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lost and dont know what else to do..

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jvanessa Sat 10-Nov-12 20:20:52

I am 22 years old I was on birthcontrol for about a year and got off in may2012 and had a regular period for 3 months but when September came nothing and now I am about 12 weeks late on my period. I have taken home pregnancy test, pregnancy test from the doctors, and a blood test and they all come back negative. (My dr is even stumped) But never in my life have I been late like this. I do not have tenderness in my boobs but I do feel like I want to puke when I'm hungry (not normal for me) and I did puke randomly once well I went out to eat with my bf but after I felt fine. I feel sleepy all the time have gained 6 lbs in about 2 months and again not normal for me. I have been stressed but even when I was stressed in my past I always got a period. And late yesterday I went to the bathroom and seen brown stuff on my underwear like dry blood and when I whipped it was just a little discoloration and today very faint discoloration on my undies and when I wipe. Im so lost is this my period or does this happen when your pregnate? Or am I even pregnate?

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MolotovBomb Sat 10-Nov-12 21:16:16

Hmm, puzzling ... I'm not entirely sure, OP, but I didn't want to read and run.

I reckon it's unlikely that you're pg if you've had blood tests thy have come back negative. Don't underestimate the power of stress hormones in your body: they wreak havoc. I've no doubt you'll be stressed about whether you're pg or not and whether this is AF or not.

Nausea can be induced by stressing.

I'm not sure about the weight gain.

The brown stuff could be your body prepping for a period. See if it comes in the next week or so.

Maybe talk to your GP about how stressed you're feeling? Or a good friend/ family member?

Good luck x

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