Sep-13 07:42:23

Hi and congrats!

I've been working very hard with a friend, after ten years of studying and volunteering in the field, to start a social enterprise (not for profit) providing a complete package of classes and support for pregnancy, birth and parenting, based in Swansea.

We hope to provide free classes and support where it is needed once we can secure funding - but for now, if you are looking for antenatal classes, or would just like to make friends- please read on!

Pear Tree Classes were born because we believe passionately that great support and information throughout pregnancy (not just at the end!) and in the early days as new parents is vital. Their services aim to support families to have positive, healthy birthing and parenting experiences.

Studies show that stress and isolation is common in new parents, and isolation in particular is a big contributory factor in postnatal depression.

This is why Pear Tree services are all designed to empower parents, make friendships, expand knowledge and build confidence.

Pear Tree offer a complete package of pregnancy and parenting classes and support for women and their families in and around Swansea.

- Antenatal Classes

Pear Tree classes are relaxed, informal and interactive. Each session has a very limited number of places so that they can be guided by you.
They focus on knowledge and practical skills as a toolkit for a positive labour and birth experience, built on over a longer period than traditional classes. This helps to build confidence ready for the birth of your baby and allows time to explore their experiences, feelings and choices throughout the rollercoaster of pregnancy and parenthood.

Relaxation techniques, practical skills and baby bonding are also key to Pear Tree classes and are built on each week. A unique concept, our sessions are suitable from 20 weeks so that you can gain as much as possible from them over time. Making friends and building a supportive social network is central to us at Pear Tree - feeling connected and supported by others on the same journey is key to happy birthing and parenting.

Our weekly evening classes run in six week blocks, five sessions for women and a couples session. Each session has a broad theme and is guided by the specific needs of the group. We then recommend that you attend again once every three weeks until your baby is due, to maintain practical and relaxation skills, as well as forging more friendships.

Each set of Pear Tree classes cover:
Knowledge and practical skills for a positive labour and birth

Labour and birth options and decision making

Relaxation techniques and baby bonding

Life as a new family and caring for a newborn

Tuesday evenings, 7.30-9.00pm @ The Children's Room, St James' Gardens, Uplands, Swansea
From just £10 per week


- Weekend workshops

Complementary weekend workshops are also available, with greater emphasis on a specific area:

For example:
- Birth supporter preparation
-Refresher sessions for second time+ parents

From £50 per couple


Pregnancy Social Evenings : another unique Pear Tree service starting this Autumn. Various dates & venues, Monthly 7.30-9.00pm

Designed to enable expectant parents to meet others locally in a relaxed environment whilst learning about local services for pregnancy and young babies, our evenings are a bit like speed dating - without the awkward silences! We are on hand to discuss all things pregnancy and birth related, as well as lot of unrelated chat, nibbles, drinks and goody bags.

Our Pear Tree goody bags are free on the night, and contain all manner of wonderful local information, discount vouchers and samples. £8 single/£15 couple

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Bearhugs43 Tue 10-Sep-13 07:43:11

You can find us at or on Facebook!

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Bearhugs43 Sun 22-Sep-13 21:15:22


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