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Due in September 2006- part three...count down to summer!

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Coriander73 Fri 19-May-06 18:00:15

New thread promised!!!

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compo Fri 19-May-06 18:16:31

woo hoo!! Hope everyone has ad a good day and has a nice weekend. I've become addicted to Big Brother already!!

homemama Fri 19-May-06 19:14:36

Congratulations on the scan Bella!
Re reflexology; you must make sure you get someone who is trained in pregnancy reflexology or at least is well aware that some areas of the foot must not be stimulated pre 36wks. As Liquidclocks says, there are pressure points which stimulate the uterus and whilst the risk is theoretical, it's best to stick to someone who knows what they are doing.

Have a good weekend everyone!

Lysettes Fri 19-May-06 19:38:20

marls - am still lying on my back a very little bit, unti lo starts complaining that there's not enough room and starts kicking like a rugby player!!!

bella - huge congrats on the scan! that's brilliant news that everything's ok and also you get a bonus scan out of it as well - that's the good spin i'm putting on all the b pressure issues

and agree with everyone else re reflexology - as long is someone is trained in pg reflexology you'll be fine. although i'd go for a pedicure, as getting to my feet is becoming increasingly difficult

and as for cramps, lots and lots and lots of massage seems to be the only thing that is helping me, although my left calf feels as if i've just pulled the muscle owwwwwwwww even just walking. have a really good gorgeous physiotherapist i sometimes go to so may just have to treat myself (or get dh to treat me!!!!)

anyway, have a lovely weekend everyone!

calvemjoe Fri 19-May-06 21:18:43

Hello everyone hope you're all doing well. I'm so tired at the mo that I hardly have the energy to get online, sorry!

Mabel, cramp is supposed to be caused by calciun deficincy. Don't know if it's true but suffered through last pg and agree anything is worth a try.

Compo, bb is sucking me in again too.

Please don't hate me, but I weighed myself today(after a week of bad constipation) and I'm lighter now than I was when I got pg, but it looks as though someone has put a beach ball down my top!

Ds has started suffering from night terrors and is sobbing his heart out 4 or 5 times a night till I go in and stroke his face to settle him back off. It's breaking my heart.

So much more I wanted to say, but can't concentrate for long enough to write it down! Speak soon x

Bella23 Sat 20-May-06 11:28:16

Cool - a new thread, hoorah!!!

Calvemjoe - lighter now than before, how, how ????!!!
I am guessing you are not throwing twix bars down your thraot like me for a start...........

compo Sat 20-May-06 14:01:21

grr at Calvenjoe!!! I feel huge already. Don't think I can get much bigger but obviously I will!!

Marls001 Sat 20-May-06 15:35:08

Calvemjoe ... you're probably not eating cookie dough for breakfast like me ...

Thanks for new thread, Cori !

Major congrats to Bella !

DS is becoming more difficult. I'd heard about the "terrible threes", and now we're hitting them. More "no"s, "I don't want to"s, etc.
On the plus side, have lined up 2 mornings per week in the fall at a "Kids' Day Out" where I can drop off both children to nursery & pre-school for a break (baby starts November).

So what does everyone think of the name "Jameson Alexander"?

liquidclocks Sat 20-May-06 21:24:10

Marls - love the name! Sounds like he could be anything from and artist to a barrister! What would you call him for short though?

For anyone with cramp - I had it really bad with DS1, waking all the time in the night with pain in my legs, tried loads of supplements but nothing worked. What did work though was just 2 mins before bed every night looking like a fool and doing calf stretches - DH thought I'd lost it but it really worked and I didn't have any more - am already doing it this time to try an prevent them and aven't had any. Hope this works for others too

Re night terrors, I know she's like the devil to some mumsnetters but Gina Ford's second book has a really good chapter on them and nighmares - I used her advice and so has a friend and worked both times. Promise to not mention her again now - sorry...

mabel1973 Sun 21-May-06 09:54:57

Hi All!
Congrats Bella XX
Well, the wall between the old upstairs loo and the study came down yesterday to make the new bedroom for the lo. I was dreading it, but it wasn't that bad. Still lots to do to get it ready, but we are well on the way.
I started a little thread on cramp and someone said eat banana's for the potassium before bed, and it seems to have worked, I haven't had it for the last 2 nights anyway.
I have just got a book out of the library - Best Friends guide to Toddlers - or something. At 18 months DS is well and truly entering his terrible 2's!
Liquid - I've also used loads of Gina Fords advice, as a 1st time mum with no experience of babies, I found her advice more useful than any midwife or HV, I think as long as you just cherry pick the bits that are relevant she's not THAT bad!
Finally getting to see my midwife tommrow - was supposed to be immediatly after my scan, but getting an appointment with her is like getting an appointment to see the queen!

Lysettes Sun 21-May-06 10:54:06

Calvemjoe - if you're looking to put on weight i can heatily recommend Magnum ice creams althought you do get calcium from them too!

marls - what a cool name - jameson will share the same second name as jake - what will oyu call jameson for short (sorry i think liquid also put this one!)

Mabel - what did you find particularly good from Gina? and has anyone else used her as a guide or a help???

Will also try bananas for cramps - it's when i'm out and walking around though, not in the night!

mabel1973 Sun 21-May-06 12:25:39

Lysettes - a friend bought me the contented baby book as her sister had said it 'saved her life' !! I needed a 'how to' guide for babies as I didn't have a clue, I found the routines extremely helpful, as being a 1st time mum, you just assume they're crying becuase they're hungry, whereas they may be just tired - may sound obvious, but I didn't know!! I also don't cope well with sleep deprivation but thankfully DS was sleeping through at 9 weeks old and when he was waking at night it was only once and I put it down to him being in a routine early on. It comes across as extremely rigid, but if you just take some of it with a pinch of salt (i.e. 'you should have a tea and a piece of toast now' - yes really!), I think it's a very useful book - I am sure alot of Mnetters would strongly disagree with me and believe babies find their own routine, which I'm sure is the case sometimes - but not always!

HellKat Sun 21-May-06 15:14:59

Hiya all.
Bella- Congrats on the scan!
Cal- at your weight! Your poor little man though! My eldest (luckily) only had them a couple of times. I'm dreading them coming up with ds2.
Love the new thread girls. Shame it does'nt actually feel like summer at the mp with all this rain!

Hope everyone else is well!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

liquidclocks Sun 21-May-06 17:36:28

I used the first gina book for DS too - the first time I EVER held a baby was a friend's just 5 weeks before my due date! As I'd had no experience at all I decided to use it after a friend had sung it's praises and found it really helpful. DS is still in gina's routines at 18 months and not wanting to sound like I've had it too easy, he has never woken (since 9 weeks old) in the night except for once when he was really poorly. I have to say though, you definitely need to take it with a pinch of salt as mabel says - I followed the routines for baby but not for me. DS also had reflux which sometimes mucked the feeds up as he'd need feeding again after throwing up the last one - but he never had colic. It can be quite limiting when you get to the toddler group phase - you have to find ones that run at the right times and I don't know whether mabel breast fed, I did bottle, but I think bottle fed babies are suppposed to sleep better anyway - though this might be a myth. Pros outweighed the cons for me but you have to be prepared to stick to your guns over cying and bedtimes because giving in just once sends you back to square one. Not everyone is cut out for that because it is heart breaking to hear them cry, though DS cried a lot less when we stuck to the routine, the only time he ever cried for more than 15-20 mins was when we'd mucked it up.

- Having said all that I also really do believe that we all find a way that suits us in the end, regardless of who's advice we read.

Also, while vaguely on the subject of crying, some helpful info for first time mums can be found here . A friend of mine rang me when hers was 2 days old and I got her to have a look at this list and she found it really useful. I also have a friend that used the helpline because she was on her own and didn't know who else to call and she said they were great.

liquidclocks Sun 21-May-06 17:42:14

Also - is everyone else really showing now? I feel HUGE compared to last time! (I've tried to stay of the crisps and biccies but sometimes...)

intergalacticwalrus Sun 21-May-06 18:05:56

Good afternoon all!!!!! I have been lax at keepingh up with these threads. I always seem to come on here and get embroiled in some bizarre thread or another, and forget you ladies are here! Sorry

Liquidclocks, I am MASSIVE. People keep asking if I am due any day. I think most of it is probably down to pain au chocolat though Mind you, I was massive the first time round, and the year in between as well. (when I got pg this time, I was heaveier than I was when at term with DS)

Calvemjoe, well done on the weight. I am very I have been going to Slimming World since Jan (when I weas first pg) and I am lighter too, by 10lbs. It's all starting to creep on again though! I sterted out determined to be good, but as time is wearing on, more and more treats seem to come my way!!

As for me, I am suffering with SPD and sciatica, which is a royal PITA as I am a cello teacher, and I work pt in a pub. I will just have to keep going though, as we can't afford for me to have time off. DS is also a bit of a livewire, so it's a nightmare keeping up with him. I keep looking wistfully at the medised wondering if I have grounds to drug him to get some peace and quiet, but knowing him, it'd make him bounce of the walls all the more!

Can't believe we are all over half way now. I remember doing my test and coming on here way back in January as I was in shock and I needed someone to confirm that I was pg (despite doing 2 tests!) I was also a teensy bit gutted, as it was 2 days before my birthday and I was looking forward to having too much wine! Oh well, there's always next year (couldn't celebrate the year before either as DS was 6 weeks old, and i was a sleep deprived zombie!)

IOn the subjesct of sleep, I agree with liquidclocks that we all find our own way in the end. GF is obviously an emotive subject, and I personally wouldn't use her regimes but I think she does give some useful advice, and if it works for you, who cares what others think? I think most mums just take from it what they think will be useful and relevant to them. I am personally quite a disorganised person, and would be hopeless at following any kind of routine. I have always been adamant about a bedtime routine though, as I think they need some way of settling down at night and knowing the difference between day and nighttime. Most baby "sleep training" experts probably agree on this unanimously, and I would certainly recommend it! DS's is bath, milk, story, teeth and bed, and he's great at settling himself.

Speaking of which, it's bathtime now, so I'll stop spouting crap! Hope you all have lovely Sunday eves

appyday Sun 21-May-06 20:53:30

I don't think I've been on here since Feb, although I have grabbed the odd 5 mins to scan through and try and keep up with most things.
Congrats Bella.
Calvemjoe-big , Esp as my DP commented last week that I seemed to have put on most of my weight over Easter! But at 9lbs so far I don't think it is too excessive.
Don't know if this is normal but I am a lot more laid back this time (my 2nd). Keep forgetting to go see midwife, only kept confirmation appt. although I've had my scans and all ok even though we couldn't find out the sex. Some days I forget about being pg altogether for a while, and I feel quite sad as I was going to appreciate every moment of this cos I'm not doing it again. Not even got many symptoms-big belly, a bit warm in bed, clumsy(er),wake up early and get out of breath going up stairs. And finally kicking loads.I almost feel cheated, but not quite.
Anyhow will try and keep up this time,promise!

homemama Sun 21-May-06 21:33:39

Lysettes, you have to be prepared to undertake a very strict routine with Gina Ford. It does work but it was just too much or me. Especially the, 'express 4oz with one hand whilst eating a slice of toast with the other.' It works for lots of mums but personally, I just found it too regimented and felt it left me almost housebound.
For us, the baby whisperer book worked much better. It's basically a gentler form of the same thing. I found the E.A.S.Y programme really simple to follow. You just need to decide which level of routine you want and which fits in best with your family. What I would say is that if you choose to go with the baby whisperer scheme, buy (or borrow) her second book. It's the slightly larger beige one rather than the blue one. It also goes up to the toddler stage. Though I have to say, I'm ignoring the potty train between 12mths and 18mths advice.

As I said, like every aspect of parenthood, you need to choose the equipment and advice that fits best with you. The best advice I was given in my first pg was, 'It's only good if it works for you!' I'd say that goes for routine, feeding, dummies and all that sort of stuff.

Sorry to go on!

Lysettes Sun 21-May-06 21:37:30

i too am big - feel huge though....when you look at me from the back, you wouldn't think i was pregnant, but from the front and side, I'm huge!!! apparently quite normal with boys

I have a number of friends that are either just mums or have toddlers now, and all have praised GF to the hilt - I think we are going to try it but not to the letter (don't know any of them that are eating toast and drinking tea when she says!!!)

Appy, good to see you back on - sounds like there are the good symptoms there - especially the kicking!

Maybe with all our kickers we'll be able to put together our own rugby or football team!!

have a great week everyone

homemama Sun 21-May-06 21:41:59

Lol, I started that post at lunchtime but didn't get round to posting it til now. In the meantime, everyone else has said pretty much the same thing.

As for size, lady in tescos last week watching me waddle says, 'never mind love, not long to go!' Suffice to say, I am huge!

Marls001 Mon 22-May-06 01:47:45

Jameson would be "James" for short! Thanks so much for feedback; glad you like it.

Potassium and being better hydrated (drinking 3L water/day) worked for cramps when pg with DS. Stretching, like Liquid, worked for me, too.
I'm not so attentive about water these days, though I should be

Our lifesaving book about newborns was "The Happiest Baby on the Block" by Harvey Karp. We'll use his "5 S's" method again with DS2. The 5 S's are: Swaddling (tight), Side/stomach (holding the baby this way), Shhh'ing the baby, Swinging the baby, and Sucking (giving the baby something to suck). You do them all at once to get a newborn to stop crying. Worked EVERY time. We also used "Baby Wise", but very sparingly. It's a controversial manual in the US. It does help if you don't care if the baby "cries it out" a bit.
Couldn't get enough milk into DS1, so breast feeding ended up contributing to my postpartum depression last time, which is why DS2's not getting anything past the colostrum. I.e. one week on the breasts, then they're MINE - and hopefully shrinking from the D's they are today! I'm taking DHA now though, trying to make up for it.

We're using Gina Ford's potty training book - to train "in one week" ... sounded more realistic than Dr. Phil's "in one day" method! Hadn't ever heard of Gina Ford before trip to London where we picked up her book!

Bella23 Mon 22-May-06 10:26:00

Morning ladies

Wow all this talk of which books to buy is really useful - think I shall be purchasing this week to get some ideas before the little one is due.

I started making a list of all the things we need to do and buy before September and its huge!! As a first timer there is just so much to decide on - lots of fun though!! Am going to start this week with the all important "liitle outfit" ....totaly unimportant in the big scheme of the list but very essential in the fun stakes!!

Well Midwife supposed to be here at 10 but no sign as yet ..........

Hope you all have a good week ahead ....

homemama Mon 22-May-06 12:20:05

Bella, wow! can't believe your midwife does home visits. That must be nice. Last time I had post natal visits at home for 10days until heel prick then I had to go to the surgery. Also had to go to surgery to ever see HV.

Marls, meant to say I really like James. Quite unusual for it to be short for something too!
I think your 'Baby Wise' book sounds very like Gina Ford. I know the cry it out bit does work but I've always been too weak to do it.

They've brought my repeat scan forward to the 12th June so I'm hoping this new thread and all your good wishes will be lucky for us.

Bella23 Mon 22-May-06 12:23:32

Homemama - I thought everybody had home visits from the midwife.......feeling very lucky then!
She did put the fear of God in me though as told her the hospital had told me about my low lying placenta and asked for her thoughts and worst case scenario. She then went on to tell me that in rare cases they have to perform a hysterectomy during the cescarian
Me thinkest I didn't need to hear that!!
Am trying to banish the thought now and just keeping my fingers crossed that its moved by the next scan in July.

Homemama - what is your next scan for? Sorry can't remember?

mabel1973 Mon 22-May-06 12:35:41

Hi all

Bella - another one jealous of yor home visit - I have to walk over a mile there and back with DS this afternoon to the surgery in the pouring rain

Liquid - I bf ds but he still slept well and I never really had to leave him to cry. I saw the 5 S's thing that Marls mentioned on Richard and Judy just after I had DS and found that he really seemed to be soothed by being swaddled (and plugging him in to his dummy!)
Homemama - I know what you mean about Gina Ford - if you take it to the letter you would litereally NEVER go out, that's why I just picked out bit and bobs of it.
Is it raining where you all are? I am so fed up with it - it's meant to be SUMMER!

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