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Sooooooo nervous...........

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UCM Wed 07-Jun-06 09:10:24

It's just gone 9 and I am waiting for taxi to take me to hospital for the scan..... I am not usually this jumpy but for some reason I am today. All shaky and silly.......oooooooooooooo. I do hope that all the nonsense I have been through in the last 3 weeks hasn't done any lasting damage.........Scan at 10 and should be reporting back by midday. Fingers crossed for me girls pleeeeeeeeeeeeeze <shaky smile emoticon>

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katylou25 Wed 07-Jun-06 09:39:43

Good luck!! am sure it will be fine

MerlinsBeard Wed 07-Jun-06 09:48:13

thinking of you x

Salamander Thu 08-Jun-06 13:03:57

Good Luck UCM - sure it will be ok!!

jersey Thu 08-Jun-06 13:52:08

How did the scan go UCM?

saltcod Thu 08-Jun-06 18:07:56

thinking of you UCM......hope it's all good news

flutterbee Thu 08-Jun-06 18:09:11

Please let us know how it went UCM.

UCM Thu 08-Jun-06 19:54:51

The scan went fine thanks. I posted it on my silly email thread and forgot to come back here. They found a heartbeat but my dates and their sizes don't quite match up. So I will have another one soon. I have probably got my conception date wrong.
So according to my scan I am 7 weeks pg, I thought I was 8, but hey whats a week between friends??

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