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September 2013 - Definitely in the third trimester now!

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badguider Mon 01-Jul-13 12:42:48

New thread... will try to find the stats thread and link...

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badguider Mon 01-Jul-13 12:49:19

I think this is the most recent stats thread, even though it hasn't been updated since May 17th.

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HettySunshine Mon 01-Jul-13 13:10:29

Just popping my towel on a sun-lounger smile

MrsMangoBiscuit Mon 01-Jul-13 13:20:04

Checking in on the new thread (so I can find it easily again later!)

Had my 28wk appt today. New midwife was very nice, as was the student with her. Bump and I are both doing well. I measured at 30cm and was told that was perfect. There seems to be a pretty good range for perfect. grin

I asked about belly wrapping. Midwife knows women who have done it for the extra support and comfort, but she's not heard of it helping pull you back into shape any quicker. It's still looking appealing, but I think I need to do a bit more reading.

Midwife is also happy to delay cord clamping if possible, will not try breaking my waters, and is happy for me to give birth on the floor on all fours. So all in all I'm feeling happier. smile

Mooster1709 Mon 01-Jul-13 13:35:17

sorry sorry, I was being confusing - it's the BabyBjorn bouncy chair that I was thinking about (like this, rather than the sling/carrier (have been given one of those by same friend, so will give it a go, though I read the same thing about bad for spine development etc).

Have spent a very productive morning at work looking for a cheap plain black nightie for my hospital bag. Holy Grail, it turns out.

flipflump Mon 01-Jul-13 13:39:03

Mooster, my friend had the baby bjorn bouncer. She loved it and told us if we could stretch to it then go for it. I'm very tempted!

I'm so bloody nosy, just looked at the due in August thread, one of them has had their baby - officially scared now confused

Mooster1709 Mon 01-Jul-13 13:45:03

oh God. Don't say these things. Officially I'm due in August...

And thanks to whoever it was who suggested Asda for non-pink babygrows (I know it was ages ago, but I'm a bit slow on the uptake).

JammyTummy Mon 01-Jul-13 13:56:18

Preggo rage alert! We have a painter who's been coming to do out front door, and every time he is due to turn up at 10 and he has not yet once turned up at that time... He keeps pitching up and telling me he was stuck doing another job for my husband's company so that's why he's late. Anyway, due at 10 again today and what do you know, he is still not effing here angry!!! Evidently he is coming in half an hour,
cause he was stuck doing a job (for my husband, apparently). Well he has got a whole new bloody thing coming aka a really angry pregnant bird!!! He's obviously concluded that since I've been here every time he's pitched up to do his painting I will just be here whenever he fancies it and so it's ok to completely take the piss. Bloody men [ angry]

JammyTummy Mon 01-Jul-13 13:58:45

flip do you know what is so good about it?

#makes calming therapeutic noises#

Mooster1709 Mon 01-Jul-13 14:10:02

also meant to say thanks to badguider for the new thread..

flipflump Mon 01-Jul-13 14:13:31

Jammy, apparently the movement is different but I've not seen it in action. Might see if I can have a play with one in John Lewis.

frogchops Mon 01-Jul-13 14:49:03

Asda clothes was my suggestion mooster, I had another little look today, they have some lovely things.
I also just had a little weep reading that mrs mango has spoken to her mw about how she'd like to give birth!!! His knows why!!
All became quite scary earlier when I realised that I needed to pack my notes to go on holiday with. DP looked at me like 'don't you dare!'

badguider Mon 01-Jul-13 15:00:03

There's a really huge sainsburys opening near us in July and as we have £49 worth of nectar points i'm hoping we can get a lot of our first lot of vests/babygros/nappies/lanisoh/sudocrem/maternitypads/breastpads with those points smile
Apparently the sainsburys babygros have integral scratch mitts which sounds good.

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frogchops Mon 01-Jul-13 15:08:14

Good move badguider. We are tesco shoppers so saved all of our points to buy our baby monitor. For some reason though I can't see more than about 3 outfits on sainsburys online.

badguider Mon 01-Jul-13 15:09:44

no, i can't see much in sainsburys online but i've been assured it's there in the really big shops - just like they don't sell many clothes in general online but do in big shops...

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RunningBear78 Mon 01-Jul-13 15:09:48

Thanks badguider for our new thread!

hello purple!!

Wanted to say a HUGE thank you to whoever it was that suggested I investigate the deal with non-renewal of contracts in maternity leave ... I know it was ages ago, but after pointing a few things out to people at work, and a very sarcastic 'oh I'm so sorry, I misunderstood' type emails I've just been offered a contract continuing on from this one - wooohooo!! Best part is that by the end of it I'll have been employed for 4 years so entitled to go permanent. Phew. Such a relief. So thank you!! flowers

If anyone is after super cute baby clothes have lots of reduced organic cotton gorgeous stuff. I've just irrationally bought a towel with a bear face on it for twice as much as its worth but the ears are so cute blush

I think my car seat purchase may have just opened the floodgates ...

oh and shock about early babies, might get on with this hospital bag thing after all.

CharlW1 Mon 01-Jul-13 15:29:44

That's great news RunningBear! honestly it sounds like they were hoping you wouldn't question it.

I'm just sat waiting for my anti d - I came last week but despite me giving blood tests every week, being under a consultant for anti bodies caused by negative blood, and it being on my notes and having to carry a card saying I am rh negative - they didn't believe I had had the 'official' blood test to say I needed anti d! I'm in no mood if they refuse it me again.

Getting so tired now - have had to do a plan for my last 5 week's at work (of which one is a holiday week) very scary!

I am currently looking at bottle farmers send sterilisers - is it worth getting a microwave one or a stand alone one - I plan on using nuk bottles (although do plan on breast feeding if I can)

herewego2 Mon 01-Jul-13 15:39:38

Thanks for your kind messages re: car accident. Starting to feel normal and stopping thinking about it every 5 mins.
Very reassuring to hear about tiredness and hormonal behaviour, tick to a that. Sleeping well for me is the key to all of this and if I don't get it I think my DH dreads coming home from work cos I'll find something to snap about. If I've had sleep the whole house is like the blinking Waltons. I try so hard not to be like that but quite often fail. Yep, Badguider I like the title of the new thread, its def how I feel now XXXX

herewego2 Mon 01-Jul-13 15:45:23

Speaking of hospital bags and getting ready. I've just found a nice template for a birth plan on the Boots website. See if it's useful for anybody:

kipsonline Mon 01-Jul-13 15:48:22

Hello new thread! Well, I am going g

kipsonline Mon 01-Jul-13 15:53:04

Oops (typing with toddler not a good idea) I'll try again:

Glad you're ok here we go, welcome purple and thinking of you joskar

I have been a bit busy this past week as I had another consultant appt and I'm going to be induced on 14 aug 'if I haven't delivered naturally before then' eek, that is nxt month.

Cue manic writing of birth plans, trips into the loft, retrieving loaned items back fr

kipsonline Mon 01-Jul-13 15:54:21

Back from friends and trying to finish at work etc etc. deep breaths, it'll be fine.... ??!!!

RunningBear78 Mon 01-Jul-13 16:01:56

Charl nah, just total incompetence - our HR manager was recently suspended then left, so clearly just had no idea what she was doing. I got a hilarious email from them saying that they absolutely refuted my suggestion that the non renewal of my contract was anything to do with my pregnancy or maternity leave, cue sarcastic email back from me apologising for mis understanding the business situation having been assured there would be work for me at the end of my mat leave grin worked a treat!

kips ... that is only 6 weeks away!! ooh how exciting.

oh my god, just realised, it really isn't long until we are actually going to have babies and be mummies - eeeekkkkkkkk shock

JammyTummy Mon 01-Jul-13 16:25:04

shock kips oh my goodness that is so soon!!!!!!!

Readytosettle Mon 01-Jul-13 17:48:24

Go runningbear!! So many people must be getting stitched up by their employers without even knowing it...a little knowledge goes a long way :-)

I just won bank holidays for myself & my fellow preggers colleagues (including one who is already on mat leave and is now getting an extra 8 days that she didn't know she was entitled to!).

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