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May '06 stats thread

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cori Wed 05-Apr-06 09:18:36

I thought I would start a stats thread as I am sure someone will pop before due date. There are so many of us we are bound to get confused as to who due when.

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cori Wed 05-Apr-06 09:22:28

Due Date: 4th of May.
Birth plans: Trying for VBAC, but booked for c-section on the 10th of May if I am overdue.
Children: one DS who is 4
Hospital: Hillingdon

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Seashells Wed 05-Apr-06 09:29:32

Age: 26
Due date: 1st May (girl)
Birth plans: Was hoping for home birth but now just hospital again.
Children: ds 7, dd 2

plama Wed 05-Apr-06 09:46:39

Age 35
Due date 20th May
Birth Plan Hospital then home ASAP!
Children DD 3.5

nez Wed 05-Apr-06 10:00:41

Due:May 17th
Birth plan: home if possible. Got OK so far.
Children: 1st timer

lovecloud Wed 05-Apr-06 10:43:42

Age: 27
Due: 6th May
Birth Plan: Natural birth at hospital
Children: Lovely dd aged 3 years

ladyoracle Wed 05-Apr-06 10:48:06

Due: May 25
Birth plan: HBA2C, but will prob end up with another c\s
Children: DD 3.2 DD 1.7
Hospital: Countess Chester

runtus Wed 05-Apr-06 11:08:16

Due: May 24
Birth plan: Hospital with whatever pain relief seems best at the time!
Children: None
Hospital: Basingstoke

runtus Wed 05-Apr-06 11:08:38

Oh - and it's a boy!

supersonic Wed 05-Apr-06 12:18:34

Age 32
Due: 8th May
Birth Plan: Whatever seems necessary at the time
Hospital: Watford
Children: Beautiful DD nearly 5

hockeymum Wed 05-Apr-06 12:43:06

Age: 31
Due Date: Friday 21st April
Birth Plans: elective section on above date at 38 1/2 weeks. baby Boy
Children: a wonderful 3 1/2 year old dd
Hospital: UHW - Cardiff

littlemisspiggy Wed 05-Apr-06 13:48:27

Age: 41
Due Date: 24th of May
Birth plans: Que sera sera
Children: DS (3.5)
Hospital: Barnet General

thebecster Wed 05-Apr-06 14:42:14

Age: 33
Due Date: 30th May
Birth plan: we'll see how it goes on the day!
Children: first timer
Hospital: St John & St Elizabeth London

... and it's a boy

sniff Wed 05-Apr-06 15:30:53

Age: 30
Due Date: 28th May (girl)
Birth Plans: Hospital again probably with drugs!!
Children: DS nearly 8, DS 2.5
Hospital: Whiston

WinkyGirl Wed 05-Apr-06 15:31:26

Age: 29
Due Date: 20 May
Birth plans: Hospital, whatever seems appropriate
Children: none
Hospital: Winchester

louismummy Wed 05-Apr-06 16:30:17

Age 31
due date 6 may
birth plans: water birth, but anything not to tear like last time!!! and anything to avoid c section.
children: one ds who is 20 months
hospital leeds general infirmary.

TheIncubator Thu 06-Apr-06 10:23:28

Age: 36
Due date: 28th May (but will prob be induced at 36 weeks)
Birth plan: take it one contraction at a time but definitely at hospital!
Children: first timer
Hospital: John Radcliffe in Oxford

... and it's a boy too!

fenny1 Thu 06-Apr-06 11:06:48

Age: 34
Due Date: 15th May girl
Birth Plan: Got my home birth go ahead yesterday But reserve the right to change my mind!!
Children: None yet
Hospital: If it becomes necessary Treliske, Truro

squidgeymiller Sun 09-Apr-06 10:57:24

Age: 26
Due Date: 29th April
Birth plans: hoping breech baby will turn of own accord as hospital can't fit us in for ECV in time due to lack of doctors, but should get elecive c-section date tomorrow just in case doesn't go to plan. If baby does turn hoping for water birth and anything to avoid c-section and epidural
Children: one 17yr old step daughter but doesn't live with us
Hospital: Wishaw (nr Glasgow)

tortoiseshell Sun 09-Apr-06 12:55:03

Age: 29
Due Date: April 23rd
Birth Plans: Home Birth (had 2nd birth at home)
Children: Ds (4) Dd (2)
Hospital: Home!

Bouj Mon 10-Apr-06 03:31:32

Age: 30
Due Date: 29th April
Birth plans: want to avoid being induced, so happy to accept either of the other due dates in my notes of 2nd or 5th of May, so hold out for natural labour.
Children: one DS who is 3 on Saturday.
Hospital: Mater Mothers Private in Brisbane, Australia.

HandbagAddiction Mon 10-Apr-06 08:55:51

Age: 36
Due date: May 28th
Birth plans: Don't have one really - will take it as it comes...but it will be in hospital
Children: one dd who is 2.7
Hospital: Royal Surrey

Imafairy Tue 11-Apr-06 12:47:25

Due Date: 13th of May.
Birth plans: Don't have any this time around!! Would like it to be a bit speedier than last time!
Children: one DS who is 2 3/4
Hospital: Chelsea and Westminster

evilstepmom Tue 11-Apr-06 20:46:13

Due date: 4th May
Birth plan: go with the flow, but don't really fancy epidural...may eat words though...!!
Children: none biological but lovely custodial ss (6) and sd (4).
Hospital: Bath

Mandymoo Tue 11-Apr-06 21:00:12

Age: 31
Due Date: 7th May (BOY)
Birth Plan: Hospital, probably drugs, then home!
Children: DD, 3.4yrs
Hospital: Treliske, Truro, Cornwall

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