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momamia Thu 13-Apr-06 15:03:05

Hi Peeps,

Hope everyone is doing well, i'm 34 weeks pregnant with my second child (he's 2 years old) finding it more difficult this time round as i am not able to rest when i want, starting to feel a little low and emotional, i hope that now i can talk to mums in the same sort of situation as myself it will help lift me a little as i feel a little on my own.


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DumbledoresGirl Thu 13-Apr-06 15:07:53

Awww not where you are now, but I have had 4 children and know what you are talking about re tryng to fit in rests etc. Probably your lack of rest is what is making you emotional. I know it seems like the last few weeks will go on forever, but they won't you know.

Will your 2 yo sit in front of a video for ah hour or so each afternoon? I know that is not ideal but that is how I survived when I had a little one at home and needed desperately to sleep.

waterfalls Thu 13-Apr-06 15:08:27

Lol, your pst reads that you are pregnant with a 2 year old.

No advise but welcome.

momamia Thu 13-Apr-06 15:14:14

Sorry message wasn't suppose to read as it sounded, my first child is 2 and i am pregnant with my second, as you can tell my head is not completely with it. I'm a bit all over the place at the moment, but its really good to talk to somebody else other than your own family.

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sniff Thu 13-Apr-06 15:24:24

I am on my third pregnancy 34 weeks

my oldest is seven littlest 2 and I am shattered and my feet hurt!!! it seems to take ages to do any jobs so I am emotional or just irational and they seem to be making more mess and noise than ever I hope you fell better soon and get some rest my DH is away a lot aswell and it is harder x x x x

BigHotMama Thu 13-Apr-06 15:35:56

Momamia is that you Louise? I'm Mel and work with your other half and he just told me you were joining MN so thought i'd pop on and say Hi as I'm due in August with my 1st! Hope your not feeling too low and talking to others on here makes a big difference, I'm totally addicted and you'll get plenty of support & advice. I just cant imagine how you moms cope with being pg whilst having a little un to look after! (I can just about look after myself)
Hopefully these next few weeks will fly by and your little girl will be here very soon! Take care x

emom Thu 13-Apr-06 15:44:17

Hi Momamia,

Glad you joined, its me Em, It was great to chat earlier. It wont be long now just relax and get your other half to pamper you!! Hopefully see you soon x Take care it will come naturally!! xxx

momamia Thu 13-Apr-06 16:08:47

Hi to everyone thats sent the messages, i am starting to feel a little better not so upset, as the saying goes it good to talk.

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emom Thu 13-Apr-06 16:23:31

Yeah it is mate. Knew you would feel better when you got on, dont forget you can go into your month and there will be other moms at the same stage as you.xx

momamia Thu 13-Apr-06 17:30:35

Hi Dumbledoresgirl,

How do you cope with 4 kids and manage to do everything else, it must be hard. How old of your children?

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DumbledoresGirl Thu 13-Apr-06 18:47:31

Momamia, who says I cope?

They are now aged 9, 8, 6, and 3. Joking aside, I do believe you have to alter your standards and expectations when you have more children. I often read about other Mumsnetters doing various activities with their children and I realise that I don't do those things with my children. I even find it hard to do the basics, sometimes, like helping with homework or playing with the youngest, but they gain in other ways, having siblings to play with etc.

An example of my standards slipping: when I was pregnant, I got very tired most of the time. With ds1, of course I was free to rest when I wanted. With ds2, I rested when ds1 had his nap. With dd, I rested when ds2 napped and ds1 was at afternoon nursery. By the time ds3 came along, the boys were at school but I still had dd at home but she had grown out of naps. That was when I napped upstairs leaving her to watch videos every afternoon. Needs must.

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