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Spotting at 6 weeks? Yep, another panicking newbie over here!

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littleLS Wed 04-Dec-13 20:28:35

hi, im approx 6 weeks and had similar brown spotting and red when wiping after loo over the weekend, had lower abdo cramps too. was seen at the out of hours doc on sunday and referred to EPU on monday, had a scan, everything was normal, sac showing normal size, too early for heartbeat. they reassured me and said that it is very normal to bleed early on. i have to got back in 2 weeks for another scan check up and will hopefully hear heartbeat then.
i have since had very bad nausea yesterday and today which is apparently a good sign!

flyingrocket Mon 12-Aug-13 23:54:34

Hi gary, know exactly how you feel. I starting spotting on Sunday morning and still bleeding with major cramps. It doesn't feel like I'm pregnant but can't lose hope. The worst thing is the pain. Going back to the doctors tomorrow to see if they can do another scan as I'm only 6+6 but yhe doctor who saw me said I was much less. No heartbeat either as too small to detect. Have to stay strong and positive as anything can happen.

Duplogiraffe Tue 06-Aug-13 15:44:19

I had bleeding at 7 weeks started off brown then became bright red. I had an early scan at the EPU and they could see an area of bleeding. I bled off and on for a couple more weeks and scan's showed the bleed was still there. By my 20 week scan the blood had completely gone and DS was born at 38 weeks. I never found out what caused it. I hope everything works out well for you.

GaryWilmotsWedding Tue 06-Aug-13 14:27:22

Hi all,

I think I am 6+1 today and last night started with some light brown discharge - definitely not red yet. It is accompanied by some light cramping, not much more than I have had all the way through so far, but the thing that really worries me is my boobs are less sore and I no longer feel queasy. I just don't feel pregnant any more and in fact feel horribly pre menstrual and upset. And I know I shouldn't...but I am a POAS addict and the 2 FRERs this morning were lighter than at 5 weeks. I'm booked in for a private scan on Friday to take a look, (the EPU was quite reasonably not very interested) but I am sat here at my desk just googling this over and over! I thought you sensible ladies might be able to offer some of your own experience - to stop me reading everything and anything on the web. The bleeding worries me less than the lack of symptoms and not feeling preg anymore. Any stories much appreciated! Thanks!

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