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APRIL 2013 - Part 9 - Fed up, tired and over due! Will we make the April deadline or could we gatecrash May?

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JaquelineHyde Mon 29-Apr-13 14:47:04

Hello everyone and welcome to what I am sure will be the final ever Due in April 2013 thread! sad grin

Only a few of us left still holding on and fingers crossed we will all pop within the first few pages of this thread <hopeful>

So let me kick off...

I am currently 40+11 and due to be admitted to hospital tomorrow to start induction. I've been told to expect a May birth as my cervix is still high and very closed!

Lets get everyone else checked in who is still holding on and all the other April ladies can wave the pom poms and send labour vibes to those of us yet to have our lovely newborn snuggles.

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wishfulthinking1 Mon 29-Apr-13 15:15:31

I have my Pom-poms at the ready!!!

Trishstar Mon 29-Apr-13 15:17:41

Cheering you guys on!! xxx

Teapig Mon 29-Apr-13 15:28:31

fluff, I'm so pleased Delilah is doing well. Bet you can't wait to get home.

Thinking of you helens and you have your baby in your arms very soon if not already.

jh and all the other mums to be my pom poms are out and ready for waving. Wishing you speedy births and healthy babies who arrive very soon xx

photochick Mon 29-Apr-13 16:44:08

Thanks jh for the new thread! Let's hope we all have our LO's on this one even if they are May babies!

Good luck jh for tomorrow.
I hope Helens doing okay.

Not enjoying this waiting game. If it's much longer I will have worn out my hoover and washing machine! Plus my mil and sil arrive on Saturday - their idea not ours. Feel under pressure to produce a baby in time! They are not staying with us but I selfishly wish we had the chance of at least few days settling in at home before visitors arrived! My mum has suggested staying in hospital as long as possible lol!

Mama1980 Mon 29-Apr-13 16:54:05

Also have Pom poms ready and waiting to cheer everyone on!
Hope all is well for Helen.
Great news again fluffeh, I'm thrilled for you, hope you are home now and snuggled up

Dysgu Mon 29-Apr-13 16:57:36

Fingers crossed and pom poms waving that you will all be holding your own babies very soon.
JH fancy you going all the way to the end - I was joking that I would end up being late and that Evan would arrive in May as the DDs both came so early. The medical people all said it was unlikely (and they were right, obs - he is now nearly 7 weeks old!) but it must be feeling strange for yo being this pregnant! Good luck whether it turns out to be April or May.

birdbrain17 Mon 29-Apr-13 20:13:49

thinking of you all flowers xx

Rivergirly Mon 29-Apr-13 20:49:38


Checking in -defo gonna be one of those gate crashing May now and i can't believe it!! Ds2 was dead on time so was convinced baby 3 would at least be on time!

Induction booked for Thursday night so assume by the time things get going and with my usual long labours we may have our lo by Saturday!

Jaq are you being admitted in the morning - the policy at my local hospital is to induce in the evenings! Feels like there are hardly any of us left now. Good luck for tomorrow anyway and keep us posted - this is the first time I have been induced with nothing having happened beforehand - ds1 contractions for 5 days but going nowhere and ds2 waters broke then nothing so I went straight on a Syntocin drip but this time I think it will be the pessary route and being sent home again!

bext Mon 29-Apr-13 21:13:29

Mama, can't believe you're still going strong for us when Alex must be nearly six months old now and loads of us still haven't got our babies in as yet - thanks for sticking with us :-)

I'm convinced I'm going to be the last one to pop - as the last one due in the month it will be sods law LO will be two weeks late - maybe I should have joined the May group!

Fx for an arrival this week...

itsaruddygame Mon 29-Apr-13 21:42:07

Good luck ladies! Hope your babies arrive very soon : )

KelleStar Mon 29-Apr-13 21:51:02

Fingers crossed for all still due. Well done so many of you for being so patient.

HadALittleFaithBaby Mon 29-Apr-13 22:06:51

Come on babies, be born already! <waves pom poms for those left>

Really hope tomorrow goes smoothly for you jacq and Thursday for you river.

Baby will be out one way or another bext! smile

JaquelineHyde Mon 29-Apr-13 22:15:53

Yep I'm being admitted at 8am tomorrow morning.

I will have the pessary inserted after the usual monitoring and then just have to wait it out. I have to remain as an in patient as they like to monitor you with the pessary over 24hrs.

I cannot believe I am at this point, I have been ready for this baby since 34 weeks. All the medical staff are a bit baffled by it all as well as they were so certain I would be having a premmie again grin

Oh well I suppose it just proves you can never predict pregnancy and labour!

I will try and update either here or on FB but the internet is pretty crappy in hospital so bare with me.

Not sure I'm going to sleep much, I feel too excited grin

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phantomhairpuller Mon 29-Apr-13 22:19:57

Fingers crossed for us all then ladies! Am 40+1 but booked in for induction on Friday as previous section with DS1. Really thought this baby would be early, I think that's part of the reason I feel so disappointed now! I'm almost certain I'll be gate crashing the may crowd wink

EssexWelsh Mon 29-Apr-13 22:26:04

Come on babies, 2 more days in April, you know you want to be in our gang, now listen to your Mum's and out you come already!!

Ollibobs Mon 29-Apr-13 22:41:25

I'm still waiting too. I can't believe I am five days late as I thought I'd be giving birth around 37 weeks as all the women in my family did. I feel like I've been overdue for the last 3.5 weeks... Gah!
Have a sweep tomorrow and hopefully the MW will book my induction for the weekend at the latest. I'm so tired of waiting!
Thanks for all the Pom Pom waving. Its very encouraging! smile

LikeCandy Mon 29-Apr-13 22:47:08

I wonder how many super spicy curries have been ordered tonight?! grin
Come on April ladies, lets see you in the post natal club come May the 1st!

helens82 Tue 30-Apr-13 01:00:54

Anna Isobel arrived this afternoon at 4.45 7lb 7oz.

Very relaxed and straightforward elcs and not too much pain at present.
She has already fed well (in contrast with DS who had no idea) and is sleeping beautifully in her cot. Unfortunately no other baby on the ward is so little chance of sleep.
Can't get used to having a girl after a boy last tone and still feeling a little unreal that she's here even though I can see her! I know that sounds silly.
I'm now making up for not eating since midnight yesterday and looking forward to seeing DS later.

Hope inductions go well for people left and that we get more April babies!

KelleStar Tue 30-Apr-13 01:45:00

Congratulations Helen! A lovely name!

edinfirst Tue 30-Apr-13 02:28:52

Just adding my pompoms! We could do a pretty good Mexican wave across the country to encourage/welcome these babies - I think I'm one of the furthest north so shall I start?

<waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay> grin

new baby hysteria plus sleep deprivation pushes edinfirst into slight lunacy

Mama1980 Tue 30-Apr-13 09:16:13

Congratulations Helen grinthanks and welcome to the world Anna xxx
Thinking of you jacqueline hope everything goes quickly and smoothly for you x
Yep Alex is nearly 6 months now grin rest assured I will be cheering you all til the last baby is safely here- its the least I can do for all the support you have all given me grin xxx

HadALittleFaithBaby Tue 30-Apr-13 09:17:29

Congratulations Helen, hope you recover quickly from the c-section. Love the name smile thanks

Good luck jacq!!

photochick Tue 30-Apr-13 09:19:00

congratulations Helens!

jh hope all goes well today x

olli I feel exactly the same (40+4). Midwife tonight so hope for more info (even tho I always told her I wouldn't need this appointment! famous last words!). Maybe she will do a sweep unless you have need to be booked in for that?

photochick Tue 30-Apr-13 09:22:23

wow Mama 6 months - amazing!!

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