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Due in September 2006..... into the third trimester.....on the home run

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compo Tue 20-Jun-06 13:12:08

Hope no-one minds [smile

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muminaquandary Tue 20-Jun-06 13:33:27

hurrah and thanks compo

even though I am on the August thread too, this is hard to let go of ...... !

btw how often is everyone seeing their m/w now?

homemama Tue 20-Jun-06 13:36:52

Hi ladies and thank you for your well wishes. Last night I had the best night's sleep I've had in ages. I don't think I'd properly allowed myself to relax since the 20wk scan.

I haven't had a chance to catch up on all the posts yet but I will try and do so tonight.

I'm only 27wks this week so maybe I shouldn't have posted on here yet. Though my dd is 21/9 therefore I'm probably one of the later ones.

I hope this is a happy, healthy thread for us all!

clairemow Tue 20-Jun-06 13:37:13

Good idea Compo, it was getting a bit difficult navigating the last one!

Muminaquandry, I am seeing my m/w every 3 weeks now I think until 34 weeks, then every 2.

Beginning to feel that tiredness again like at the beginning of the pregnancy - is anyone else? Although finding it hard to get comfy to go to sleep and getting up at least twice to go to the loo in the night. Only another 10 weeks max to go. How scary.

Just got a decorator to come and paint our bedroom next week - moved in 2 years ago, and it's got 1970's brown opaque mirrored wardrobes down 1 wall I hated on sight. They are finally going!!! Is this the nesting instinct??

clairemow Tue 20-Jun-06 13:38:16

hi Homemama - glad to see you back after the scan. It must be such a relief for you.

homemama Tue 20-Jun-06 13:45:13

Muminaquandary, I haven't seen my mw since 20wks and I'm not due to see her til next week when I'll be 28wks. Then I see her again at 32wks then 36wks, 38wks and 40wks.

With DS, I don't think I saw my mw any more often (different area) but I felt like the sessions were geared towards going through different bits of info each time. This time I'm barely in the door when she's dipping my wee then it's on the bed to hear baby then she's handing me my notes. It's not so bad because it's not my first time but 5min appointments are not sufficient in my view for an ante-natal visit.

compo Tue 20-Jun-06 14:22:48

I'm the same as you Homemama - seeing the midwife next week for the 28 week blood tests I think. Then it's every 3 weeks until August I think. At 36 weeks it will be every fortnight. Such a hassle but at least it's nice to hear lo's heart beating away

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Coriander73 Tue 20-Jun-06 14:25:57

Ohhhhh... a new thread!!!! Good idea...I'm 28 weeks on Friday

I'm seeing MW every three weeks until 34 wks then every week till birth. Plus I have the consultant at 34 too...

Yep definitely more tired now, especially afternoons....& even though I should be doing housework etc I look at it & I just can't get any motivation even though it's irritating the hell out of me! JL delivered DD's new bed this am.....made it all seem that bit more real. Hopefully we'll have it decorated (the spare room that is) by end of July so she can in beg of August...a good 6 weeks before DD.

Bella23 Tue 20-Jun-06 15:03:38

OOOH a new thread the last Trimester...........GOSH all feels so soon!
Am excited but the time seems to be speeding up!

Clairemow - yes am also experiencing tiredness in the afternoons. I thought it was the heat but its been cooler over the last few days and I have felt just as knackered!

pol26 Tue 20-Jun-06 15:46:52

Glad there's a new thread! I will be 28 weeks on Monday- yeah!!! I can't wait until bubba is here now. I think it's cause i've been washing stuff like mad and packing hospital bag.

Last night our washing machine broke! It had been on a programme that normally takes about 40mins all afternoon and I thought it was strange. DP went to bed early as he was tired (since we've had an arguement he seems to be trying to help out more) Hence why he is so tired...! Any how, I was waiting for it to finish as it had his work shirts in for today and rest of the week- that is one thing he cannot manage, the washer! So I go to open the door and the full force of water pours out so i can't shut the door, I get drenched the floor resembles DD's paddling pool and I manage to throw my clean tea towel on it all to try and soak something up. Took me one hour to mop up and then had to hand wring everything out and hang them to drip dry the rest. As our house is rented and the washer is theirs DP called today to tell them and ask what happens, but in the mean time I have heaps of washing to do and no washer!!!

I'm so glad i'm not the only one feeling like a lazy cow and trying hard not to fall asleep in the afternoons. Once mindee goes in three weeks I am planning on going to sleep, as DD goes down at 2pm for about 2 hours... I am counting down the days until then!

I have bloods next week, I must book that appointment and midwife on week 29 (the following) I am amazed really as last time I had high blood pressure and saw mw every week from week 27 and from 30 onwards twice/three/four/five times a week. From 35 onwards had her to the house every day! It was reassuring but annoying having to wait in for her all the time, still it was for our health and now feel that this mw just gets you in and out rather than actually bothering to find out if you're ok.

Found some ace flip flop/sandals in tesco in a size 8 (two sizes bigger than I usually am) to accomodate my shrek feet. Also feel my wrists sweeling too and not so hot anymore. Roll on when bubba is here and my feet shrink back!

Also getting v.tired of ppl touching my bump or asking what is it. Although we know it's a boy it is a secret to friends and family, so we aren't telling anyone else (We told my sis and mil)and amazingly mil has kept it to herself!) so I have been saying 'well, I hope it's a baby...' I know they think i'm being cocky but after the 12th time in one day i'm cheesed off with it!

Homemamma glad you're all ok now.

Lysettes Tue 20-Jun-06 18:54:42

clairemow - i'm really tired at the moment. i think i'm on a really early dd as i'm 29 weeks tomorrow - apparently the lo is growing ahuge amount now, so i'm guessing that's sapping all my energy. had to nap this afternoon and yesterday as well

liquid - just a continuation from the last thread - I think you should definitely not go on the work thing - as the mw kept teling me "work's not going to look after you!"

I am seeing the consultant every two weeks now, and have been for the last 6 weeks, and after 32 weeks it will be every week.

at least it's a little cooler now!

calvemjoe Tue 20-Jun-06 19:04:35

Thanks for the new tread compo, Hope everyone is ok. I'm exhausted at the mo too, and have been sleeping in the afternoon when ds is in bed or I am unable to function.

Pol, at least people are mentioning your pg. My bump is definatly bigger than my boobs and NO ONE has mentioned it Makes me feel very unspecial!

I'm seeing midwife every 4 weeks and did so with ds till he was born.

Take care everyone, 29 weeks today

Aussiemama Tue 20-Jun-06 19:19:33

Hello! New convert to mumsnet here. I'm due on the 18th of August (first pregnancy). Is anyone else in the position of seeing a different midwife everytime they go....and then having a different one again at the hospital? Am I just being naive by being surprised by this?

compo Tue 20-Jun-06 19:28:12

Hi Aussiemama - I seem to have 2 midwives on a job share. It is a bit annoying because then I have to say the same thing at the next appointment.

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clairemow Tue 20-Jun-06 19:43:48

hi Aussiemama - last time in London I saw a different midwife on every single visit to the hospital, and my GP at the doctor's in between. different midwives at the hospital for birth as well, and they swap shifts too in the middle.

This time I see the same midwife every time I have an appointment - all at the doctors, and the same consultant at the hospital. All much better. But she won't be the midwife at the birth, and again I expect they'll swap shifts etc. But then if it's a long birth, I couldn't really expect them to be with me for the whole duration...

pol26 Tue 20-Jun-06 19:44:59

During my last preg with DD I saw a different mw most days but then did see them very very often. This time I have so far seen my mw twice and one other midwife.

pol26 Tue 20-Jun-06 19:48:11

calvemjoe- My DD would comment on your bump, since she has been poking mine now anyone with a fat tummy gets pointed at and she shouts 'bebe!' Even to men, which sometimes can make me embarrassed. But then she's not even two yet.

Supposedly too this mw I have been assigned tries to be at your birth! I actually enjoyed going into hosp and having a completely different mw. But then mine didn't switch shifts, although I just prefered coping on my own so think I wouldn't of minded.

puppy Tue 20-Jun-06 21:40:28

yeah a new thread I'm 28 weeks on Sunday.

Congratulations Homemama thats really good news!

Liquidclocks I agree with the others that you should give this conference a miss , Hope you are ok.

Sorry if I have not acknowledge everybody but I am having a hard time concentrating tonight lol, tiredness. I hope you are all well.

When pg with ds the gp midwifes worked in a small team of approx 6, they also worked on the labour ward so when I went into labour I saw midwifes from my team. With this pg they have changed how they work, the gp only has two midwifes and I have only seen my midwife once, but the other I have seen I remember form last time and she remembered me so I feel comfortable as shes nice, the others that left work on labour ward apparently so I feel at ease iykwim. Hope all thatmakes sense lol

SPDif thats what it is) is gradually getting worse, sat here with my left hip aching like mad and has been for most of the evening, took a paracetamol but it only lasted an hour, Went shopping last night for clothes and by the third shop I was having discomfort. Got my physio appt on monday followed by my midwife appointment.

Is anybody still having morning sickness? I had a bad bout this am and do so once or twice a week, the rest of the time I just feel nauseous if I get up early.

Marls001 Wed 21-Jun-06 03:20:39

Puppy - Tired here as well.

Welcome Aussiemama!

What y'all are describing re: mw's is a situation I really went out of my way to avoid.
Here it's called "rotating call", where a group of OB/GYNs in the same office wanted me to go in and see each of the 6 or 8 of them, and then whoever happened to be "on duty" when I went into labor would be the one who delivered baby Jameson.
I think that's (as y'all might say) absolute rubbish, and it wasn't the way things were done with DS1 in Houston, so called around until found current Dr. (actually recommended by an area mw) who's the only one I am seeing, and will also be doing the delivering.
I'm just glad I had the choice. I think it would have difficult emotionally for me to be seeing so many people - many personalities, viewpoints, etc.
And, especially, not to know who might be walking through the door in those final hours.

Went on what I can definitely say now was my final run yesterday morning. Can do a 2.25-minute quarter mile, but then can't keep running over 3 minutes , so I suppose it's time to stop and start walking!!
The midsection seems suddenly so much bigger ... Alternating between feeling especially feminine ... and feeling like a pot-bellied dwarf.

Woodelf Wed 21-Jun-06 08:19:23

Great idea to start a new thread! Homemama I'm due around 23 Sep too so will be 27 wks on Friday!

Looking huger by the day but I forget the bump is there sometimes - doh!

Starting to feel more tired in the afternoons but have to work out my contract till end July - glad its no longer than that! Funny thing is workis getting busier as I have to tie up lose ends etc before the lady on maternity leave comes back... Focus and concentration for anything not baby related seems a bit off beam .

The funny thing is I don't look Soooo pg from the back but turning sideways and i'm like a ship in full sail! Also a lopsided one as my one 'working boob' is expanding and the other poor wee one that will not be part of the milk bar arrangement because of lumpectomy surgery years ago remains as is. Very strange!

compo Wed 21-Jun-06 10:43:41

Puppy - I still feel nauseous most mornings. I'm fine when I get up, it usually comes on about an hour after I've had breakfast. I've tried eating different things for breakfast just in case it was milk/coffee/fruit making me feel ill ut even if I just have toast and water I still feel crappy. It's worse if I haven't slept well too. I was awake last night from 12am - 2am... think I'm stressing about things which is making me a bit of an insomniac. Roll on September is all I can say!!

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compo Wed 21-Jun-06 11:00:44

just had a thought... the only thing I haven't tried cutting out in the morning is my Pregnacare tablet. I'm onto my last packet and I'm wondering whether to buy any more. is everyone else still taking antenatal vitamins?

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Normsnockers Wed 21-Jun-06 11:04:54

Message withdrawn

mabel1973 Wed 21-Jun-06 11:07:04

yipeee! a new thread - we're almost there!

Pol - there is nothng worse than your washng machne breaking down - nightmare - hope you get it fixed.

I went out last night with the girls!! It was great and the 1st time in ages, I really enjoyed it and didn't get in til 11.10pm - wooohhooo! I am such a dirty stop out! it was just what I needed though, although V. tired today!
I am seeing my midwife again today -- in fact I am waiting for her to turn up.
She is seeing me every 2 weeks at the moment, because of my iron levels and sciatica - I don't think thats normal.
She is my community midwife that's works from my local GP's surgery, but is based at a different hospital to the one I have opted to go to, so I won't know any of the midwives at he birth. This was the same situation last time, but it didn't bother me at all and to be honest the shift changed 3 times with DS's birth, so I had that many midwives coming and going I lost trrack, the only person who stayed with me through the whole thng (other than DH) was a student nurse - funnily enough I'd said in my birth plan No students (I'd had an image of a group of students peering over me like something out of Carry on Doctor), but it turned out I was very grateful that she stayed with me and came up to see me on the ward the next day.

puppy Wed 21-Jun-06 12:26:55

Compo I take morrisons own vitamins as I am not the world healthiest eater, I found that pregnacare made me sick and shall not be taking them anymore so if anybody wants my remaining ones (nearly a full pack i think) let me know and I'll post them out to you.

Norms hope the cold doesn't stay for long, enjoy your day off tomorrow

Hellkat just read you have been having cramping, how are you?

Mabel I am jealous at your night out, glad you had a good time

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